BB15. A very mixed bag. My new astronomy and sundry items.


Thursday, 5th April,  2,007.

BB15 – New vital Astronomy points.



      Because of my astonishing discovery, My Exact Astronomy Distance Finder(which I urge you all to STUDY), I have, via the maps, charts, tables and lists,etc. that I have done – uncovered some amazing key facts in Astronomy(I include Astro-physics, Cosmology and Cosmogony.):-(This is not Astronomy as you have known it. But it is true nonetheless!!)

      1.  The so-called expansion of the universe, is nothing other than our view of the HORIZON of(not the cosmos(only a part thereof)!) our local closed stellar cluster!!(Even as when viewing Earth’s horizon on a flat area we see a curving horizon. Curved horizontally AND vertically!!)

      Our sun, Sol, is one of about 40 main stars, plus many small ones, INSIDE OF our local closed stellar cluster!!(I assure you that we live INSIDE OF one! – Having mapped it in detail.)(Not the wrong orthodox distances, but my found amazing new true ones(distances).)


      Orthodoxy thinks that our sun is a lone star in The Milky Way Galaxy.  Not so!!

      Sol is a yellow dwarf near to the centre of The Local Closed Stellar Cluster!!

      About 8 light years from centre. Which centre is where new stars are still being born!(That centre is in The Rho Oppuchus! Where it is very dark. For two reasons: 1. An extreme paucity of stars. And 2. Dust,etc.(Maybe merely the former(1)!)

      The many red dwarfs in this area are the newly born stars.

      We live inside of our closed stellar cluster, which is one of a number inside of The Milky Way Galaxy. (We are near to the edge of the galaxy.)(Fairly near.)

      Stars,etc. get born from a white hole at the centres of fields(All fields, not just stellar cluster fields.).  Their initial size is zero.  They grow as more and more material comes out of the white hole – to join it.(You need to visualize the black hole that preceded it, from which an old dead star(or whatever field), had collapsed via gravity collapse, in many stages,  ending up as even the gravitons collapsed.  These changed into radions, and  the new(re-birth)star was born!!


     Energy gets fed through an umbilical cord(invisible) through and from the centre of the field. Increasing energy – which drives the star(or whatever) further and further out(from field centre),(High spin produces a division into identical twin pairs, which gradually separate farther and farther apart. A lesser spin produces a pair of identical twins, which remain close together.(All objects go in identical twin pairs. The ones we think are singles, are the increasingly separated fast spin objects!))

     Sol and Arcturus(The Abo’s are right!!) are two members of a close pair.(Though not of the VERY close variety – born of very slow rotations at birth.)

     The Milky-Way Galaxy and The Andromeda Galaxy are another identical twin pair.  Close, but not very close, variety.

     Arcturus is actually a yellow dwarf about 2 to 2.5 light years away. It looks red only because of the intervening dust and debris, which lowers the vibration and intensity of the SEEN light.(We would look red, similarly to it.)

     End of digression. Back to expansions.

     The white holes emit small bursts. The black holes are from big plops!!

     The black holes change into white holes. Via gravity collapse(ending a long chain of particle collapses) leading to gravitons getting crushed to zero, and then becoming radions. A new cycle then begins.


      Visualize objects shrinking via gravity collapse, and then out via the black hole SO FORMED, and out from the white hole the black hole HAS BECOME!!

      Everything goes through this process.


       Thinking that The Cosmological Red Shift is an expansion, is tantamount to believing that The EARTH’S Horizon means(via curvature) that the Earth is expanding.(Though it is, via dust and debris infall from space!)(NO connection between the two different kinds of expansion!!)

       The CRS(EVERY field has this phenomenon!)(And not just with galaxies,etc. but EVERY kind of object!!) is due quite simply to our angle of VIEW onto the LOCAL field(The Closed Stellar Cluster that we live in!)!!

       The fact is – we live upon the SURFACE of our local field physically,etc.,  WHICH IS the surface of LOCAL(!!) space time,  orbital vibration,  higher density.

       AND we live upon this same surface MENTALLY,ETC!!!!

       (We live upon the surface of The Earth, materially.  The Earth, along with other planets and satellites,etc. goes around The Sun. Which is but one star of a number forming our local closed stellar cluster. One of many within The Milky Way Galaxy.

