A813. My New EXACT AND ACCURATE Astronomical Distances and Masses,etc.finder.




Tuesday, April 14, 1998.


I give here my distances,etc.finder. The most up-to-date version. Distances Seven explains these differences. Before that is now superseded.

Astronomers lament the lack of a good distances’ finder. They do not think much improvement is easily possible!!

Orthodox Astronomy, as with orthodox everything is going the wrong way, fast!!

So I need to correct you all. Before you destroy the lot!!!!

You have the wrong picture of things ALTOGETHER!!!!

By harmonizing with the correct picture you will survive and progress. Not otherwise. Very much the reverse.

You have a very cunning mock-up of the truth. Which could hardly be farther away from it!!

The crying MOST DESPERATE need – is to get the right model of the universe. The best one,anyway!!

I study. For the truth.

As near as I dare!!!!

If you depart from the truth too far, YOU WILL PERISH!!!!

Which SHOULD stand to common sense!!!!

Men think that death is the end. And live so as to cash out at that!! So they live negatively to curry favour with The Devil. Hoping to cut their losses at physical death. However!! They are making a mistake. The biggest one possible!!!!

You must wake up before it is too late!!!!

To this end I devote myself.

You HAVE TO be ready!! You have no alternative!!!!

And neither have I!!!!

It isn’t that we survive death,etc. But that we survive EVEN LESS if we do not do our best, and not our worst!!!!

We DO survive death!!!!


The world MUST improve now. OR ELSE!!!!

Those who want to improve, come now. For the rest will lose all.

Astronomers, you will not find your appreciably better distance,etc.finder until you IGNORE your overseers!!!! Because they are sending you wrong. DELIBERATELY!!!!

The power game!! ETC.

Don’t get too cosy!!

You THINK that you have solved the lot. Or there about s.

You haven’t even BEGUN!!!!

You ask for qualifications,etc. Well. I can assure you all that they do not lie with the professionals and the officials!!!! The universities, the research establishments, the observatories, the planetariums,etc. DO NOT HAVE GOOD QUALIFICATIONS!!!! And they certainly do not have the truth!!!!

Hear me. Yes. You can take my word for it. But I shall give you the opportunity to FIND OUT for yourselves!!!!

Do NOT ignore this!!!!

Your method is to ignore, ridicule and/or abuse.

So that you may live in your ego-comfortable DELUSIONS!!!!

I know your picture looks right. And mine,etc.looks wrong. But it ISN’T!!!!

I have to put it to you straight. What better chance have I. Of getting through to you????

You find yourselves up to a factor of two out. You are much more than that!!

That factor of two IS ALL RIGHT!!!! THAT is not the error!!!!

That is THE RIGHT!!!!

Yes. You know that space is warped and bent. But you think that light,etc.ETCS. travels an equally bent and warped path, and thus we see relatively straight,etc!!!!

Unless we view cross-wise, of course. Then we can see the bendings!!!!

So the bendings do not worry you!!

You think that infra red removes extinction effect.

You have such things as Relativity Effect and Time Dilation. THERE IS NEITHER!! It is Gravitation Effect and a time dilation that is negligible!!!!

The phenomena exist,yes. But R.E. is actually G.E. And time dilation(though it exist)only is significant(in practice)with velocities near c. But no viewed objects are!! No not even the quasars. Their Red Shift is mostly gravitation effect!!!!

The radio sources DO NOT proliferate away!!

There is no even spread of the galaxies!! They are definitely hetero-geneous. RIGHT ALONG!!!!

The 2-1 “velocities” to distances’ DISCREPANCY most definitely DOES exist. And it is not a quirk!!
You worry about mathematics and appearances, and do split hairs, when you haven’t even got the right main picture!!!!

Oh,yes, it is Cosmological Evolution all right. (PROBABLY)(It is by no means certain!! And even the bangs and expansions(yes,plural)are questionable!!) But both “big bang” and “expansion” ARE IN WORLD TWO. Not our world one!!!! Not visible to us(bodies). And RELATIVELY static, ANYWAY!!!!

What you think is the expansion, via some galactic recession is actually the cosmic horizon!!

You have the quasars one HUNDRED times too far out.

The Arp Associations DO exist!!!!

They are 3d, not 2d. They are REAL!!!!

The curving filaments are real,too!!!!

Even of the stars,ETC.

Your distances,ETC.are very poor. The quasars are about 1% accurate or less. Your best findings are OUT!!!! Yes. Even Hubble’s Law!!!!
The network(mesh)is connected I THINK.

I mean in 3D. It certainly is in 2D.

You think that to get distances via The Hubble Diagram,etc.is too hard. YOU ARE WRONG. I did it!!

You think The H-R Diagram, etc. is right. No. It isn’t!! Very wrong.

Even your trigonometric parallax is wrong!!

See my article on this.

You cannot get distances,etc. YOUR WAY!!

You think that the cosmos is a chaos.

You think that you are doing very well. No. You are doing very badly!!!!
Law and order exists. Not what youv’e got!!!!

All you have is A SHAM!!!! And a SHAME!!!! Yes. Very true!!!!

