J7.(Nature’s Telescope) AND Nature’s Microscope.


Tuesday, 27th July, 2,010












– AND Nature’s Microscope!!




In Telescopy.












I claim to be able to see the stars of The Milky Way(Yes, those grains of misty dust!) as large as, sometimes larger than, the sun!!(On the average.) Even through GLASS!!




I had a Japanese telescope back there in 1964, and a Barlow Lens. ‘Scope magnified up to 200 times. With the lens, it reached 400x.


Now even 400x will leave EVEN ORDINARY STARS as scintillating points of light!




I could not believe it, OF COURSE.






It simply wasn’t possible!!




I had the ‘scope trained on The Milky Way! With THE DUST CAP on!! And the focus at ZERO!! At Infinity, it was much the same. Perhaps only half as good.(I forget now.)






I was clueless at Telescopy. And still am.






I didn’t even know what that thing(dust cap) stuck on the end – was supposed to do!!








I was an adult. But with my first powerful telescope.








Dust caps are to keep the dust off the big end lens.(Objective?)(THAT one.)




I had a finder scope along-side.






I had NO idea what to look for. So I just trained it ANYWHERE. As it happened, it was pointing into The Milky-Way.




Now when I looked through(with the dust cap ON), I saw disks of all sizes, average about sun size. And all shades of white.


I thought at first that this was normal!(What have I been missing, I wondered…)




I marvelled at the view.










Then, sadly, I realized that I had THE DUST CAP ON!!






I thought: “Oh, dear, I am magnifying illuminated(how??) specks of dust inside the dust cap. How stupid of me!!”.






I dismissed the matter for years, even DECADES!!






Finally, I reached a conclusion: I had been looking at the DISTORTED images of some stars close by!


Feverishly I looked again through a telescope(plus dust cap on!), and realized that there were FAR too many stars visible for THAT(distortion) to be true!! (Some stars WERE much closer than The Milky Way band of misty dust. But nowhere near the number I could see!!)






This is crazy, I thought.


Just WHAT was I looking at?!




I concluded that it was DISTORTED images of light FROM The BAND(Milky misty dust!) of The Milky Way.




But HOW was that possible??






I was seeing SOMETHING real. External to the ‘scope. YET INTERNAL TO THE DUST-CAP!!






Years passed. Many.






This is ridiculous!!






There were NO OTHER lights up there. Just the stars. Masses of them. As round white IMAGES.




Distortions. But OF WHAT??






Now dust caps will blot out just about everything.




Then I decided that THE ATMOSPHERE of The Earth was distorting the stars in The Milky Way band. And that I was simply viewing these distortions.






The atmosphere was distorting AND magnifying the images!!




The distortion WAS the image!!






HOW could The Earth’s atmosphere of air magnify SPECKS of light(Seen as misty milky DUST by the naked eye.)??




I settled for distortions produced by the GLASS of the windows I was looking through.(Flaws in the glass as pane glass ITSELF will not magnify ANYTHING!!)






So I took my telescope OUTSIDE. Into the open air. SAME result! But clearer, if anything!!






I returned inside. Why shiver outside!






Then it dawned on me that DISTORTION WAS MAGNIFICATION!!






Even magnifying lenses work by light bendings(distortion).






There was just one problem. HOW could a 400x telescope produce images of sun size??(When I needed a magnification of many BILLIONS of times!!)(To produce EVEN distortions of the SPECK images!!)






Then to my horror I realized that the atmosphere could only distort TOO!!










Yes. A MICROSCOPE will work too. Even better!!










Was I losing it??








OR was it losing me!!










What the heck!!






SOMETHING was magnifying those images – to a FANTASTIC degree. Either by distortion or by magnification. Aren’t they both the same??






If the image at the top of the atmosphere was being enlarged, it was distortion.






If the ATMOSPHERE ITSELF was enlarging, then it was magnification!!








Either way, WHAT was enlarging the image(top of the atmosphere, or bottom!!)??






MANY BILLIONS of times!! To see Milky way stars, giants red and blue,etc. Some smaller.(Sun-sized to VIEW!!)










Was THE DUST CAP doing it?!




