A1071. Still more upon my new EXACT AND accurate astronomical distances and masses,etc. finder.

Tuesday, 14th March, 2,006.


Comments on My (in brief) Astronomical Distance,etc.Finder.

Continuing in that connection:-

You may ask: If light travels straight, why cannot we do Trig Parallax!!

It travels straight in Hyperspace, not ordinary space. It travels straight ACROSS our space, not ALONG IT!!!!

We live in ordinary space, 3d, and measure in that.

When we do Trig.Par, we get the CHORD distance through Hyperspace to a few nearby stars.

However, THAT is not the PRACTICAL distance! Any more than one would measure THROUGH The Earth to nearby places upon the surface!!

Local space warp will be minimal between us and the nearest stars.(Those of them showing parallax.)

All we need do is change the chord distance – to an ARC distance!!(The Trig Par distance is a CHORD distance!)

The BASE line.(From one side of The Earth to the other. Or from one side of Earth’s orbit to the other.) is in ARC terms.

This is tricky. As we view chord wise, but measure by arcs!!

As the difference in measure between arcs and chords is so small on Earth, we can safely enough say that our base line from one side of The Earth to the other opposite, is about 8,000 miles.(Calculated from the maximum circumference, which approximates to the arc distance!)

The other base line, between opposite points on The Earth’s orbit, is based on the orbital distance around the sun. Which also approximates to the ARC distance.

However, once we start measuring the distances to the parallax stars, then we are into CHORDS!! BECAUSE through Hyperspace! Which is the route of light,etc!(Our angled views are through hyperspace!!)(Per the triangulation!!)

We need to convert the base line based trig result to an ARC distance!! The triangulation will then be sound enough.

Converting to arc distances from chords is easy. You simply multiply by Pi/2.

So better ignore my previous article A1070, and go by this corrected version!

I wrongly said that the correct distances are 47% of the true(enough) figures. I had it the wrong way around.

So, instead of halving, DOUBLE!!(And THEN correct for Atmospheric Distortion and the anomaly of light aberration.)

The 3% difference between 47 and 50 per cent is due to the combination of Atmospheric Distortion and Light Aberration. A combined figure. Probably not a 50 50 split!! Unless and until you calculate these two factors. Get The Aberration of Light(AL) value first, then the difference will be Atmospheric Distortion(AD)(In regard to the 3% difference.).

Use the reciprocal of 47%(47/100). Which is 2.13, to the nearest second place decimal.

In other words, the trig obtained distances need multiplying by 2.13. Thus orthodox absolute magnitudes(Mv) are about 4 times understated!!

My figures will be about 4x under-stated,too. As I went by 47% instead of 2.13!! Going the wrong way around.

Please note this fact! And ADJUST!!

The orthodox THOUGHT that they had space bending accounted for! THINKING that em radiation travels through space(and time).(In other words automatically cancelling out space time bending with em bending!!) But it DOES NOT!! It travels ACROSS Hyperspace!!

That means the necessity of having to convert chords into arcs!! Or multiply by Pi/2(Cast out pi/2’s(for EACH warp!) to get any local warps removed!!), which is 1.57.

Now my method for obtaining distances,etc. is to start with the ORTHODOX data, and adjust for all of the factors that they are unaware of!!

So that pi/2 business(and the local warps), will HAVE ALREADY been dealt with in obtaining the correct results!!

So accept my distance,etc.values!!

When I said correct my figures, by the right adjustments, I mean ONLY in respect of the trigonometric parallax results!! Although I went the wrong way with trig, my main method CORRECTLY makes the right adjustments!! The true trig results are not 47% of orthodox figures, but 2.13 times them. Otherwise all my figures are correct!!(As I went the right way when applying the formulae,etc.) You follow??
Note that my pattered map results, are EXPECTED patterns. As I in theory already knew that we come out S’s or backward S’s in Right Ascension, but V’s in Declination. So they are not JUST patterns, but EXPECTED patterns!!!!

Please note that we live in a closed stellar cluster!(The orthodox THINK that Sol, our sun, is all alone in space!! That is not true!!

