Ratings 7

Saturday, 31st July, 2,010.

Share out The Wealth.

My Ratings,etc.systems.

Basically what I am saying is that with too much wealth in the hands of so few. And too little with very many, I think compromising between need and greed – would improve the lot of most.

This needs to be done through Government. Only they seem to have the power.(Which is fast slipping away I notice. Especially towards China, UNO, The Hague and Indonesia and The Political East. U.S.(And U.K.) power is vanishing.)

The question is HOW best to share out the wealth, provided government agrees.

It can be done mathematically via my original Ratings. Or it can be done by cancelling the current currency, and issuing a new one. Fairly divided out between ALL breadwinners! Done annually.

Now there is a challenge to any government!

They need an incentive to do this.

So what we do(I suggest) is let all governing ministers(opposition too) KEEP what they have in old currency. AND have a fair share of the new TOO!!(But old money for business use only.)

You keep all your property.(All your non monetary assets.)

Details will be found somewhere in my articles.

Economically I see four urgent needs:-

1. Share out the capital. AND equalize all incomes.(Government pays capital and incomes into bank accounts annually. Including those on welfare of course. Breadwinners ONLY!! (Getting everyone to sell up all non monetary properties is too disruptive, so let all retain such.)

All property to be kept.(Everything non-monetary.)

And – for all minister(government and opposition)s to retain old currency for business only. Plus have an equal share(breadwinners) of the national assets.(Debts and deficits to be ignored!)

2. Pay by PRODUCTION, not time!!

3. Tax PURCHASES, not incomes!!(All other(except governmental)taxes and levies to be wiped. EXCEPT with businesses.)

4. Property(as defined) to sort itself out by the simple expediency of starting from scratch every year.

Government issues a new currency EVERY year.

Old currency immediately becomes worthless.(Except for business by government(and opp.)ministers.

Obviously if you subtract from The National CAPITAL wealth debts and deficits, you should end up in the negative(red). Not many would be keen on reductions!!

So simply ignore debts and deficits.

Let the governing,etc. ministers handle this out of their retained for business, currency.

I hope all this is clear?!

Good. Then let us propose this to The Government!!

Only the greedy would resist.

Put it to the vote in a National Referendum. Result to be become law. Via bill and act in Parliament!!

As the many have the least, it should readily be seen that a national referendum(Global, if you like.)

should yield a favourable vote.

Pass the salt Judas.

And to work let us go.

Salaries and wages to be abolished. Work for God and country. Globally, best.

The Government will do the paying out!!

Fuller details on request!

e mail me(I am Vicon.) on vicon2000@gmail.com



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