J10. Nature’s Telescope AND microscope. Latest.


Monday, 2nd August, 2,010












Nature’s Telescope AND Nature’s Microscope. Some more.(The LATEST. See earlier articles!!)










The MAGNIFICATION secret of course did not lie in the power of the telescope I had(Up to 800x.(Aided by Barlow Lens.)) – NOR in the dust cap!


(What glare comes from the Milky Way? Well, I mean when it has been magnified by Nature’s Telescope. It would be about as dazzling as our sun, if not more!! Just filter out THAT glare, – and we are left with a disk. Which is what happens.)(We do not see that glare(when viewing WITHOUT a filter(or dust cap!)) ONLY because it is beyond our viewing optical spectrum!!)(Nature has mercifully made that light intensity BEYOND the scope of our eyes!!)(COULD we but see the glare, we would see very small glareS. Which we fail to see.)(Can anyone work out the reason – and let me know why(vicon2000@gmail.com).)






The MAGNIFICATION secret lies with Nature’s Telescope of course. Earth’s atmosphere as eye-piece lens. And Sun’s gravity and/or magnetic field as objective lens.




It is not in the sizes of the lenses, but in THE FOCAL LENGTH. – Which is 100,000,000 miles!!






If you work it out, you will see(or you should do) that the magnification fits the images seen!




I thought at first that I was looking at stars in The Milky Way MIST – about sun sized or larger(Some smaller)! Then(later) I realized that there is no man made telescope that powerful! So how was it done?!(Or what was I seeing??)




The answer is Nature’s Telescope!!




In other words my first conclusion WAS CORRECT. It took a little while to figure out – that’s all.




What you see(anyone who does this will!) are ACTUALLY stars in The Milky Way Galaxy – seen as sun sized or larger(as well as less).


I have so far not seen star spots nor planets transitting,etc.(But others might!!)






The longer the focal length, the more the image gets magnified. Lenses PER SE don’t do it. But in COMBINE with a long enough focal length, – yes.








Nature’s Microscope:-






Now what is the difference between a telescope and a microscope?




Basically, I think it is that the focal distance is so small.


And perhaps(not gone into this, perhaps others will – and tell me the results) the shorter the focal length the more magnified the image.(Don’t know. Whichever way(shorter or longer, what a tool we have!!)






Imagine viewing the moon or Mars via Nature’s Microscope!(I said that Nature’s Telescope did not work on objects much closer than The Milky Way. Yes. But that is for Nature’s TELESCOPE!






Nature’s MICROSCOPE is a different matter!








That telescope(NOT man-made!!) can also be used as a microscope.












A chap(fictitious) called Charlie complained to A god – that his toys only worked WHEN he pushed them. So the god said “That’s right. I have arranged things so that you will get the benefit WHEN you do that! If I took that away – YOU would be the loser!!(Your satisfaction ONLY comes when YOU work for it!!)






My guess is a magnification of TRILLIONS of times when Nature’s Magnifier is used as a MICROSCOPE!!






You go figure. If we trained it upon that man(man, not head or face!) on Mars, we could actually see the pores of his skin AND SMALLER!!!!






Why go to Mars,etc. when you can do such things?








How about sending me a fraction of the amount allotted to Mars,etc.travel. – To help me get my finds OUT to the world!!(I am trying every channel(newgroups and forums) I can think of. Anybody help me out there??)




Think of the benefit to Mankind!!






Just saying.












Vic.(If this is strange to you – go to Astronomy and study the articles in there on Nature’s Telescope(AND microscope),etc.)


I urge you guys to download my finds!!



















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