       However! What few know is that space and its contents are but the horizontal aspect of the surface of the whole, which has time orthogonally to it on the surface, and (orbital) vibration AND higher density as TWO sub cosmic RADIALS!!

      And that this “sphere”(actually a double reverse helexial 4d whole), has many planes, including the mental and spiritual,etc!!!!


       It is cogs within cogs, and wheels within wheels. Forming both a gigantic CLOCK, AND a collossal calendar!!  Our entire local closed stellar cluster being but one cog within a greater cog we call The Milky Way Galaxy!!!!

       Physically,etc.(Materially)(As the physical plane is but one of a number WITHIN the material band of octaves!!) –

       We do NOT see at space per time, S/T, but space per (orbital) vibration!!



       It is SIMPLY that velocities(space per times), parallel (speaking metaphorically)EQUAL in value – the space per vibs!!(Via the field’s surface bubbles having equal radii!! Both along time AND vibration!!(Note not ordinary vibration, but ORBITALS, which LOOK like vibrations!))(The bubbles are of hyper space, hyper time, orbital vibration, and higher density!!!!)

       We look out through Hyper Space,ETC. Not Space! We see out hyper-space per (orbital) vibration, HS/OV,  NOT space per time(s/t)!!


      I ASSURE you that these things are so.


     Easy deductions from my maps. Simple, and obvious!!


     Orthodoxy thinks that we live in a CHAOS. But this is not so!!

     We live in an infinite(no beginning nor end to space and time,etc!!) universe(the cosmos is but the material lower aspect!) – that is a perfect machine. Logically and mathematically(including geometric, ETC.) PERFECT.


     No god or devil, but many gods and demons!! In a vast Hierarchy!!

     Who or what created it all? There is no creator, bar with local fields!

     It just ALWAYS IS.

     And goes on AND ON….(As it ALWAYS HAS!!)


     There is no(supreme)god, but many superior beings!!

     God is Universal Spirit. And Universal Energy.

     AND the spiritual aspects of sun and stars,etc!!

     God is our Higher Self!!


     One being among an infinitude.

     There are no beginnings, nor ends!!

      To anything!!


      Humans love to think in terms of beginnings and ends. Otherwise they feel lost.

      Unable to bear that lost feeling, they INSIST UPON beginnings and ends. But there are none!! Other than with each and every Part in an infinite Whole.

      We cannot visualize an ENDLESS whole. NOR IS THERE ONE!!!!

      Things simply go on and on. And have from the ENDLESS beginning!!


      Man needs to think in terms of ENDED wholes!


      It is almost impossible to think in terms of ENDLESS wholes!!

      It is THE ENDLESS that is the fact!(Note! Not ended endlessness, but an infinite series of endless ends!!(Both conclusions AND STARTS!!!!))


      Were there such a thing as a whole with a beginning and an end(in space and time,etc.etc.), then the whole would no longer be infinite! It would be finite. WHICH IT IS NOT!!!!

      We live upon these two surfaces: 1. The physical,etc. one. (Which we view materially.)2. The mental,etc. one.(Which we view mentally and spiritually,etc. )


       The “universe”(the infinitude)(though universe means ONE SYSTEM, what is meant is the infinitude.(There is no All, NOR Nothing!!)(Though EACH and EVERY step up, that we take physically,etc.  or can envisage mentally,etc.  is IN TURN, an apeiron(all and nothing combined), under a super ape-iron(there are negative ones too!!), we call GOD.

       ONLY that field we can see or picture.(A necessarily limited view!!)

       This might be The Earth with some. The Multi Universe for a few.

       An infinitude of many dimension(in group dimensions)s and planes(and levels)(A plane is a fifth dimensional level(but(beware) – an over simplification!!)

       So The (Cosmological) RED SHIFT is Hyper Space per (Orbital) Vibration. Which exists with ALL FIELDS, not just the galactic,radio sources,etc!!(The one we see is our local closed stellar cluster’s SURFACE!! The Horizon thereof!)


       Always there is one higher.  And always, there is one lower!!


       Even God is imperfect, and has a superior!! “God” is the nearest our minds can get to that!!(Which itself goes on without EVER ending!!)

      So be VERY CAREFUL how you take that!! So far as WE are concerned, God is perfect, and without superior.

      Because we HAVE TO loop on to something, or go mad!!


     Finite minds CANNOT embrace or grasp INFINITE FIELDS.


    They can only settle for the highest picture that THAT PARTICULAR PARTY can mentally construct!!