The four main levels of size are stars, stellar clusters, galaxies, and super-galaxies(in various tiers of clusters of galaxies).

Orthodoxy THINKS that we live in a chaotic universe, where all operates by chance.

No!! We live in a universe, ETC. INFINITE in all directions, which is a geometric and mathematical GEM of perfection!!!!

A SUPER Titius Bode,etcs. LAW of distribution!!

The resulting meaningful configurations are so far above chance co-incidence, as to render THAT interpretation – LUDICROUS in the EXTREME!!!!

You may think that a choatic viewer viewing CHAOS would see amazing chance results, but that is not so! It would be a DIFFERENT chaos in the viewer, viewing CHAOS!! The two in conjunction would make for a WORSE result(worse chaos), NOT amazing ORDER!!!!

It is no doubt true that if you had enough monkeys typing away non stop, that one would produce the complete works of Shakespeare, given enough time!!

Which misses the basic point!

That a far smaller number of monkeys(but still enormous!!) would produce the complete works of Shakespeare!!

The analogy is bad, as though monkeys are smart, they are not as smart as humans. Their typing would be almost, if not totally, RANDOM.

A more fitting analogy would be to have an enormous number of intelligent HUMAN typists, some of whom might KNOW Shakespeare well!! And finally in not TOO long a space of time, one would type out correctly the complete works of Shakespeare!!

And thus someone like me, and now YOU, I hope, will, if you follow my instructions well enough(!!), WILL produce amazing meaningful PATTERNED results. In a SUPER Titius Bode’s Law,etc. schema. With ALL the trimmings!!!! Results that matched Nature and sound THEORY, well enough!!!!

There are no accidents. What we call co-incidences actually have some hidden meaning!! So exquisitely perfect is the arrangement of the universe!!!!

In our ignorance of the true meaning, we have to enlist an enormous number of monkeys to do the job, whereas a much smaller, but still great, number of humans would do it far quicker. And per true sound theory!!!!

I hope you get my drift.

If God does not exist, then maybe IT OUGHT(to)!!!!

However, the true question is not Does God exist, but do WE exist!!

Not if we remain encased in the mental coffins which those interested in going backwards, have wilfully put us in!! Yes, all of us.

All, so that THEY(the fools) can burn the boat to keep it going. Or burn the house down just to keep warm!!

There it is.

But WHERE are YOU? – Comrade!!(In NON Communist sense!!!!)

It is VERY hard to observe the results of a microscopic examination when we have evil IDIOTS mucking up the slides CONSTANTLY!!

All you need to do – is LOCK the LUNATICS out – until you have studied the microscope(analyzed) SLIDES to your satifaction.

THEN when you have done that, and been STUNNED out of your minds, THEN KEEP the fools deliberately spoiling it for the rest of us, – OUT, permanently!!

Even Einstein was not perfect!

He was far more wrong than right.

Hopefully, IF you check(!!),

you will, or should(if you do it right!!), SEE the astonishing PICTURE, that I am constantly obtaining!!

Am I sincere, but mistaken?

Or ON a ball, the rest of you ARE AFRAID TO LOOK AT!!!!

See you IDIOCY in my words?

Or WILFUL deception?!

Or both??

How come? If I speak integrally enough, and with careful thought!!

Or is it not rather that you are not sufficiently advanced enough to bear what I am saying!!

I am bad, but you might be WORSE, yes??!!

I have been on this a life time!

Playing games with myself, AM I??!!

To WHAT end??

If you think I am wrong, point out WHERE!!

That I may learn!!

If you cannot DO that,

then go back to school until you learn enough to appreciate what I have PUT BEFORE YOU ALL!!!!

What I am presenting is capable of saving Humanity!

Plagiarize it if you MUST!

Don’t wait for me. I have done my part.

All I am interested in, is that Humanity and Life, ADVANCE. And get saved.(Which is DEFINITELY not their present PROSPECT!!!!)

You GO for it. EVEN if it means my burial!!!!

I am more CONCERNED that the world get the benefit..

Than that I get the credit.

Which belongs to GOD, anyway!!

YOU take it then, IF that is the only way that Humanity and Life progress!!




Vic Conway.


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