A914b. My New Astronomy,etc.










Wednesday, 28th September, 2,005.

Article A914


My New Astronomy. Including My Exact Distances,etc.Finder. Sundries.
768. I started from, and worked from The Hubble Diagram.(Astronomy. Cosmology.) Square Graph. (Incorrectly. It should be 2 – 1. Vels double mags. Alleged vels of expansion, galactic,etc. Horizontally. Magnitudes, vertically. I knew that M = Rv. (M is magnitudes. Rv is the ALLEGED velocity. )(1.6M(Mv or v. Absolute or Apparent mags.)I reckoned that knowing that equality, I could via eliminations work out distances!! And then everything else. That is the way I went. AND IT WORKED!!!! Perfectly!! Though the orthodox said it was impossible. AND POINTED OUT MANY AWFUL OBSTACLES!!!!

769. Amazing features emerge from my maps and charts,etc.

770. Gladys is another pseudonym of mine.(In case you should encounter her.(She does not exist!))

771. What good will this knowledge do? IMMENSE!!!!

772. Through Astronomy we best find out all other secrets!! So knowing exact astronomical distances,etc. will hone us in on precise great truths. And lesser ones!!!!

773. Furthermore, by harmonizing with this Great Secret(Exact distances,etc.), – which you will achieve my studying the results of my find; you will find your life improving greatly! Simply because of harmonizing with th MAIN PULSE of The Universe!!!! Get with it!! God will feed you DIRECT!!!!

774. THIS, that what I am telling you is THE TRUTH. Not the media bilge most are listening to – like mesmerized zombies. WHICH IS WHAT THEY ARE!! – MENTALLY!!!! And SPIRITUAL BANKRUPTS!!!!

775. ELECTRO-MAGNETISM is the main drive of the universe!! Not Gravity!!

776. And PLASMA(Refer Alven!) its substance. Ions and stripped atoms,etc!!!! Not Big Bang.

777. Yet I know you are still not with it!! Not even the best of you. Because you are STILL barking up the wrong tree!! In fact you are not even in the right world!!!!

778. Bird Flu has hit 66. Up two. Probably 67. 6 or 7 in Indonesia. A Pandemic has broken out. And,soon, panic!! (Australia will be next!!!! WAKE UP!!!! You need immediate immense stocks of Tamiflu and vaccines!! Or face millions DEAD. Yes! Even in Australia!! It will be HELL. NOW is the time to act!!!!)

779. It will go world wide of course. Fast!!(It is starting to rocket!!) Birds alone are doing this at present. But big danger of it becoming human to human. And blended with ordinary influenza!! The world is NOT taking this seriously enough. By FAR. BY SO VERY FAR!!!!

780. Wake up from those day dreams of yours!!

781. And of course harmonically increasingly bad weather, plus the seismic and volcanic is progressing in leaps and bounds!!

782. Along with droughts with years to go yet!! In some parts. Harmonically increasing rains AND SNOWS in other parts!!!!

783. NO!! The cause is NOT MAN. Nor volcanic eruptions and forest fires (Surface Nature.) CO2. It is THE SUN, ELECTRONICALLY!!!! Now climaxing in a gigantic but NATURAL cycle of NATURE!!!! Wake up WAKE UP. Get with it. THE RIGHT IT!!!!

784. I am sounding Drake’s Drum, as loud and as fast as I can!! YOU ARE ALL ASLEEP!!!!

785. But DREAMING that you are awake. As you go deeper AND DEEPER into Fantasyland!!!!

786. What is happening,then? WHAT ISN’T HAPPENING (NOW)!!!!

787. The Roof of The World IS CAVING IN!!


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