    Since all parts COLLECTIVELY are limited ONLY by their viewers.(Albeit infinite THEIR SELVES(the parts I mean, COLLECTIVELY).), THEY(the parts) remain PER SE infinite!!!! (Both parts individually, AND their viewers(separately), are finite, of course!!)

    All parts INDIVIDUALLY, of course, are each and any one – finite!

    Not just per view, but INTRINSICALLY per object!!

      Jehova is the local Jewish tribal god.

      The Great Jehova is The Father of Jesus CHRIST!!!!(Joseph was the father of Jesus THE MAN.  CHRIST is The SON of The FATHER, a spiritual(divine, actually) being!!  Two different aspects in the one entity.


      The small Jehova is “a maggot”.(But most fearsome to The Jews!!)(And to many Christians,too!!)


      The Great Jehova is our Supreme Ruler!!


      Once we impose an end, an upper limit; and a lower end(beginnings,etc.), a lower limit,  we reduce The Infinitude(Our view OF!!) to the greatest part that we can mentally picture!!  It THEN is no longer the infinite “whole”!!(As I say, THERE ARE NO wholes, only parts!!  No All. No Nothing!!!!)


     The material part that we live upon(Its Surface.) is Space with Time orthogonally(perpendicular) to it UPON THE SURFACE!(Time is NOT The “Cosmic” Radial! But is ONE with Space, upon the surface!!)(Space-TIME via the fact of being in the same ONE SURFACE!!  – But ONLY because of that!!)   The radial is(orbital) VIBRATION.  And Higher Density is a 4d RADIAL!!!!

     But there is an INFINITUDE of surfaces both above and below the one WE live upon!!

     We are myopic(short-sighted) and so think that what we VIEW, is viewed by ALL.  And THEREFORE, the ONLY, viewing!!(As with the island chieftain who thought his island was the only one! And, therefore, the world!  (He made the mistake(a very common one!) of THINKING that all he viewed was ALL THAT EXISTED!!!!)


     Space we understand through familiarity!(But ONLY that!!)


     Time is understood by very few!


      Time is an actual group of four dimensions(as are all dimension groups(each one containing four dimensions)). We are cognizant of one.  One particular one.

      As a group we MENTALLY follow THE MOVING NOW along The Time Dimension we are familiar with!(It is not time that moves, but US!!)(But an US that can be ANY viewer.(There is an infinity of them!!))


      This gives us Passage(of time). But Passage is NOT Time! But simply our focussed view FROM The Moving Now we subconciously are following with the rest of the group! Our VIEW is FROM The Moving Now. We OURSELVES are OF it, only by virtue of being mentally focussed(subconciously(AND conciously,etc.)UPON it.

       In much the same way as anyone viewing a car or some other vehicle or whatever travelling down a street!(I must not conclude that ALL VIEWERS EVERYWHERE are viewing this vehicle!! Though in this case many are!  All within our local closed stellar cluster are!!


       We HAPPEN to be at THIS NOW. But there are an infinitude of NOWS.(Each one within a Greater Now!!)


       There are creatures LIVING NOW at EVERY point in time!!

       INCLUDING our very selves, as was, AND AS WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!


       Time is not a line. It is A FIELD. A four dimensional field!!

       We can return to ANY point in time, including our own personal time!!  But most cannot do this until in The Spirit World. Where many can do it.  And DO!!

      Thus in The Greater Now of Eternity’s MOMENT(Time TWO!!), we are in our lower self’s view, at some particular now. But in our Higher Self’s view we occupy THE ENTIRE FIELD!!!!(ETERNITY is Time Two. But we only view ONE MOMENT of Eternity!(At a time.)  Our ENTIRE time one is contained within that ONE MOMENT of Time Two(which we CALL Eternity!)!!!!


      And so on!

      AND ON….


      EVERY thing dies, and is born.  But it is ONLY the lower component(each time!), that dies. We go on, we being the higher component. Which exits the replica SHELL. And many are fooled!!

      5d inside(AS WELL AS 3d AND 4d within!!) of our bodies is a replica self(much bigger and better), which steps out, and goes ON!!


      How many lobsters,etc. get fooled by their discarded shells?? Very few.  UNLIKE with humans!!…


      So WHY do so many humans get fooled by the corpses rotting in the tombs and graves of the many cemetries,etc.around the world??!!


