Wednesday, 6th April 2,011.










Sequel to L19.








We need to get down The North Geographical Pole.




It also(to find the tunnel entrance)(AT The North Geographical Pole) to head in a BEE LINE due North!


No land marks.


And compasses will be haywire.(Because! As you approach the RIM of the GIGANTIC FUNNEL tunnel entrance to The Great Within, all compasses will go increasingly wild. Due to the fact that there is nothing there but air! Lacking iron,etc. in land, there is a lack of bearing for the compass needle. So it begins to waver.


The magnetic poles are not fixed points. They move because as the RIM of the funnel tunnel is approached, the tangent to such rim changes!(As you move forwards.)


The magnetic poles ARE the RIMS of the funnel tunnel entrances!! It is MOST important to grasp that.


The tunnel itself is air and space. So no iron,etc. because no land at all!!




Lacking landmarks AND magnetic bearing, it is VERY difficult to take a bee line north!(Or south, if down in the southern hemisphere.)(Even down there landmarks are lacking.)




The North Geographical Pole(and similarly down in south) is in the centre of funnel tunnel entrance. And to ENSURE you don’t miss(and go around) the funnel tunnel entrance, it is MOST important that you get and follow a BEE LINE north!




Now the only sure way to do this – is to use a GYROSCOPE way back from the pole. Once you have a bearing due north, set your gyroscope. And make SURE that you don’t lose it!!


Because. If you fail to go dead GEOGRAPHICAL north, then you very easily MISS the funnel tunnel entrance!!






The ground, by the way, will FEEL flat ALL of the way(into The Great Within), DESPITE it ACTUALLY curving downwards up to 90 degrees!!




You will feel disorientated – because gravity’s force(AND direction!) will be constantly changing.






ALSO your visual view of the landscape will be increasingly out of gel with gravity!!




Furthermore, you will INCREASINGLY see land(ice, water(as well as cloud if there)) above you!




It will be the opposite side of the tunnel!(By this KNOW that you are entering THE GIGANTIC TUNNEL!!)








Yes, you may think that you are going mad.






You may also see vast distances – due to temperature inversions in the atmosphere bending the light rays!(You might see Spitzbergen for example. About two thousand miles and more away.)(In Norway.)








So just make ABSOLUTELY SURE that you entering the FUNNEL TUNNEL!!(If you miss it, you will go around! And NOT get WITHIN!!)








It is as if there were TWO surfaces. And for a while you could enter either!!








There is ACTUALLY only ONE surface, but such surface BENDS DOWN and AROUND under your feet!!(Sandwiching 800 miles of Earth Shell.)




Thus The Earth(as are all the heavenly bodies and fields) is a DOUBLE REVERSE HELIX. It is not a sphere, except to APPARENT view!!




Knowing these things should help you on your journey!








When you see sun appear small and red where it shouldn’t – you will know that you have entered THE TUNNEL!!




Otherwise, it is SO big – that you cannot see it!!






Mind you, cloud, haze, driven snow and exhaustion will make you doubt your senses!!








You should experience a warm wind blowing FROM THE NORTH!!






All these things are SIGNS that you are on the correct track.






Now people have sailed, flown(though a general ban on air travel exists), and gone in in submarines on the polar cap. But only a VERY few have entered the tunnel!(These have been considered disorientated!)(They were A BIT, but not BASICALLY!!)








So, people in general have THOUGHT that they had reached AND PASSED the geographical pole.(North and South!!) When in FACT, they have been hundreds of miles short of it.(Because there is NOTHING there – but air and space!!)




The MARKED geographical poles are PHONEY!!(They are ONLY where THOUGHT to be the geographical poles!)








The North Geographical Pole(On moving ice or open sea, anyway.), lacking landmarks AND magnetic orientation, is not where it is supposed to be. If only because there IS NO surface GEOGRAPHICAL pole!(North or South)(It is marked about 400 miles south of its true position(which is 400 miles up in space!)!!








