Monday, September 07th, 1998. RATINGS, – PART TWO Ratings Part One is only introductory. I am aware that large gaps exist. Taxation is most urgent, but it is not the key!! It should be clear that the present(In Australia.)taxation system is inadequate to today’s needs. It is tied to income,etc.REVENUE. On input. Thus taxing at source. The basic fault is not being addressed. That is that those with the most money – are RELATIVELY being the least affected!!!! The second fault is that by taxing INPUT, you place an intolerable burden upon BUSINESS. It is so important not to PICK at this. Don’t muck about!! Go for The Jugular!!!! What has happened, is that the people are getting wise to what is TRULY going on.(As against the old propaganda!!) What is going on, of course, is that the rich are ripping off the poor!! Thus crippling BOTH. Clearly this is intolerable. And, if not corrected, must result in war. Civil War!! You cannot get blood out of a stone!! Witness today’s frenetic advertizing. Especially on Television!!!! It means that we not only have the poor poorer(relatively)than ever, but the rich STARVING in their own statistical paper world of FIGURES!!!! All that they are doing is HOARDING the desperately needed wealth(thus clogging up the arteries of currency circulation)in the interests of their own psychological security, which is actually statistical starvation – and that they refuse TO FACE UP TO!!!! We must save them!! The Poor must unite, and change The System(This Status Quo which ensures that the wealthy stay in power!!)(At the expense of THE PEOPLE. Those who should be ruling. BUT ARE NOT!!)(This con game has gone on far too long.) It is not a case of attacking the rich. THEY NEED HELP. Even more than the poor.(I mean psychologically!!) The poor rich are dying PSYCHOLOGICALLY!!!!(And THEY are killing the majority, the poor!!!!) The money must be EQUALLY divided out as quickly as possible. Or we ALL perish!!!! The second problem is solved by taxing OUTPUT instead of income. In other words you tax purchases instead of wages and salaries,etc!! I see in the political and economic world, two other big problems. I would address them too in my quadruple plan:- Problem three is the long neglected issue of PRODUCTION FAILURE. I refer to the absurd practice of paying workers by TIME instead of by PRODUCTION!!!! The VITALLY important thing is that workers PRODUCE QUALITY IN QUANTITY. Instead of a trend towards shoddiness, and fewness!!!! Problem four: What COIN shall we use? Gold? Barter? Bank-Notes? Or NOTHING at all!!!! What IS money? Money is a psychological TOKEN of TRUE WEALTH. What is the true wealth? Speaking in the material realm, it is GOOD PRODUCTION.(Quantity of quality.)Good stuff. Plenty of it!! We have long since become psychologically condtioned to regard these pretty coloured pieces of paper, called bank-notes, as VALUABLES!!!! Some have argued for THE GOLD STANDARD. In an ideal society, of course, you would simply see the desired object in a shop window, go in and ask for it. AND GET IT – FOR NOTHING. But(you noticed!!)we don’t live in an ideal society. No. We are too distrusting – that the next shop-keeper won’t give US what we want FOR NOTHING!!!! I think it will work better if you tackle all four major problems SIMULTANEOUSLY. Because if you attack a castle on one side only, the other three sides remain, and may beat you!! So. Instead of walking into a motor show-room, and demanding the latest model BUCK SHEE, you walk in with a goodly WAD of BANK NOTES. And you are usually successful IF YOU PRODUCE ENOUGH OF THEM!!!! People just love them!!!! In fact, people love them MORE than the goods they represent!! And are HOARDING them. Thus clogging up THE ECONOMIC ART ERIES!!!! It is all due to PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONING, and BEHAVIOUR REFLEXES.