      No thing dies but DEATH!!!!



      Death does not exist!(Similarly with birth.)


      Humans who are unable to grasp this, live in The Spirit World(where all go after THE BODY’S DEATH), AS IF still in the physical UNTIL they are ready for the higher view!! And MANY do not KNOW that they are dead!(I mean when they have “died”.)   They aren’t, of course.  But THEIR OLD PHYSICAL BODIES ARE!!!!


      Since their new selves SO resemble the old(their new bodies(which they have had ALL ALONG!!), it is HARD to discover the difference,   and thus REALIZE the fact!!(Of having exited the old body. Passed on, out, over, or just plain passed,  as many call it.)


      Those who are not ready, cannot bear these things.


      Let them disbelieve me(if they so choose!),then(though I speak very true). Until such time as they themselves SEE how right these things now being told to you, are!!


       There is NO SUCH THING as OPTICAL Doppler’s Effect!!


         I have tried to give you a faint glimpse of the true facts, which I have just delineated.


         Re-birth of the personality. AND re-incarnation(but only as humans, again!), are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. But both exist.

         Re-birth(if necessary) is of the current personality needing to come back into the old class to try again, and maybe do better!!

         We re-live over and over again, returning to our old birthday(!), – UNTIL we qualify for RE INCARNATION.

         And THEN a new personality is put down from THE SOUL!!!!


        Do you see the difference.

        Living this current life again(of the present personality), but better, –

        Is a vastly different thing to living the life of a new personality!!


        WHEN we qualify, we consummate with God.

        And long after that, we enter new higher schemes!!


        I have come a long way from Astronomy.


        All of this is thanks to my observations from maps,etc. created USING MY EXACT ASTRONOMICAL DISTANCE AND MASS FINDER!!!!


       The Patterns(expected!) show me that I am VERY right!!


       All proved and confirmed anyway.


       Now I invite you all, to study my EXACT DISTANCE FINDER!!

       Easily the biggest discovery in Science.(True Science I am talking about. Not the myopic materialistic CRAP  spawned in universities,etc!)

       Universities,etc. do produce good results. BUT ONLY in the lesser fields!! NOT in the most important ones!!!!

       And MANY are fooled, and deceived.


       For me to spell out to you my Exact Astronomical Distance Finder is SO VERY VERY HARD!!!!


       New ideas, and THE LIMITATIONS OF WORDS, make the task SO VERY difficult!!


       Many will think that this is a lame excuse to conceal rubbish!!


       I ASSURE you that THAT is NOT SO!!!!


      I can give you some easy clues to understanding My Exact Astronomical Distance Finder:-


      First try to grasp that there are TWO 2 – 1 velocity(remember, it is actually space per (orbital) VIBRATION, not space per time!!) to magnitude DISCREPANCIES!!!!

      And most orthodox PROFESSIONALS reject(long since!) EVEN ONE!!

      One is due to an anomaly born of the structure of spectroscopes.

      The other is due to the fact that space(and time) is a closed circumference!


      We MEASURE out, via red and blue shifts, via Hubble’s Law!

      BUT!!  We VIEW OUT across space and time, THROUGH HYPERSPACE!!!!

      And there in here lies the SECRET of this mystery!!(The mystery of the 2 and 2×2 to 1’s discrepancies in astronomical viewing!!)


      Draw a circle!

      Now cast a chord across it. Let that represent any VIEW ACROSS hyper-space!

      The SURFACE(circumference) is space time.

      The interior(AND exterior!) RADIALLY of that circumference – is HYPER-SPACE!!!!


      You see!  We MEASURE right around  THE CIRCUMFERENCE!!

      But we SEE OUT only along the chords of view(from O observer to G(galaxy OR WHATEVER), the viewed object!!)!!!!


     Naturally after half way around, those chords DECREASE in length!!

     BECAUSE – getting nearer home again!! 

     GOT IT??!!


      Hence the second 2-1 between velocities(ACTUALLY space per vibs!), and magnitudes!!


      Ya gotta??!!

      Ha, AH!!!!


      But the professionals(self claimed experts) WON’T have it.  Ya see?!  !!


      Very simple.

      Ah, but how HARD to overcome the EMOTION  of WANTING the truth to be false!!!!


      Some are too unevolved to live with the truth.

      And some (very few on this planet!) cannot bear NOT to!!