The SOUTH GEOGRAPHICAL pole is similar.






Though no sea, and thus not moving.




Again no landmarks. And no magnetic bearing!






The MARKED GEOGRAPHICAL pole is hundreds of miles north of its true position.(400 miles up in space!)








It is easy of course on globes of the world and maps and charts to MARK the geographical poles. But they are meaningless!! Both of them.






Satellites,etc. up in space and atmosphere, are also no or little help, and likewise from aircraft and space craft,etc.






The view is nearly always obscured by cloud, fog, haze, falling snow and flying snow(snow picked up off the ground).




And so hard to distinguish from the ice anyway.










When conditions are clear, which is extremely rare, views from DIRECTLY above the geographical poles, show a BLACK field. Just BLACK. Empty.




This is partially a magnetic field obscuring NOTHINGNESS!!






Because what is being looked at IS air and space!! Overlain with a magnetic field.








The Aurora are due to electrons ex sun striking molecules in the air OVERLAYING, VERY RARE, light from the small red sun(when it shows itself WITHIN, – which is hardly ever)








The ozone layers are depleted by electrons and the occasional light from within.




If you push on, the air and sea will get warm, the air getting hot. As it blows in your face.






I tell you these things to help guide you WITHIN. And dispel the madness notion!








The small red sun will appear, and often be in view, on the horizon at first, but eventually shooting to zenith.










The idea of a hollow Earth,etc. is poo-pooed. Because solid Earth(and likewise with all the heavenly bodies and fields) has been ASSUMED(to be true) by Orthodox Science(which is SO OFTEN wrong).




No! It is the solid Earth notion which is absurd, not The Hollow one!!




I tell you why:-








Early in its history, Earth was fluid. Molten rock.




Remember the whirling bucket of water? Tangential force overcomes gravity.




TANGENTIAL force.(Not to be confused with its MISNOMER centrifugal force(and centripedal force at centre)!!)




Tangential force is sideways. Centrifugal force is perpendicular.








Tangential force is simply the tendency to continue in the old, original, direction.




Centrifugal force is ex the CENTRE of the field!








But tangential force is WRONGLY called centrifugal.(Which is WHY I don’t call it that!)








What we get TAUGHT(by orthodoxy), you see, is a hypothetical mish-mash, designed to fit the hubric ego of Man! An ENTIRELY fictitious WALLOP of BALLONEY!!









Conjured up by The Negative Forces which rule us, and constantly oppose our attempts to live properly!(Called The Devil of yore.)



Perpetuated by Reptilean,etc. aliens, and their little grey,etc. semi robotic sort of android STOOGES!! Quasi humans in appearance.(But not human.)






Who took us over about a million years ago. While we were still in neutral formulation.








Thus we were demonized. A condition exploited further by (Yes, we came from Mars.) re-incarnating spirits from Aster(The planet that blew up after a thermo-nuclear war. In which UNTESTED weapons from one of two warring city states, nuclearly ignited the deuterium in their ocean, and BLEW OFF the surface sea and land from the original planet Phaeton!






The CORE of this planet(Wrongly called Nibiru, The Tenth Planet(now ninth)) shot past the orbit of Mars, and may have sliced off a chunk of The Earth, creating our moon.(The moon was originally thought to be a planetoid. But is assumed to be an alien artifact(hollow, by the way), BECAUSE it is hollow.


Note: ONLY the surface of the moon is non-terrene. Because when Phaeton’s CORE struck it a glancing blow, it left much of its OWN surface super-imposed upon the ORIGINAL lunar surface!




It is THIS Phaeton’s core(slightly smaller than Mars, an ugly red thing) that is now racing towards us.(If you study the sun VERY CAREFULLY, through suitable filters, you should see a black spot!


It is expected to whizz by The Earth at a distance of ONE MILLION miles.(I guess about or in 2,015.A.D.).