(Some-thing like Pavlov’s dogs.) Now,then. There is just one snag. The King of The Castle HOLDS THE POWER. And castle kings are usually hard to dislodge. The King of The Castle has long since forgotten WHO he is SUPPOSED to be representing. THE PEOPLE. WE, THE PEOPLE, demand representation. OR ELSE!! No. We are certainly not getting it. Despite all the propaganda SOP we are being doled out with. The PEOPLE are fed up. And have had enough. Of this NONSENSE!!!! Yes, the rich have earned(by fair means or foul!!)their money. And,yes,they FOUGHT FOR their positions of power!!!! Why would we DARE take it off them??!! Or even try to!!!! So let us play THAT GAME,TOO!!!! The Communists in Russia tried it. They used force. Brute force. They won, and promptly transferred the wealth TO THE NEW POWER GROUP!!(The new rulers).And just give the people enough SOP to shut them up!!!! THAT IS NOT GOOD!!!! The people will use brute force if necessary, but HOPE that sanity and sense prevail via THE BALLOT BOX. WE, THE PEOPLE!!!! ARE NOT BEING REPRESENTED IN GOVERNMENT!! AND ARE BEING GIVEN A VERY RAW DEAL!!!! How dare the governors think that they can fool us. THESE DAYS. Of education!!!! Of course they will try!! It is human nature to rule the roost, monopolize the monies and the wealth, and subject the people by OPPRESSION to TYRANNY. Thus to retain POWER. By GREED. We MUST NOT let them succeed ANY MORE!!!! OR WE ALL PERISH!!!! Gone are the days of peasant ignorance. Too many of us are awake to the truth now!!!! AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON!!!! Yes. We should knuckle down. BUT NOT SELL OUT OUR SOULS!!!! Can you SEE what is happening!! Yes. The good SOUL of Australia(similarly in New Zealand)is BEING SOLD OUT to The World, just so we can keep the rulers with bloated bellies!!!! The People’s REVOLUTION is beginning. Whether it will be bloody or not is in the hands of THOSE RULERS IN POWER!!!! Man has lost his way. He has forgotten his roots!! Leaders were originally elected to REPRESENT the GROUP. In the old days the sword was used. Today it is THE VOTE. By majority of NUMBERS.(But beware of GERRY-MANDERING!!!! ETC.) If the vote fails, the sword will return!! No way will fools become IDIOTS!!!! Those in power HAVE THE AD VANTAGE!! We must be WIDE AWAKE!!!! Today, in Australia, we have one who speaks for THE PEOPLE. She shall be nameless. THE ALTERNATIVE party. To the old two powers. The genuine and the fake. I will let you wise ones decide which is which!!!! Both the main parties HAVE FAILED THE PEOPLE. Now I know that the alternative party has many faults. And many MORE APPARENT ones. The question is not: Which is the perfect party. But which party HAS THE LEAST FAULTS!!!! I personally would be above politics and economics. But I recognize the need for rulers!!(Else anarchy will prevail.) Personalities or policies. I think good policies stem from good personalities. Wise personalities do not disclose their policies!!!! Trust me!! We have to have law and order, painful though it is. On pain of worse. Far worse!!!! The times, they are a’changing. The people are getting wise and clued up!! Thanks to Television,ETC!!!! The question is: Are they becoming WISE ENOUGH??!! We have a divided nation. And are in a divided world. Australia is very well off compared to the rest of the world. Much land. Few people. Many resources. There has usually been division. It is not a new phenomenon. It is the people who will decide who rules!! And not any politician and/or parliamentarian!! Politicians simply(if they are wise)tune in to what the people want, and try to give it to them. A greater issue is whether it is wise to give the people what they WANT. How much better to give them what they NEED!!!! However!! The immediate and relevant issue is REPRESENTATION. The key material need – IS TO SHARE OUT THE MONEY!!!! As quickly as possible. Bob Hawke saw this. But was afraid to grasp the nettle. There are two levels, you see. There is the ACTUAL. And there is the APPARENT. The REAL. And the superficial. Any fool can tackle the superficial. It is cosmetic. AND DOES NOT WORK!!!! I leave it to you to decide WHICH party does that!! We are in a many-cornered game. Usually it was two. Now it is more!! This is danger ous. Especially for the rulers!!!! There is,too, the money party, and the policy party!! The money party is obvious. However life is more than money!! So we have POLICIES. Crafty policies to ensure material survival!! Hands up those who have observed who is doing that.