     What is the spectroscopic anomaly?

     Measurement of shift INSIDE of spectroscopes is necessarily DOUBLE what it should be!

     And,so, – we get a result which is TWICE the actuality!!


     Well, WELL!!!!


     Pass the biscuits, Mirandi.

     AND the mustard WITH IT!!!!

     Via a VERY complex and laborious process of elimination I WORKED OUT WHAT FACTORS were producing WHAT RESULTS.

     And refined back accordingly to the actual reality!!



      (Ten big lies to beware of:  1.  The Expansion and Big Bang.(Though there are LINEAR GROWTHS(NOT expansions!)(Likewise with contractions,too!!)(There ARE NO contractions, only LINEAR SHRINKAGES AND CURL-OVERS!!!!)

      Ramifications via split ups exist.

      As with a tree,etc.  A column of growth of new objects, splits in to two, and then into two again,

      And so on

      AND SO ON….

     2.  That Jesus saves.  No.  Jesus GUIDES.  CHRIST SAVES(IF we accept the divine sunshine of GOD into our hearts and minds!!).(So do not misunderstand me.)


      We have to save ourselves!!

      No one can do it for us!!


      AGAIN: -True salvation is a work NOT FINISHED until we have won through ALL OF THE WAY!!!!


      Receiving Christ SPIRIT is ONLY the beginning!!

      We then have to grow!! Until perfect!!!!

     So, if you would speed up your spiritual progress, receive CHRIST(the spiritual sunshine of God, via the sun’s SPIRITUAL aspect!!)

      letting Jesus Christ guide you.

      UNTIL finally perfected.

      Note the TWO requirements!!


      3.  The Climate Change RUBBISH so well propagated these days! Along with all the other SHIT that this world teaches!! So thoroughly and so cunningly and (So view my BB12,13 and 14.(16 MAY come).forcibly!!!!


      4.  An other big lie is that we are alone in the universe.   WE ARE NOT!!


      Even as on islands in the old world, being occupied. Not just the particular one you lived on.

      – So,too! Are there MANY islands in space AND TIME. AND (ORBITAL)VIBRATION. AND HIGHER DENSITY!!!!


       There are MANY other lies and falsehoods of course.

       And almost countless minor ones.


      5.  Death is actually a birth!(It was our birth that was the death!!)

      There is no life after death!!(But you see there is no death after life either!! And it is Life’s end that is superior and rules, not so called Death’s!!)


      6.  The big lie that there is no god!

      We have our Higher Self. So hard to find.

      And we have GOD, Universal Spirit, Universal Energy, The Divine Aspect of Sol, our Sun, –  and similarly of all the stars,etc!!!!

      God is The Universal Community Above!!!!

      That is always ready to help us. PROVIDED we mean business!!

      And sacrifice all to it!!


      7.  The big lie that things will just go on and on AS THEY ARE!!

      No!!  We are only seven to eight years away from THE END OF THIS CURRENT SOLAR CYCLE!!!!(Of about 6,500 years.(4 x 6,500 = 26,000, the full Zodiacal,etc.cycle.))


      And solar cycles end with many disasters.

      The new ones BEGIN with a COLLOSAL BANG!!!!

      About eight years hence!!


       8.  That humans are animals and are going nowhere!!

       Humans are NOT animals!


        (Nor is Australasia a part of Asia!!)

        Australasia is a continent in its OWN RIGHT.

        Australia and New Zealand.


        The subjects wisely avoided are:-

        Religion, Politics, Economics and SEX!!!!

        POLICY is good.

        But Politics on Earth is so self-centred, so selfish.


        I do hope you are a bit wiser now!

        There is no end to learning, of course.


        9.  The West is at bay, and in decline.

        The next eight years, AND then far beyond, will be TERRIBLE,etc.  in the extreme!!

        Not just from humans!

        But from God, Devil, Earth and Nature.

       And some alien species.


        It is not REALLY a judgement upon Man.

        But THAT is partially true!!

        All is as it should be!!


        10.  That Earth and Man are very advanced.

        Only technologically, a gift from the aliens!!


        Spiritually we are extremely backward. So VERY unevolved!!

        Humans are everywhere throughout the universe, along with suns and Earths,etc.


        But other life forms are numerous too!! Both human like and animal. As well as plant,etc!!!!

        I may do a BB16.

        And, who know, maybe more….




       Victor Conway.


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