Do you WANT good distances,etc?? Or do you just want to be a good toady, and live in delusions!!!!

If you want good distances,etc.then follow these guide-lines TO THE LETTER:-

You have a big bang you cannot find.

And an expansion you have not proved!!!!

Take any two terms out of the following: Apparent Magnitudes, Radial Velocities(for group or pair spin!!), Object(or field)spins(Rotations to the fourth power.), Temperature FROM COLOUR (NOT from spectral type or class!!)(velocity allowed!!), Pulsation. Just those!!

You think that the cosmos is round. You don’t even know what the universe IS!! Radiation travels straight does it??!!

We live in an hyperbola!! And radiation WAVES travel curved,etc!!!!

The universe is THE ALL, is it!!

We only (mostly!!)live in our meta-galaxy!! There are groups of these, and groups OF these groups. In “the universe”. And there are many universes. ETC. ETCS. There is no ALL. There is no end. Or beginning!!!!

You have no idea, you see!!

You THINK that you know. BUT YOU DO NOT!!

Know the mind of god? You do not even know your own minds!!!!

A theory of everything. Yes. In general. More or less. BUT IT IS NOT YOUR ONE!!!!

Well wrapped rubbish REMAINS RUBBISH!!!!

Get it right, first!!

You haven’t even got the right picture!!!!

I will tell you(and I can)how to get good distances,etc.

But you will have to change your ideas radically and all together!!!!

You THINK you have got it.

No!! You are just coming up to the starting line, NOT the finishing line!!!!

We cannot get distances from the observer!!(So nothing else either!!!!)

GROUPINGS exist. And these have white holes in their centres, as do all objects and fields!!!! All hyperbolas,too!!!!

Birth is given to sub-entities OUT OF THESE FIELD CENTRES!!!!

So everything(they REMAIN on electrical umblical cords!!)proceeds from centre!! And increases from there. TOO!!!!

Yes!! Electricity,etc.runs through everything!!

Things are not what they seem!!!!

It IS an ionic plasmic universe.

Anti-matter does exist.

And so does anti-gravity!!!!

And hyper-force.

Gravity magnetism!!!!

There was no big bang in time one!!!!

It is CURRENTS’ FLOW rather than expansion. And static emission, not big bang!!!!

Everything is spirallic!! VORTICES!!!!

Force fields. Power Packs. FOR ACTION!!!!

Ramifying out!!!!

Via bifurcations,etc.

You have no idea. Only the very wrong one!!!!

I have to tell you!!

There are no(central)explosions. It all starts at ZERO AND NOUGHT!!!!

SORT OF expansions!!!!

Consider me a know all alien if you like. But do listen to me!!!!

While I am still around!!!!

It is not one, but many.

Words fail.

I can only try,.

To do my best.

Matter and Anti-Matter come from Nothing, and return to Nothing. In cycles. Endlessly!!!!
Get the best picture you can.

Make the best of it!!

Look for what is right. Not for what is wrong!!!!
We can get the distances from the centre of the field. And then put in The Observer AFTERWARDS, from the sky angles!!!!

Your rotational velocities, the spins, ARE NOT related to distance from observer!! Why should they be!! There is no connection!!!!

The fourth power of the spin is proportionate to the intrinsic brightness.

You think to calculate the distance from us from that(as with other things)via the distance modulus. And you do get a rough approximation. But it is only because we HAPPEN to be near to the centre of each field we are in.(We are in a series.)

You think that we can work out the distance by “subtracting” the apparent magnitude? Yes. But the v is actually ib,om AND v,combined. That is: The actual brightness, the obscuring matters, AND the dimming effect!!!! Plus miscellaneous sundries.

You think that infra red removes most of the obscuring matter. No!! It is not fog!! It only removes a little bit!!!!

And your absolute magnitudes are based upon a trigonometric parallax which is only 47% upon the average correct enough!!!!

Ah,yes. If you remove these components from the v compound, then you will be left with the pure distance.

IF you can get the intrinsic brightness!! All right, the spin (to the fourth power)IS proportionate to it!! But most obscuring matter,etc.IS LEFT ON!!!!

However this distance will only be THE CHORD distance!!

You can also get Hubble’s Law FOR ANY OBJECT OR FIELD(!!). By removing the ordinary radial velocity(recede or approach)!! You won’t be able to distinguish easily!! So do it by taking THE REDDENING, and deducting gravitation effect!!(If you can get it!!) THEN get the H.L. Equivalent. Add on(or subtract)the ordinary radial velocity, because it will be PART OF the arc distance!! And THEN you have a good distance from the observer.(I can use this method to place the observer on MY MAPS!!!! ETC.)

It will also be the arc distance.
My maps will be chord. So I shall need to convert the arc to a chord, before I apply!!!!

So do all this after plotting my maps from MY distances!!!!(Which are better than yours.)

Take any two terms. Now multiply THE CHORDIFIED v by 1.6. AND everything else, including group or pair spins.(STAY WITH your method initially to determine the distance FROM US.)

So now you multiply BOTH terms by 1.6!!

Then square root!!

There will be no hybrids.

But it will be chord result!!

