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L21. Doomsday events to come.






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According to my calculations, we can expect to happen, the following list of numbered COLOSSAL EVENTS:-(Apparently The Polar Shift has just begun. First of the magnetic poles, then of the geographical poles.(Also the second solar system of Antione(name of second sun)with its retinue of six planets and orbitting satellites, – arrived some years back. Mergence of the two solar systems is continuing.)(Note that the core of the planet Phaeton(WAS where asteroid belt now is!), The Winged Serpent of Horus, is the one to watch(wrongly called Nibiru).






1. Gulf Stream to stop.(This is what starts Ice Age.)


2. Antarctica to slide into the sea.


3. Planet Phaeton to pass about one million miles from Earth – in about 2,015.A.D(I THINK.).


4. (Planet Nibiru not due until 2,078.A.D.)


5. Meanwhile The Earth will invert PHYSICALLY. Not just magnetically.


6. Ice Era followed by a long ICE AGE.






In the meantime all manner of INCREASING(parabolically, I believe)disasters will occur, culminating in the biggest cataclysm Man on Earth has ever known, OR WILL EVER KNOW.








Expect these events(Or the beginnings thereof.) over the next few years!!(Disasters will get worse and worse until Dec.21st, 2,012.)(Not only natural disasters, but socially too. Disasters in all ways. Plus many STRANGE things. Like floating off the ground, and seeing dead loved ones materialize in front of you.)


The Great Line-up with The Great Rift at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy occurs Dec.21st, 2,012.


Also the start of The Age of Aquarius.




The Rapture and The Arrival of CHRIST will also occur.


The good and the high will be evacuated by aliens to mother ships circling above or to other planets. At least until normal life is liveable again.(Some will be taken. Some left.)


The sheep(the good) and the goats(the evil doers) will be separated.(The best transferred to a better planet. The worst to a lower one.) And a Great Cleansing occur.




Then comes The Great Tribulation with its worst ever Inquisition.


These events are spelled out in archaic form in The Book of Revelation.(In The Christian Bible.)




It is MOST important you believe – and HEED!!




Two Great Cycles are co-inciding just now. 1. The 6,500 year Quarter Solar Cycle(When the sun rounds the spiral arm of the group of stars it is upon, producing centrifugal and centripedal forces – which force up the magma against the tectonic plates, causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and heat from the rising magma. The civilizations of Mu Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon sank beneath the waves and into the magma because of this centrifugal force(When you round a corner in a car you will feel the centrifugal force. Similarly with the sun(and all the accompanying solar system, Earth included)! THIS is what is causing all the increasing disasters. Apparently also including the dying animals(yes, expect humans next).


And 2. The arrival of a MINOR(Not Nemesis.) binary star of Sol, ANTOINE!(And ITS solar system!)(Every 3,600 years.)




Although Phaeton(wrongly called Nibiru) is still about four years off(You can see it close to the sun, along with Antoine, the second sun, and Nibiru!) – I THINK. We are in THE TAIL(It is like a comet.) of debris and dust of it! Blown by the solar wind. Consequently deadly poisonous red dust is increasingly falling through our atmosphere. ALSO, masses of electrons, in a STREAM of them, from alongside of the spiral arm of stars which are RIGHT NOW rounding, are increasingly hitting us.(To counter this create and mass produce my SPECIAL HELMETS!!)(The only way to counter the appalling destruction all over The Earth – is to get down The North(South too, but MUCH harder) GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. Which is the entrance to a 1,400 mile wide TUBEWAY leading down into The Greath WITHIN.(The Earth is hollow.)(MUCH safer down there, with a 800 mile shell of Earth’s Crust over your heads! Nice warm climate, similar to Earth’s surface with land and sea! It has its own small red sun(The Earth’s core.)(Pleasantly warm!)


I suggest CRUISE SHIPS preceded by ICE BREAKERS.






ROUGHLY speaking, the foregoing is what I expect WITHIN THE NEXT FEW YEARS.


Normally the two cycles, one of 6,500 years(the quarter solar cycle), the other of 3,600 years(the orbital period around our sun of the other(Antoine) solar system, also carrying Phaeton and Nibiru, occur separately, but THIS TIME, BOTH are occurring within a few years of each other!


A once in 2,340,000,000 years’ event!


What a co-incidence to be alive now to witness it? Perhaps not. You might have arranged to get born at this time, to SEE it!!



Now,then: It may be asked: If all this is true, WHY have we not been told by The Authorities? The answer is: Don’t be silly. When have those in power bowed to those IN their power?!(For 900,000 years, about, we have been ruled by evil aliens!!)(HUMANOID aliens, reptileans and little greys,etc.)(The Annunaki merged their genes with ours. Made us slaves to get gold for them(to particulize to increase light of sun as they go so far out).)

WHY can’t we SEE Antoine, the second sun, and Phaeton and Nibirus???




If you know where and when to look.




The other planetary system is coming in at a very sharp angle to The Ecliptic.(Where few look.)




Mostly visibly only from South Pole region.


In Infra Red and with special filters,etc.


In the right conditions and circumstances YOU CAN sometimes SEE the second sun, and Phaeton AND NIBIRU!!!!


Use browser and look up these objects on The Internet(Two suns? Nibiru,etc.)


Then at extremely RARE times, these objects CAN be seen!!


You watch the videos,etc. and see.










No, they are NOT optical illusions,etc!!


























Vic Conway.(You ARE being warned!)








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