(Or trying to!!) Back in the eighties, the money party failed by funking a most glorious opportunity. So the cosmetics got in. And really messed it up. First we had good charisma. But later ANTI charisma. So the people finally got rid of the anti-charismatic leader!!!! But they failed to get rid of HIS METHODS!!!! Austral Asia is south of Asia. A separate continent!! We are few, but mighty!! Don’t back losers!! Asia is in a mess. The whole world is now. But keep a wide dip. Don’t narrow it!! Don’t put all of your eggs in the one basket!!!! Let Asia look after itself. Let us advance AUSTRAL asia. And lead the world HOME!!!! As before!! The Australasians are very ingenious and fighting. We have had to be!! Let us save the world, by first saving our selves!!!! I believe Australia will rise to greatness. And will lead the world!!!! Why?? Because of our INDEPENDENCE, and SELF-CONTAINMENT. We are INDIVIDUALS!! We have PERSONALITY!!!! No pain, no gain. No efforts, no results. Dear folks. Very few see SENSE. It is tragic,you see. That the people love the truth, BUT CANNOT LIVE IT!! And, they vote not for the truth,etc.(the good,etc.)BUT FOR what they PERCEIVE as the truth,etc. And the rulers are so good at PROPAGANDA and SOP!!!! Watch them!!!! Of course they are against THE ALTERNATIVE PARTY. BOTH sides are against SENSE!!(Notice how they are allying!! Thus PROVING the wisdom of THE ALTERNATIVE!!!! Are the eyes of THE PEOPLE open, or not!!!!) Because they(The major parties) like EASY POWER,ETC!!!! Sense is hard work!!(But it does work!!!!) Read between the lines!!!! Now: The obvious thing to do is to print more MONEY!! Even Russia is thinking about it!! Governments actually do this from time to time. But who do they give this extra money to? THE RICH!!!! The very people who are already SUFFOCATING on the stuff!!!! It is a game, you see. STAY KING OF THE CASTLE!!!! It is so easy up there. And so hard to get dislodged!!!! Some people go for the PRINT YOUR OWN game. The trouble with printing more money(and paper and print are so cheap), of course, is INFLATION. Demand and supply controls prices. The gold standard is still good. But since we are now so conditioned to bank notes,etc. better to stay with PLASTIC them!!!! Bank notes USED TO contain A PROMISE by the bank to redeem in gold!! That went long back. Also went the FACE VALUE of money. Now about five times down!!!! If you just pump out more money, the demand goes up, and so does the price. Which is no good. You get increasing inflation. And final economic collapse. So the trick is to print more money AND peg prices!!!! Now that I call SENSE. It must work!! A new snag now arises:- What do humans want? More MONEY!! What does The Community NEED?? More and better PRODUCE!!!!(Because you cannot EAT MONEY!!!!) How do we get SUCH PRODUCE. By WORK!! By labour converting raw materials!!!!(And services,etc.of course.),ETC. And by labour assembling and processing PARTS. ETC. Humans don’t want WORK.(Don’t be silly!!)THEY WANT MONEY. AND MORE AND MORE…. ….. OF IT!!!!!(Of course!!!!) Right!! So we give it to them. Because anything else will fail!!!! Let us give them their beloved money!! Just paper and print!!(It’s not GOLD!!!!) You see. The WAYS exist!! What is lacking – IS THE WILL!!!!(Because the wealthy few rulers ARE STUFFED WITH IT!!!!)(And they do love that!!!!) The way to get money IS TO WORK FOR IT!! The wise rich observe this!! So they go into BUSINESS!!!! The Profit game. There is nothing wrong with Profit. We all have to live!!!! What is unhealthy is ITS EXCESS(or deficiency!!). People are just nuts on MONEY. (The new taboo dirty word!!!!) So most have this drive to GET IT!!!! Money is no problem. What is, is PRODUCE!!!! And that means WORK. The point is: It is no good printing more money EVEN WITH PEGGED PRICES, if the workers stop working!!