BB16 My New Astronomy,etc.


Saturday, 7th April,  2,007.


Part Two.



     It is most important that the reader appreciate that I solved Astronomy completely(Including Astro-physics, Cosmology and Cosmogony!) and EXACTLY, FOR CERTAIN, via my WORKING OUT the true precise value of the CRS(Cosmological Red Shift.), BY working out (from my earlier findings) EACH AND EVERY component of the supposed red shift!(There are many!) To obtain the final true EXACT distance(and mass)!! Via the PURE RESIDUE!!!!(Distilled out. Via a process of Elimination.)

     Once I knew all that – I plotted my maps(and charts, tables and lists,etc.) in Right Ascension and in Declination(separately). These yielded EXPECTED(BY ME) PATTERNS. SO accurate – that they very quickly told me the true state of affairs in Astro-physics, Cosmology and Cosmogony AS WELL AS in Astronomy!!!!(Which is HOW I know the true picture so well, and for sure!!)  I used circular maps, and put them together.

     Astronomers say that they would give their right arms for an EXACT TRUE distance finder.

     That won’t be necessary. I am more than happy TO JUST GIVE IT TO THEM!!


     The pattern that showed up – is that of a VORTEX.

     A V wedge shape in Declination. And a backwards S in Right Ascension.

     Which is a vortex in 3d.(Actually it is 4d!)


     I expected that shape!!(From my earlier deductions.)

     Orthodox Astronomy is completely wrong.

     In fact it is the opposite of the truth!!

     As are all the important facts of The Universe. Both in structure and workings.

     It is this shape that told me that objects issue from the centre white hole (at the centres of all fields), growing and speeding up as they go!!

     IN A LINEAR GROWTH.(I found Inflations correct(there are five), by the way. About the ONLY thing that is correct with the professionals!!)

    Linear growth of the patterns and distribution of the objects(stars, or whatever), splitting into identical pairs, and ramifying repeatedly.

    Some of you will be familiar with the idea that space or space time, along with all contents, is expanding.  Believe me, this is completely false!!


    What do exist are VORTICES, everywhere, and at all size levels!!

    To side view these look like V’s, or wedges.(Declination)

    To plan view, these look like backward S’s. Backward, because most of the big vortices that we see are from ONE SIDE(Because we are on the edge, almost, of the galaxy.(Though almost at the centre of our local closed stellar cluster.))

     From the other side they look like normal S’s.

     The pattern is of THE FIELD of objects concerned.

     Like a tree in respect of ramifications.

     Branches dividing and sub-dividing right down to leaves.

     The centre of the field is the centre of the backwards S(Very rarely a forwards S, because we are on edge of galaxy.).

     It is this shape because the objects issue diametrically(one stream going one way, the other going in the opposite direction) from the white hole at the field centre.

     The spin by the way is opposite to what it appears! NOT in the apparent direction!!

     Each field’s branches split into two, and then two(each) again. AND SO ON.

     Unlike trees, twin branches, with identical fruit pairs.

     Linear Growth IS NOT an expansion!

     Just a PROCEEDING of the branches in their growth.(Or would you call the growth of a plant an expansion??)


     Later, not contractions, but linear fall-backs(to black hole at centre(as it will become)).

     Later, these curl back in, and the objects shrink and then go down black holes at the field’s centre!!

    Hubble’s Constant is about 50.


    Orthodoxy thinks that we live in a CHAOS. But this is not so! We live in a mathematical and geometrical PRECISE MACHINE, clock and calendar,etc.too!!

    It is MAN that has the chaos. His affairs could hardly be worse!!


     GOD, and the universe, are PERFECT, unutterably beautiful and lovely. AND full of the most exquisite marvels and wonders.(Man spoils every thing.)

     All this hits you in the eye at once. ONCE YOU STUDY MY MAPS,ETC!!!!


     Man is so dreadful because he is so unevolved and backward.

     Being so young in soul, and collectively.


     It will take him aeons to evolved to perfection.

     So we should and must not expect fast big strides.

     Except technologically. BECAUSE given to him by aliens!!

     In exchange for our permission for them to abduct and experiment upon humans and animals,etc. Also to mate with to produce The Hybrid Race(Now very far advanced.)  AND to get our genes. To use instead of their faulty own!!


     Note, however, that most of the aliens and their ships that we are cognizant of – are in fact human ones!  Copied from the aliens!!

     Run by The Men in Black,etc.

     Under The Secret Second Government.

     Which is evil.

     And under evil aliens.


     The Illuminati,etc.(I don’t know whether The Freemasons are good or bad.)


     I realize that nearly all will scorn my sureness, BUT THEY DO GREATLY ERR!!


     What IS sure are my maps,etc!!

      Not my conceit so much – but THEIR incredible patterns and data!!!!

      It is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for me not to be conceited about all this!!


     I found out The General True Picture(of the universe and how it works) ROUGHLY 

     BEFORE I worked out My Exact Astronomical Distance Finder.

     Working that out was A FEAT, believe me. I mean by that that it was VERY DIFFICULT, and took a long time. Just about killing me.

     But so worth while!!


     My problem now is EXPLAINING it all to the world!!

     Because of lack of SUITABLE words(for such new ideas), AND the strangeness of such new ideas(and ideals)!!

     I cannot help that.


     This is WHY I use such simplistic literary style!

     To make it easier for my readers!!


     Which all looks LAME, of course.

     But I can assure you all – THAT IT IS NOT!!!!


     Very few will believe me.

     And even fewer take the trouble to check it all out!!


     My biggest finds are in Astronomy, Earth Changes, Human History and Geography, Religion, Sex, Spirituality,  (You are urged to study my Mirror and See Upside Down O’Scope finds,first;  as they are the easiest and most familiar.  THEN you may gain confidence to study my other finds.  Which MUST(once seen and accepted by the world)(that will take some doing!!)  CHANGE Mankind FOR THE BETTER, and ALTER THE COURSE OF HISTORY.


     Now no one is more painfully aware of the APPARENT arrogance in that statement, than I am!

     Yet I am constrained to give it.  BECAUSE IT IS TRUE!!!!


     I can’t help that!

     The truth is how I have found it.

     I did not arrange that!

     THAT IS HOW IT IS!!!!


             The world will hate me and it IN EXTREMO.

     The world is based on a system of falsehoods, and lies,etc.

     Which is WHY they will reject me, and IT.(My finds.)

     I can only hope that in time, a few good and intelligent,etc. people will bring it through. It will save Mankind.

    It took me a long life time.

    It was awfully hard.


    No regrets.

    It will be hard for students too. Though only a fraction of what I experienced!!

    And certainly no apologies!!

    Good hunting!! It will reward you MOST WELL.

    There is a VERY GOOD reason for that!

    When study such A CLOSE TO TRUTH structure, it will magnetize you(the more you study it!), and you will come more in harmony with the way things truly work. Resulting in vast improvements in your life and well being!! BELIEVE ME.


    Basically it is simple.(Else I could not have done it!!) Simple in principles.

    It is the detail that is so difficult.  Hard in details.


    It is THE VERY OPPOSITE of what the world is being taught.

    The world’s god is of course The Devil.(Actually Pan, The Devil’s Off-sider.  Pan is The Earth God.  He who drives us to fulfill earthly and low desires,etc.)(The Devil wins so well via Pan, that it very rarely has to intervent personally!!)

    What I am giving you all.

    IS from The True God.

    Who is definitely most unwelcome on this planet!!

    As I, along with Jesus,etc. am too.


    And you will be too, the more you go into this.

    But it is THIS PLANET’S ONLY HOPE!!!!




    Victor Conway.


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