Get the Hubble Law value as the r. But purify it first of gravitation effect(found using my method), plus universal gravity (reciprocal).

That will be the arc distance.

Subtract the chord distance. You will be left with the warpage(around the object)(and including it). NOT OF ANY INTERVENING WARPS!!!!

Quite an easy method!!

Now plot maps. Will have to be chord maps!! So use the chord values.

Locate the observer on the maps, by using your R4 method, refined finished by my way. As told. (Rotation to the fourth power!!)(Use MY OM, to get that off. Which I do by scale parallel of The ISR, The Inter-spatial Reddening.(Azimuthal,etc.comes off automatically by removing the general OM!!)

So use the very pure apparent magnitude!! Which is dimming effect, fully refined. And should give a good distance – from the observer.

But use my method for distances from centre(AND MASSES,ETC.). And then use our combined method to locate the observer on the chord maps. So translate to chord terms first!!!!

Arc maps will be very hard to do!!

You could add the warpage back on, and do it all as if stretched out flat!!!!
Do about forty candidates. Select which category and sub-classification first. Near and bright stars,for example. Keep within the group concerned!! Or my method will not work!! You must do that!!!! The law I utilize works from the field centres!!!!

You MUST group equalize and INDIVIDUALLY apply the group equalization factor!!!!

In the first column have names and/or numbers of the objects.

In the second column have one term.(Multiply by 1.6)

In the third column have the other term.(Multiply by 1.6)

In the fourth column have the square root(geometric mean)(for distances).(Do arithmetic mean for masses.)

REMEMBER that these distances will only be from the centre of the field. So do NOT place observer in the centre. But locate him via our R4, and the best CHORD(remember(in the sky we see CHORD wise!! Across the 5D interior!!!!))VIEW ANGLE. The complement reciprocal will be the angle. Get at least two, and where they intersect(get the right planes!!)(R.A. and D.), should be the observer. NOW measure around!! And get the angle to the centre of the field!!!!
Now cast out local warps, by simply getting the very purified Hubble Law (r), subtracting my chord result from it, and then casting warps out of the differential!! First divide by two’s as necessary. None may be!! Until you reduce to below zero. And then cast out THE RECIPROCALS(negative warps!!). First of all you cast out The Fractional Pi applying at that distance. Refine repeatedly!! You can work out the fractional pi by a scale, because the farther away, the more the arc exceeds the chord, until finally it reaches pi!! Just work it out!!!!

So cast out F.P.FIRST. And then see how many times two will go into the differential remaining. Once below unity, divide by FRACTIONS(negative warps). Until you reduce to zero!!!!

Orthodoxy is only doing the scaffolding. Having been fooled by Nature’s MASK!!!!

You are with the local closed stellar cluster, the local galaxy, the local super clusters, the meta-galaxy, and THEN the universe!!!!

It is nothing much to me. But EVERYTHING to you!!!!

So do get it!!

For arc maps, just do the general curvature first.

Work in the local warps as best you can!!!!

If you plot one term against another, you will get evolutionary cycles and planetary systems.

As well as the ordinary graph comparison!!!!

You are all not just asleep. But dreaming most deeply!!!!

The sooner you wake up, – THE BETTER!!!!

Get WITH IT!!!!


Go from here into Pi. And then to Phi. And Golden Section,etc. Even for spiritual structures and functions,too!!!!



Also get and use my other methods.

They can check each other!!!!

Q. Squares,etc. My latest method is the best.

Get the other details from my earlier distances(but only the applicable details!!). Etc.

Don’t get mixed up.



Correction: Use our combined VPV(Very Pure Apparent Magnitudes)for the distances form the observer. But remember that these will be chords!!!!

Use S4, T, P and VPv(mine, not yours!!) for distances(and masses,etc.)from the centre of the field!!!!

R4’s will also be the distance from the observer.


I can now do the distance from the observer myself, and those maps!! Which I can compare against central maps with an angled observer put in!!
So get the very pure apparent magnitude, via The R4.(The VPV)(Note, not my VPv, which ends up as the very pure absolute magnitude!!!!

Use the method I have described. Via r. Less M.E.(g.e. + u.g.) And deduct MY OM, via The ISR!!!! Use THIS VPV!!!!

Now do 1.6 times this. And for the second term use the R4, but purify refine it FIRST.

Remove the OM, as before(with VPV), and remove the M.E. You should be left with VPMv.

Do the square root!!

Try plotting these two value sets against each other,too!!(First, if you like.)

Group Equalize.

Use the homer of course to get the numerical order and the terms(units).

Cast in or out depending upon whether you want arcs or chords!! Use the PURIFIED REFINED H.L.to get the warpage.

Just take the H.L. and subtract M.E. To purify refine it.

In the case of ordinary velocities, get the “H.L” via r(less The M.E.).(There is no om with velocities. In any case it is not a wave deduction!!!!)
Use The “H.L.” for the general curvature!!!!

So I CAN use both of my equation sets!!!!
Now my other terms(correction)for the distance from the field centre, is:-

S4(the spin of the group or pair)(the ordinary velocity, plus or minus!!). T. P. And VPv(which is not VPV!!).



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