(Give them more money, and they will do less work!! Human nature!!!!) So more money(even if price pegged)is not the answer!!!! Observe the true problem: THE LACK OF INCENTIVE!!!! What incentive is there to work?? With low pay, and TIME pay!!!! With INCOME tax. And PAPER!!!! With rich and wealthy employers, while the worker goes without(comfort)!!!! Of course we need the land. Of course the farmers,etc.need help. Let us not forsake Nature and The Land. These are our basics!!!! You cannot long survive in steel, concrete and glass,etc!!!! You die. Especially PSYCHOLOGICALLY!!!!(The MAIN ingredient!!!!) We already have Nature against us. AND MAN. Isn’t it time we UNITED. To control Nature!! Pauline is on the right track with that engineer’s idea. But she doesn’t go far enough!! Pea-nuts!! Picking at the problem. Yes. Her plan is better than The Government’s. (And The Opposition’s is a cunning ruse to appeal to THE APPARENT impracticality!!) Yes. The Government’s plan is good. But Pauline’s is better. And mine is better still!!!! However!! The great question is this:- Is it(my plan)TOO STEEP for The People?? Are they up to it. Of course it will work. It MUST DO!!!! Silly question, isn’t it!! Can the public handle SUDDEN WEALTH FOR ALL!!!! It is a real question. But not I hope an insurmountable hurdle!! WHEN THE CHOICE IS ALL OR NOTHING!!!! You see(In my original Ratings’ article)my plan is not to print more money(and peg prices), but to divide out WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE!!!! Don’t give them too much. OR THEY WON’T WORK!!!! One Nation has this Easy Tax of 2%. It is very good!! But the exigencies of the moment call for perfection. Not just “very good”!!!! Now WHO owns Australia? One Nation. Abo!! ONE WORLD,TOO. ABOVE ALL. BEFORE IT!!!! WE are the IMMIGRANTS!!!! This is a mixed multi-cultural race. We are the guests of The Aboriginals!!!! Much nonsense is being talked. Pauline is not against multi-races, nor the indigenous!!!! She did what she had to do!! Speak out against NUMBERS, not RACES!! Obviously too much INFLOW. It does need controlling. Employ,etc. THOSE ALREADY HERE. Before stuffing the country up with more ANYBODY!!!! Isn’t that SENSE???? Pauline simply MEANT that too many immigrants were coming into the country for it to SUCCESSFULLY absorb!! She mentioned the word Asians.(Pauline, that is very naughty of you!! Don’t you do it again!!!!) But she had to DRAW ATTENTION TO THE REAL PROBLEM SOME-HOW!!!! That you let the water that is already in the sink go down FIRST. Before you over-flow the basin!!!! It is the colour of THE HEART that matters!! Alas, poor Pauline has the right boat, but the wrong(now)face!!!! So she has problems. Poor girl. One for all. And all for one!!!! Instead of knocking, how about we all raise up THE PEOPLE!!!! Any fool can throw stones. Try building the nation UP!!!! And then the world!!!! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Since, like The U.S.A. before it. This country was born of IMMIGRANTS. Convicts first!! The Abo’s came here long ago. And deprived the kangeroos of their rights A BIT. Then came Cook and Son, and deprived The Abos A LOT. She risks losing all through her Easy Tax. No. GO FOR BUST. Pauline!! My original Ratings’ Scheme was mathematical. I graded everybody via their wealth!! So I called it The Ratings’ System. However, the public don’t like complication, so I think my “Change The Currency(And The COLOURS of the bank notes.)Annually” will work better IN PRACTICE. Two ways: You can either divide prices by five(to bring them down to what they should be). Or, you can multiply the money(for internal use only!!)BY FIVE!!!! Now, I favour the former. Because if you issue five times the bank-notes, you will raise prices on The Export Market. Thus cutting our own throats!!!! I see two faults with Easy Tax(at 2%): 1. Some revenue tax remains, plus a new across the board income tax!! 2. I don’t think 2% is going to be enough(if you wipe ALL revenue taxation)(certainly not then). Switch COMPLETELY to OUTPUT taxation. In other words change to TOTAL PURCHASE TAX. With no REVENUE taxes AT ALL. No income,ETC.TAXES!!!! The beauty of OUTPUT(Purchase(GST))tax is that the many(consumers)can carry the load easily, while (as is current) INPUT(Income,etc.REVENUE)places the burden upon a few. WHICH IS WHY BUSINESS IS CRIPPLED!!!! Too great an over-head burden,etc!!!! HENCE ALL THE UNEMPLOYMENT!!!!!!!!!! It also provides an enormous psychological boost(and life is basically psychology!!)to THE WORKERS!! They get their wages TAX FREE!!!! You CAN regulate how much tax you pay BY BUYING WISELY!! My scheme has a GRADED(PER LUXURY)Purchase(or GST)Tax!!!! No tax on bread!! 