J8. Nature’s Telescope(And Microscope), continuing.


Thursday, 29th July, 2,010








Nature’s Telescope(6).








Can you all grasp what I am saying?(You need to read, or have read, the previous Nature Telescope articles.)




There is a gigantic telescope in the sky!(Not any MAN made telescope!) I didn’t put it there. God did. Or, if you prefer it – it put itself there!






Back in ’64(1964 that is) – I was working as a Forest Fire Look-Out. (On top of hill, way out in the countryside, no lights but the stars!) I had just purchased a newly out Japanese telescope(Up to 400 power, or 200, perhaps. But with the aid of a Barlow Lens – could be boosted to a rather dark x800.)(My first powerful telescope. So like a child with a new toy, I set it up excitedly. Decided to look for planets(Venus, at least.). I was viewing INSIDE, out through glass. Did not know such things as dust caps existed. And did not even focus it, OR use the finder scope!! Then these (all sizes and shades of white) round pearly objects(many of them) appeared. All moving around! And passing in front of each other.




This is strange, I thought.(After I had checked in the sky to see WHERE I was looking. And beheld just The Milky Way.)




I am looking at stars(red and blue giants,etc.) in The Milky Way. How marvellous, I thought. Then it slowly dawned on me that we could not (other than the sun)(normally) see ANY star as a DISK!! I paused to breathe. Then went to bed. Struggling to figure out WHAT I was looking at !! What the heck!!




Definitely not(my scope) enough to see red and blue giants down there in The Milky Way – as large as the sun, and larger!!








I think you would need a telescope of many billions power to see what I did.(Others have seen them! And so can YOU – if you look through a powerful telescope WITH THE DUST CAP ON.))(As you know stars at the galactic centre are so far away – that they appear as a thin, dim, milky mist.)(You cannot see individual stars – just mistiness.)(Though a few stars much closer.)






I wondered if I was going crazy or something.






No prank playing little boys around. I was all alone. At least about a quarter of a mile from anyone.








THE ONLY LIGHTS WERE THE STARS. The Milky Way, and a few stars much nearer.








When I put my hand in front of the dust cap, they vanished. So were external to the scope.










I have spent 46 years on this.








You have no doubt heard of gravitational lenses. In particular, with the galaxies, when it is sometimes possible to view a more distant galaxy via the gravity lens of a galaxy in front of it.(Because these gravitational lenses magnify.)




Now it is no great achievement to conclude that our sun has a gravitational and/or magnetic lens around it. They must be all over the place!!


And that The Earth’s atmosphere also acts as a lens!










So what we have RIGHT UP TO OUR EYES is a telescope of Nature IN THE SKY!!








The trick is to capture those images – and magnify them with a man made telescope. Or microscope.








The trouble is that the GLARE(Yes, from the stars in The Milky Way!!)(My dust cap ONLY filtered out the glare, but did not hide the disk images!!) PREVENTS us from even seeing the tiny images of disks EVEN IF WE COULD find them!!








I was lucky, picked it up by accident. Serendipitiously – as they say. Something I often do.








Now my(knowing next to nothing on scopes, lenses,etc.) understanding is that the front lens is called the eye-piece, and the big lens at the other(rear) end – is the objective lens. Right?? ??






So what we have in Nature’s Telescope(which I think can also be used as a microscope)(Nature’s Microscope.) is our atmosphere lens as the eye-piece, and the gravity-magnetic field around the sun – as the objective lens.






With a magnification power of BILLIONS of times!!








Coupled to a man made powerful telescope – provides a power of MANY BILLIONS OF TIMES!!(Just right to see red and blue giants,etc. in The Milky Way – as large as our sun, or larger. Which, I think, is handy.)




I was right first time. I actually WAS seeing the stars at the centre of our galaxy – aslarge as the sun or larger(though many smaller)!








All we had to do was FIND thoses images!(And eliminate the GLARE. So intense – THAT YOU CANNOT SEE IT!!)








Now I knew nothing of all this.






The answer is simple: All you need is a FILTER!!






In my stupidity I did not dream that the dust cap(for protecting objective lens against dust), would act AS a filter.(It does of course prevent ALL normal viewing! EXCEPT FOR MILKY WAY!! Yuk, yuk. )






Though a white dust cap, it FILTERED OUT the glare, AND provided a SLIDE for the images to fall upon, – for viewing by an ordinary telescope(or microscope).












It means that we can view out a lot better. Provided the objects are illuminated and at least as far away as our Milky Way band.(It is no use on objects much closer.)








If I am right about Nature’s Telescope also functional as a microscope, then we can POSSIBLY view life on planets in The Milky Way. And perhaps beyond!! Gaze down through their atmospheres – and maybe see them going to work…










The prospects are mind boggling, even at worst!!








The point is, the pearly white beautiful disks on blue velvet colour – CANNOT be anything else


– other than the stars in The Milky Way!!














You may ask: WHY are they seen MOVING?!


Sometimes in front of each other!(So closely packed are stars at the centre of galaxy.)




The answer is – that at the distance of 40, 50 THOUSAND light years, they are so far away, that Nature’s Telescope(conjoint with a powerful man made job) brings them up SO close to view – that we can see them moving. Sometimes in front of one another!!








I don’t know about you, but I don’t know whether to break out in a cold sweat, OR A HOT ONE!!










Any praise is due to the power of Nature’s Telescope. I was just stupid, – and lucky.










By leaving THE DUST CAP ON(And of course focussed on Infinity OR Zero!!), I had provided the conditions necessary to see the red and blue giants,etc!!(At THAT distance.)










At the same time providing A SLIDE for the image to fall upon – in order for an ordinary telescope(or microscope) to focus upon!!










You understand the two variables bit?








What I saw was MANY WHITE DISKS, of different SIZES.




And of different shades of white.










Our atmosphere normally – causes scintillation in space and time. Because it(our atmosphere) is in flux.






And when we magnify scintillation – the result is still scintillation.








Though mist does not scintillate!!(Milky Way “mist”.)








You see. Had there been only one variable. Either different sizes OR different shades of white, then it could be said that the image was simply distortion magnified.(Except that magnified distortion can hardly come out as perfectly round pearly white disks!)(Nor blot out the image behind it, when one star passes another!)








Normally our atmosphere would distort the viewed image. Or, more likely, remove it altogether!!




But there are two variables.(And NO WAY can TWO variables fail to merge into a distortion.(But perfectly round pearly disks are NOT distortion!))(UNLESS our atmosphere acts as gravity/magnetic LENS – for far away objects!!)




Either you would get a DISTORTED shapeless grey blur, or nothing at all!!






And even without a telescope those perfect white pearly disks appeared tiny, but SHARP, on my dust cap. Even when held up to the window glass!!






Normally Earth’s atmosphere would distort or blot out.




OR, failing that, would act as a GRAVITATIONAL/MAGNETIC LENS!!










My pearls of white on blue velvet colour are NOT distortions!!








Therefore what we have is a colossal LENS in our atmosphere.






And, because I think our atmosphere alone too weak, another and GIGANTIC lens with the sun!!










What other possible explanation can there be??












Look for yourself(ves)!!












In any case,even if it WERE distortion, then it would still be of great value. Yielding marvellous sizes,etc!!










What I have been trying to say, is, – that the wonder of it all is due to Nature’s Telescope,etc. NOT my stupidity!!






What is impressive IS Nature’s Telescope.








I just wasn’t thinking.










But have done 46 years of it(thinking) since!!




















































































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