A1065. Further comments upon my new exact AND accurate astronomical distances and masses,etc. finder.

Tuesday, 7th March, 2,006.


(You may contact me via <vicon@halenet.com.au> if you have any important questions to ask me!!)

Further comments again on my(in brief)Astronomical Distance Finder.

I forgot to mention in A1064, that what we call space is but the SURFACE of a higher globe! Vertically. And Time horizontally!!(As with The Earth!) What we regard as empty space, is(at a higher level of view)SOLID! But a SURFACE!! As is Time, too!!

This explains WHY space(and time) are CURVED in general, AND warped locally!!

Some may be puzzled as to how we can have worm holes going from all points to all points!!

The idea being that space is folded over, such that we can only have worm going from one point to an opposite one. So to speak! This idea however is not true. Space-time is NOT folded over. Just bent and warped.

We are able to travel INSTANTANEOUSLY(Gravity, like all magneto-electric radiation, by the way is instantaneous in its transmission! Simply because all that travels is pressure, which necessarily move instantly(or ALMOST instantly, in practice)! This not only applies to gravity in its shoulder to shoulder sequence of gravitons, but to electrons in all their many circuits. A SORT OF pressure linearly!!

The secret of instanteous travel via portals from anywhere ins space AND TIME to anywhere else in space AND TIME, is that one is able to drop from the surface of the round field we are on DOWN to its centre(instantaneously) simply by raising our orbital vibrations high enough!(As one depth is orbital vibration!)(The other is density(or fineness). Not of matter-energy on the surface, but of the multi GROUP dimensional INTERIOR!!) This is quite an advantage!! We are in fact being visited by ourselves from the future!!(Our future, as parallel universes exist. Thus creating any number of futures(and pasts)!!!!)

From centre one is able to RISE to ANY point upon the surface, in space AND TIME, instantaneously.

Time is not an on-going thing(only its PASSAGE by the observer is!)(What men call time is really THE PASSAGE OF time, which is a very different thing to time ITSELF. As for example is the difference between one’s walking, AND THE ROAD ONE IS WALKING ALONG!!!!))

Thus ALL things exist now(and here!) at a HIGHER group dimensional level!!

Thus Jesus was able to say that what is to come NOW IS!!

(As is what was!)

Note that we are able to tap INTO the multi group dimensional AND multi-dimensional interiors!!

Not just the SURFACE of things, as ordinary science does!!

What the bad aliens are trying to do via the misled human stooges – is to make us LOSE touch with these great INTERIORS!!!! Thus to dominate us better!!

My job(in part) is to awaken you all to what is going on, AND THE DANGER!!!!

It may all SOUND like science fiction, but I ASSURE YOU – that it is not!!

Things are MOST DEFINITELY NOT as they seem!!

The vast majority of humans are mentally asleep AND DREAMING. Dreaming the implanted FALSEHOODS!!!!

Mankind’s job is TO BREAK THE SPELL. Immediately, or PERISH COMPLETELY!!!!

Hence the urgency!!

My new astronomical distance,etc.finder WILL expose all this to you!!

Hence my APPEAL to you all, to get STUCK INTO it, as fast as you possibly can!!

iT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME, BEFORE THEY gain control of the internet, and stop me, AND OTHERS LIKE ME!!!!

So all of you out there, DO wake up, and GET WITH IT!! The RIGHT it!!


Yes. We are living in the last days of this solar cycle. Ten years to go. THAT IS ALL!!!!

For God’s sake, especially YOUR sake, listen TO ME!!!!

I know the true answers.

Well enough.

I lead all in this knowledge. Though it is true that in specialized areas, others may lead me. But in general, and basically, I lead!!

Belief, you see, creates YOUR truth!!

ONLY believe!!

What I am saying, is that there IS NO reality, other than the one YOU create, and PROJECT outside of you!! Via your BELIEF power!!

We speak of truth. But THAT is what is in line with GOD. True to the line! It is only true by virtue of God HOLDING IT in ITS mind!!(Within THIS context, we can do the same!)

There is no FINAL truth, you see!!

It is important NOT to step outside the God context, though, – otherwise you will go INSANE!!!!

God, in turn, is A BEING(high to US), among even greater!!

THINKING thus makes all things so. The strongest thinker wins! God, usually!!

There you have it.


Got your prayer mats ready?!

Islam is replacing Christianity,ETC.

The U.S. has HAD IT! The U.S. IS U.S.

Thanks to The Bushes and Jimmy Carter!!!!

Why did you dump Reagan?!

U.S. has LOST in Iraq. AND lost its war against terror! Bush is IN DENIAL!!