100% on limousines. Any complaints?? WHY!!!! Graded categories scale in between!!!! Work it through the present Taxation Offices!!(Later have a Ratings’ Office.) Have The Reserve Bank pay into created INDIVIDUAL accounts for the public. Simply assess the national capital. And divide it out among all the BREAD-WINNERS!!!! Exempt Government(But not the opposition!!)ministers!!!! Otherwise they will not vote for it!!!! It is a sop to them!!!! Worth it!!!! As for goods in the ware-house, sell at the new(deflated)price!! No burden. As ALL businesses will be so obliged BY LAW!!!! Now peg prices. Have price inspectors BUSY. And have the public report any price hikes to them. Remove price FLOORS!!(Have no limit to how cheaply you can sell!!) An NO MIDDLE-MEN!!!! No restrictions. There will be queues. And teething problems. Of course. How small a price to pay. Make the shop-keepers take on more staff. This will quickly drain the labour force. So increase immigration!! Any problems???? The COMPETITION will drive prices down, not up. IN GENERAL. Once you remove the FLOOR limits!!!! Pay wages and salaries AS BEFORE. Do not change them!! THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. Keep them as they are now!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! Not to The Stocks and Shares Market. Or to Auctions. Etc!!!!(No exceptions with these or anything else. Dividends,bonuses,etc.will go free. Unlike PAY!!!!) The details will need working out, of course. The plan will need to be properly publicized, and FULLY. Probably too late for this election. But can still go through IF One Nation makes it into The Balance of Power!!!! I think it will make her Prime Minister. The country needs a good charismatic leader. Charm, not smarm!!!! See how it works?? You pass a law slashing all prices by FIVE. The customer BY LAW to only pay ONE FIFTH of the MARK UP price. (Until mark ups have been divided by five. All of them!!) It won’t hurt, because EVERYONE right across THE BOARD will be affected the same!!!! It is what is RELATIVE that counts!! The shop-keepers pay The Government.(Instead of The Employers,as now.) At the cash desk, tills, selling points; show the Purchase Tax separately. This must be paid to THE GOVERNMENT. Show it in red or some-thing. All right. So this is what should happen:- The public suddenly finds itself WITH MONEY. Quite a new phenomenon!!!! So it spends more!!!! Also, because EVERY YEAR(on a fixed date)the currency will be CHANGED. By LAW. Change the COLOURS each time!!!! I said GIVE THEM THEIR MONEY!!!! Right. I said that the old currency becomes invalid. But BUSINESSES may USE the old CURRENCIES.(Yes. So NO currency gets wasted EVER.) FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES ONLY!!!! In other words, the rich not only get the new currency, but CAN KEEP THE OLD ONES,TOO!!!! (And use them any time!!!!)(But WHOLESALE use ONLY in BUSINESS!!!!) You also let them keep their castles and palaces,ETC. ALL PROPERTY. All they lose is their power, thus to cure them of the results of GREED!! It is making them ill. So we save the poor stomachs. And the bloated MINDS!!!! ALL prices will be pegged. No inflation should result!! It doesn’t actually matter how much money you have!! In business, I mean. You can only buy what you will sell!!!! Who wants stock upon the shelves that they cannot dispose of??!! Time to worry about glut fever illness when the time comes!! Think of The Second Hand Trade!!!! The beauty of annual currency(and colours)changes, is, that YOU EITHER SPEND YOUR MONEY EACH YEAR, OR LOSE IT!! Our current ART IFICIAL system is based upon The SAVE mentality!! It doesn’t work!! It merely clogs up the economic arteries!!!! The secret of a healthy economy is CIRCULATION!!!! As for Over-Heating,etc. These maladies ONLY EXIST in ARTIFICIAL SYSTEMS. My system(which is WHY it will(MUST!!)work)goes BACK TO THE NATURAL, thus REMOVING THE SNAGS, not creating new!!!! You can say: “Too good to be true!!”