(To complicate things further: In addition to our Northern Solstice(Of 21.12.12.) lining up with Sun and The Great RIFT at The Centre of our galaxy on 21.12.12.,(And Aquarius starting, along with many(if not all) OTHER cycles, basically Mayan, we have a SECOND SOLAR SYSTEM right now MERGING with ours!!






Ostensibly due to my fevered imagination, is in fact quite truly so!!








Anyway, expect Phaeton’s core soon. (The second sun(a small yellow one)can be seen from positions(at times) near to The South Pole.)






It will look like a SECOND MOON!! Or a great UGLY red dragon in the sky.




This is because it is seething with erupting volcanoes!!








Currently used as a war chariot by The Annunaki(Who spawned us by merging their genes with ours shortly after Cro Mags and Neanderthals parted company.(Some went down the pole.)(Many were slaughtered by the Cro-Mags.)Apparently homo-erectus was created after a MASS RAPE of Neanderthals(gentle advanced folk) by the brutal Cro Mags.




Expect The Annunaki to inspect us, their genetic modification, as Phaeton’s core(which they are riding) passes by! Via saucer craft.




They created us as slaves to mine gold for them.






Many stories are rife on The Internet. Some true, some fictitious.




But what I am telling you is true enough.






We are THEIR cattle.








They check us every 3,600 years. See how we are getting on.








About half of us can expect to be evacuated(to huge mother craft, and some to distant planets). The worthy half.








I have digressed from the moon’s creation.(The Pacific depression is apparently all that is left now of the original SLICE-OFF.)(As The Earth recovered nearly all of the gaping hole left by Phaeton’s core.)(Molten magma(lava) plugging it up.)






Space and the moon, as well as Earth,etc. are abuzz with alien,etc. activity.








So you see(I hope you do.) that Hollow Earth, created by the fluid molten rock being sent to the sides(centriPEDAL force forming the Earth’s core(the small red sun!)), and then solidifying(Via cooling IN THAT SHAPE!!)!!




Got it??




This happens with all bolides, all whirling molten objects!






I repeat: TANGENTIAL force(wrongly called Centrifugal force) sends the molten rock,etc. TO THE SIDES(as it spins!), leaving the small centripedally formed plasmic core at the centre!




It COOLS in this shape!




And, hey presto, we have our Hollow Earth!! OF COURSE!!!!








We can expect an increasingly ROUGH next few years!






PARABOLICALLY increasing disasters! In ALL departments of living!!








I am not urging you to get down The North Geographical Pole for NOTHING!!


Nor am I pressing you HARD for nothing!




Consider my pressure to be ANXIETY for our future welfare!!








Get it right now! ALL life forms upon this planet COULD perish over the next few years. Horribly, and terribly!!






I am simply trying to spiritually and materially SAVE as many of us AS POSSIBLE!!!!







OTHERWISE, life upon this planet HAS NO FUTURE!!










Hence my FRANTIC efforts to get you to HEED what I am saying!!

Why I sent out so many articles to as many as I can reach!!(HELP ME,PLEASE, to reach AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!!!)








It is utterly USELESS to go into DENIAL!!











All right. You find it all so unlikely.

Not at all like The Utopia being expected by SO MANY!!




What a SHOCK the whole world is IN for!!






God is going to WIPE the LOT!!







Because we are failing to make the grade!!



The Cleansing and The Separation of The Sheep from The Goats is just beginning!!




Those who pass the inspection may go to higher planets. Those who fail, – to lower ones.




A tremendous CLEANSING of the material(humans,etc.) is now beginning.








Notice how the world is going increasingly bad and mad?!








We have masses of electrons from the spiral arm of the group stars we are in striking our brains AS THE SUN CARRIES US ALL deeper and deeper into THE ELECTRON STREAM!!








Plus a deadly suffocating POISONOUS red dust – falling increasingly upon us from the TAIL of Phaeton’s core, which we have entered! As the sun blows it towards us!!)(Much like with a comet.)