No. The dust cap is but A FILTER!!(Or – it acted as a FILTER.)(No enlarging there, distortion or not!!)






But HOW could The Earth’s ATMOSPHERE(of air) magnify? It could only DISTORT!!




Yes, but distortion IS magnification!!








It is just not feasible that The Earth’s atmosphere is enlarging the images MANY BILLIONS of times!!






I was growing desperate.








So I threw in The Sun’s atmosphere – AS WELL!!!!










Two NATURAL gigantic LENSES – combined. Into Nature’s Telescope. Yep! THAT could do it!!(But was THAT distortion OR magnification. WHAT image was it enlarging??)




Which can be viewed by ORDINARY telescopes OR MICROSCOPES!!










Was I going mad?






Should I pack it in?!










Then I held the dust cap TO the window glass!!






Sure enough, there were the disks, much smaller of course!!(Gigantic size viewed through microscopes!!)(Is this madness??)










My fever grew.




I took the dust cap outside. Same result, possibly better.










I grew scratchy.








The images had to be at the BOTTOM of the atmosphere.






Neat round white disks!!(DESPITE the distorting atmosphere!!)




Through my dust cap. WITHOUT the telescope!!








Mustn’t panic.








I studied the white disks again through my telescope WITH the dust cap on.




They AVERAGED sun size. Were VERY numerous.




Different sizes.








AND different shades of white.








They shimmered BEAUTIFULLY.






I shook. Terrified.












If mere distortions, then size and whiteness would MERGE into one image(of ONE size!!)!!








TWO variables – means not distortion, but magnification!!






The two variables: 1. Different sizes of the white disks.






AND 2. different shades of white(or dark if you like).(Blues light. Reds dark.)










I was ACTUALLY seeing Milky Way BAND stars – about the size of the sun.










Either The Earth’s ATMOSPHERE is doing the enlarging – DESPITE the distortions of a disturbed atmosphere!!






OR, the SUN is!!
















The Earth’s ATMOSPHERE – despite the movements – was enlarging the images.






WHAT images??!!






No way was The Earth’s atmosphere going to enlarge EVEN DISTORTIONS MANY BILLIONS of times(And THAT is the magnification required to see those milky misty Milky Way BAND stars!!)








Was it Solar gravitational lens or our air OR BOTH????






Surely BOTH – to project an IMAGE on to the top of our atmosphere – to enlarge it!!








So what was the dust cap doing??








FILTERING(To my horror.) out THE GLARE of those VERY distant stars HAD THERE BEEN NO DUST CAP ON!!


In other words, ONLY by looking through the dust cap COULD one see the images!!










This is madness.






I pressed my eyes to the glass(window). No scope. And no dust cap.






LOOKING for the glare of stars a COLOSSAL distance away(20,000 light-years? About.)!!










Relying on solar gravity lens and/or Earth’s atmosphere to magnify those glares!!








But I saw no glare.








Was it simply too much for the eye to grasp?!(Light beyond our optical spectrum??)






It had to be THERE of course.(Or what is dust cap FILTERING??!!)








I can accept that sun and our atmosphere COMBINED could do the trick.








I have never improved on that.










I could have writhed upon the floor. But refrained.










Nature’s Telescope. Best aided by ORDINARY telescopes and/or microscopes!!














Am I frothing at the mouth??












Nature’s microscope AND/OR telescope?? ??
















Got any better ideas??!!












Regarding my Doom’s Day article: GET into The Ark!! I am running out of DOVES!!(AM I a re-incarnation of NOAH??!!)








THIS modern day ark needs NO doves.




Just an excellent GYROSCOPE!!(To navigate STRAIGHT ON AND ON – THROUGH either geographical pole. But north best, as south too hard by land, and no sea!!)






























I figure that you should be able to see in COLOUR!(Or, if not, insert artificial!!)




And see STAR spots!! ETC.




LIKE our sun spots(so rare these days).








And MAYBE any transitting PLANETS silhouetted against the so distant sun stars…












Imagine in 3d PROJECTED at a specially made planetarium(for stars).










The children would whoop it up??
























Vicon.(Can YOU pick up the pieces????)








A fortune in STAR DUST!!




While my brains blow out through my ears!!



































































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