. And say: “There must be a catch!!!!”. No!! It is the present Artificial System THAT IS THE CATCH. We get rid of THE snag. Not create more!!!! Got it?? All right. So:- The public, with stick and carrot(The carrot is all that money to spend!! And the stick is SPEND IT OR LOSE IT!!!!), approach will spend. Thus creating a very healthy CIRCULATION!! The SPEND mentality!!!! That is how it should be. Not this stupid save idea!!!! That only arose in the artificial system with THE POOR!!!! In my scheme, ALL become rich. BUT EQUAL!!!! Who is going to oppose?? It only needs more for than against. And it is in!! Obviously it will need examination. Too rich for you?? WOULD YOU PREFER WORSE POVERTY. AND DEATH!!!! Do not water it down. Or it will fail. Shall I give it to Russia? Or some one else!!!! THINK!! HARD!!!! Time for a change, folks. A BIG ONE!!!! People so fear change!! They should not fear GOOD change. That would be silly!!!! The people increase buying ENORMOUSLY. So orders go up. The factories produce more. And take on more staff. ISN’T THIS WHAT YOU WANT!!!! Or do you actually LIKE the present GREEDY set up. Which only FAVOURS THE FEW!!!! The DELIBERATELY KEPT(as now!!)UNEMPLOYED POOL goes down VERY FAST. AND OUT!!!! Now we can take in the immigrants!!!! But CONTROL THE RATE!!!! You see: The real issue is not Race, but Numbers!!!! In Immigration. Obviously water can only go down the drain so fast. So it is plainly stupid just to flood in immigrants WHATEVER THEIR RACE!!!! It only needs some-one who will implement my scheme to get into power. And that one is already at the gates!!!! Do we seize the bull,now? Or do we lose yet another opportunity and foul up our future and our lives, and those of our children. THE CHOICE IS OURS!!!! This election should be about SENSE, not culture!!!! And practicality, not more power for the already SICK in SOUL!!!! So bloated through GREED and POWER LUST. To vent their kicks to relieve their starved spirits!!!! So!! Cure the illness. And we all get well. Go straight TO THE ROOT!!!! You know. Some-times I think we WANT TROUBLE!!!! Does our guilt condemn us??!! My four main problems!!!! The answer is not more of the same. Or COSMETICS. But PEOPLE RULE, instead of present rulers INCREASING THEIR OWN TYRANNY!!!! Let us feather the nests of all. Not just the few!!!! Money and Policy have allied.(National and Liberal.)A deadly mix. Fatal for the people. Because human nature is weak. And the castle kings LOVE it up there!!!! Let the PEOPLE take RIGHTLY the reins!!!! Not by bloody revolution(unless their hand is forced!!), but by bloodless one. By SENSE in the VOTE!!!! Alas. The people are divided. Some see it one way. Others, another. Strife results. However!! A divided country is a God-send to a wise Alternative!!(For all its faults!!) Via The Balance of Power!!!!(Look too good and you get nowhere. You just gotta carry some dirt!!!!) Provided The Good Lady does not lose her own seat. AND if she can fend off the Democrats,etc. ETC. Go to it!! GOD SPEED. You are going to NEED it!!!! For Castle Kings are VERY JEALOUS of their POWER!!!! Just some advice I am offering. If you will. Hear me!! Come,Australia!! It is we who shall rise. And lead the world. As ever!!!! Don’t be fooled by the current denunciations by The kings of The Castle!!!! And(the worst thing you could do)don’t let the superficial cosmetics in again!!!! Talk is so easy. And words are so cheap. Read between the lines!!!! I see Australia succeeding this way. And astounding THE WORLD!!!! Then I see the other nations,too,adopting RATINGS. Which will produce SUPER RATINGS. Better than ever!!!! WHY do you see difficulties?? Too good to be true? No!! It is because it is true. THAT IT IS GOOD!!!!(And vice versa.) Shall we all lie down and die?? Or shall we rise up like lions, and PUT THE OBVIOUS WRONGS RIGHT!!!! WE, THE PEOPLE!!!! Victor Conway!!!!


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