Is going rapidly MAD.

No one goes into such debt and survives! Nor any nation!!

Nor can you desert GOD, and win!!

U.S. with its deliberate policy of LIES!!!!

And Britain, etc.following!!

The West has lived in the comfort zone for far too long. And NOW is UNABLE to leave it. Thus it is ALL rhetoric, and NO(good) ACTION!!!!

UNO and The Security Council are next to useless.

And The EU is a band of squabblers, now ruled by Germany.

Iran is going to take over world rule!!

I’m for The Pleiades myself. I don’t know about you suckers!!

The Political East is winning. And has for many months risen higher than The West. GET WITH IT!!

Terrorism is another name for The Last Crusade. The West in its final desperate effort to defeat MURDEROUS Islam!! And a MOST cruel Islam. As The Arabs assuredly are MOST CRUEL.

Iran is not Arab, but will soon dominate the pack!!

Iraq under Saddam was our last bulwark in The Middle East. Now they are OUT to kill him(for doing his best for his country, and The Middle East!!).

Same as with Milosevic in Serbia!! HE was our last bulwark against Muslims AND ALBANIANS in The Balkans!!

WHO are these CLOWNS who seek to JUDGE those who fight against TYRANNY!!!!

Yes, The Hague!!

What fools The West has been since U.S. rejected Reagan!!

Russia via Putin(one of the old club) is raising the old USSR and Communism again!!

Israel is being SACRIFICED by U.S. and Britain to The growing Monster, The Palestinians, now led by Hamas! And backed by Iran,etc!!

And what do the PEOPLE of The West and what remains of The Free world do? NO THING!! But bow and grunt!!!!

Jerusalem is about to fall to The Arabs!!

Along with The Temple!!


Illiteracy and Innumeracy is RIFE among University,etc. STUDENTS!!

Civil war is coming in The U.S. etc. And increasingly throughout The West.

Because Bush neither knows nor cares(!!) WHAT he is doing. The Christendom puppet and stooge!!!!

Meanwhile monstrous Nibiru approaches!

And the CATACLYSM that marks the start of the next solar cycle(Ten years hence!!).

As the Super Heat will be followed by The Next ICE AGE!!!!

Caused by the heat, OF COURSE!!!!

O ye of Confusious: QUO VADIS??

Which, being interpreted MEANS: O you with any ears and eyes left OPEN. WHERE are you GOING??!!

We are in a period of flux, as all the old institution and values GO INTO THE MELTING pot, and men no longer have a MORAL FOUNDATION!!

Men are becoming women.

And women, men!!

What is causing this? This growing flux, change creating growing instability, leading each man to turn against his neighbour!

It is due to the higher spirit energies now increasingly flowing into this planet.(Called The Rapture.) As Earth is being raised into higher spirit and energy. Brought on by the approaching new Solar Cycle, AND The Age of Aquarius!!!!

Which is stirring the good and high, but driving the evil doers,and low, – increasingly MAD!!!!

Aggravated by the accelerating influx of electrons from the SUN. Increasing human and animal brain disturbances!!

Where will it end? In catastrophic damage to this planet and all life upon it. WITHIN about ten years!!

We should UNITE,not divide, to fight the growing menaces. Born of Natural Cycles and Bad Aliens!!!!

Sleep on? I warrant NOT!! Unless you do not mind having your head hacked slowly off with a long rusty knife! Or being blown up by maniacal FANATICAL Muslims,etc!!

Islam(Or rather, Wahabeeism, that extreme fundamentalist Islamic SECT), is HELL BENT on ruling the world, and horribly slaughtering ALL!!!! Yes! Even babies as they exit the womb!!

WAKE UP, comrades!!(Not the phoney COMMUNIST kind!!)

How long do you think RUSSIA is going to stay friendly to The West??!!

Will things NEVER get better?

Oh,yes. After thousands of years starting again ICY caves!!

THIS generation has been PAMPERED to HELL!!!!

Interesting candidates for The MUSLIM CAULDRON!!!!

DON’T you THINK????

It would appear not. At least not ENOUGH!!!!

We are being DISTRACTED by CLOWNS!!

Both scientific and religious,etc.

Materialistic science. And narrow minded religions!!

While the public is more concerned with the latest football score, the froth on a jug of BEER, the latest pop idol, or if they are conforming enough to the latest FASHION!!!!

I shall come as a THIEF in the NIGHT!!

And find you all in bed WITH YOUR ENEMIES’ wives!!!!


Your WOULD BE servant for Truth,etc.

Counted all the sheep yet?

May I suggest you count THE GOATS, now??!!



Vic Conway.


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