Design, make and MASS PRODUCE my special Faraday-caged HELMETS to keep out both masses of electrons AND the red dust!!(Or wear face masks,too!)(REALLY effective ones!!)










No, I am not interested in ruling you, as SAVING you!!








Chance your luck with me, – OR PERISH!!!!








I am “Son of Noah”!









So what is coming? 1. Expect increasing, parabolically, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions(so nuclear plants damage will sent out terrible radiation, far worse than in Japan,now), increasing rain(ex evaporation via growing heat from rising magma), producing bigger and BIGGER floods(with TIDAL WAVES, like the one that hit Grantham, Lockyer Vally ex the deluge in a confined place near Toowomba, Queensland, earlier this year, ferocious winds,

lavic fountains, boulders raining down from the sky(comets and asteroids falling), the air catching fire, VERY tough emergency and martial law measures by the authorities, wars, even world wars, and a MOST terrible INQUISITION.



Growing religious and spiritual revivals.



Earth Inversion(but A CHANCE of only going on its side, which will be worse than full inversion – because poles moved(perhaps to India and Peru(guessing), stopping of Gulf Stream, Ice Era, ICE AGE, Annunaki arriving, all things bad,too.




A terrible REBELLION by humans. AND animals.




TWO huge crustal displacements.




Earth’s axis increased.




TWO polar caps at each end of The Earth!!








Then when Phaeton passes by, The Earth COULD be ripped in half!








Glad you came,now??








So we currently have TWO SUNS, two moons,SOON.




Plus SIX alien planets, and their satellites,ETC.












(In some cases:Own children eaten for food.




And their blood drunk.)






Because of terrible famines, and(in some areas) water shortages.






Marauding gangs. Looting burning, raping men as well as women. Destroying.






Committing ALL MANNER of atrocities.








So I say to you all GET BACK TO GOD!!













For you have replaced God with The Devil, and Peter Pan with Pan!!!!





Pub has replaced Church.






And Devil’s brew,beer, has replaced water!!








Count me out. This is NOT the way to go. If you want to personally evolve,and go to Heaven, and Paradise.




You have it and keep it if you must.




But count me





I want NO part of this insanity and ABOMINATION I see so increasingly around me.

Especially on Television,ETC!!!!








Are you ALL nuts??








Death,now. And HELL after death??!!






THAT is the cost of The Life Style NOW being increasingly embraced by humans!!






Turning ever more to The Devil WILL NOT help you. Only ruin you further!!!!





















REPENT, and accept CHRIST!!










Look at Australia! Labour is DESTROYING the country!!



Get RID of them – as FAST as you possibly can!!




AND The Greens!!




Plus ALL movements that promote going evil!!








Gillard is on the ropes. And Rudd trying to come back!!




STOP pandering to fools!!




Carbon tax? There is NO Man-made Global Warming!!(Problem is rising lava, NOT carbon dioxide, which is plant FOOD anyway!!)


So no Emissions Trading Scheme either. Nor all the other IDIOTIC Labour ideas!! Like Pink Batts,etc. I can see who IS bats!!




The produce of slaves.


Labour was created a century ago to combat employers exploiting workers.


Today we need to protect the employers FROM THEIR staff!!








Reptilians EAT their victims by the way. Emotionally, and physically!!






We don’t need the old religion back. And DEFINITELY NOT Shia Islam!!


NOR RED Chinese take-over!!









We need spirituality, NOT religion!! There IS a vast difference!!









Up the BLUES!!






The spiritually and politically GOOD!!!!








Yes, spank the children when they misbehave – OF COURSE!!










Make ME World President!!






GOD to rule ALL!!!!








Bring back THE BIRCH(AYE, and THE CAT, if necessary!!) for those who disobey DEAR GOD ABOVE!!!!
















Long live CHRIST!!!!

















Victor VICON Conway.











Many suiciding.








Humanity going utterly insane and wicked. Completely DEPRAVED. The most horrific things happening.



















































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