Economics. The Ratings Systems. How to divide out the wealth peacefully! 4.2.1996. by V. Conway

One of the big causes of woe in this world is the unbalanced distribution of money. Nearly all the money in the world lays in the hands of a small few. The many have to make do with very little. The result is a spending wedge which will not fit the business demand! Consequently we are all suffering. And many a war is the result. Plus misery. Communism is supposed to have divided out money equally. By force (because there is no way it will be done voluntarily!). However, all that they did was to transfer the capital from one power group to the other. And give the public a small sop. No. What is needed is an act of parliament that actually orders an equal division of money. If I tell the world how to do it(because that was the missing factor), WILL the world do it? That is to say, the people, by vote numbers. Enough lobbying for it, because no politician has the guts to seize this nettle, for fear of offending the rich! Yet the rich too are suffering. Witness the frantic advertising. Especially on television. You cannot get blood out of a stone! So some-thing needs to be done. Now! Here is how we do it:
Propose a bill in parliament, lobby it through, vote it in. Make it an ACT. You must exempt Government (not the opposition!) ministers from the plan. Or they will lack the incentive to do it! That must be understood – from the beginning.
It is very simple: The value of money is perhaps five times less than its face value. So far has it decreased! Or, prices are five times too high(at least). Due to business greed outbidding one another. The majority therefore have a hard time of it. But it could so easily be quite different. Making my plan law would solve the force problem. It should spread throughout the world.
First: You cancel the current currency. And you issue a new one. Simultaneously you slash ALL prices(Other than government ministers, nobody is to be exempt. NOBODY!!) of goods and services, etc. At ALL the selling points!! You appoint inspectors to enforce this law (yes, another law) on pain of a very severe fine. The public to report any hikes.
All bread-winners are to be issued(ONLY breadwinners)with their fair share of capital.(This is worked out(perhaps through The Tax Department)by assessing the national wealth, and dividing it by the number of bread-winners.) Work out the fair share. And issue it out to every bread-winner. Put it in a bank-account for him. And notify each person that this has been done. He can then draw this out whenever he likes.
The old currency is to be retained for trade wholesale use only. It is illegal for private and retail use. Old stocks are to be sold at the NEW prices!
As for the prices, simply have it understood that the customer pays only one-fifth of the mark up price. By law!
Each year issue a new currency. Leave the old out, for trade wholesale use only. You have to do this or the smart would soon re-accumulate wealth to themselves. EVERY YEAR.
Make my scheme public. That is advertise it fully and extensively (everywhere). This needs to be done to win the vote and the lobbies.

The poor should support it. Who is going to object to a five-fold reduction in prices?
The rich will object? Some might. Will the majority? A five-fold slashing of prices EVERYWHERE(in your nation), means that RELATIVELY(which is all that matters internally)everybody remains with the same advantage. There is no loss! Supposing you run a business. All of your goods, plus stock, are immediately devalued five times. However, this applies to everybody! Also, YOU can buy at five times less cost! There is no real loss. Only a gain. And a big one.
There is another way to do this. You could increase the face value of the new bank-notes FIVE TIMES. An internal arrangement, that should not matter, because it applies to everybody.
However! Externally. For markets abroad and currency exchange rates, etc. you are going to need to slash it back five times. Or your currency will become too dear to buy. Personally, I favour the prices slash. This leaves your currency free.
Human nature will now take its course! Many more will buy.(It needs to be remembered that if you don’t void yourself of your old currency by the annual new issue date, then it will be worthless to you, unless you are in business!)Not only will you be tempted to spend, but you had better do so! My system works on THE SPEND MENTALITY. On the theory that CIRCULATION is the secret of health. And not hoarding!!(As now.) Over-heating of the economy, etc. can only apply to artificial systems (such as we now have). In Ratings, there is no danger! If you get too many goods, simply sell them second-hand (as before!)!
Auctions and stock markets are also to be slashed.
The only thing that will stay the same (it will have to, or all simply reverts to square one), – is wages and salaries, etc. Dividends and interest won’t.
Police to keep queue order. Because of the increased numbers buying. Demand will increase orders. Factories, etc. will go into crash drive. More labour will be taken on. Also to cope with the customers! If anything, prices will drop, – to compete. No problem with that. It is either my plan, or war.
The poor get richer. The rich get richer, too!
Turn-over is going to rocket. Which means more money. More than five times what it was before. Discounts will rise. And more money will be made this way. Why should the rich object? They will be far better off, too. What about loss of power? (It is not just about money, but about POWER!)More profits gives the real power!
Immigration will rise with the plan’s success. Unemployment will drop. Business will boom. Other countries will follow suit.
The export market will rocket. Because the prices are slashed!
Has anybody got a problem?
Drastic change? Yes. For the better. Isn’t it needed!!
Wars make radical changes too. Would you prefer that??
It only needs enough people to vote for it and lobby it in. Who is going to resist? Only those who do not understand, or misunderstand! So advertise it well. And in detail.
People fear changes. But why fear changes for the better. Why wouldn’t it work? Human nature works by incentive.(So lacking now.)
“Para passu” with Ratings, I propose three other plans. Best operated simultaneously:-
Pay by production of good quality goods(or services). And not by time, as now. Production-pay, not time-pay. This ensures(in general)working, instead of shirking.
Pay negotiations must remain as before. Only capital is changed. You also keep your property, estates, goods and chattels. You don’t lose anything, because the old currency can still be used – in business!! (This is necessary to keep business turning. Internally, you cannot have too many goods in the shops!! That does not hurt the economy.)
Income tax to be abolished. Instead, – have Purchase Tax. But grade it per the need, and not the greed! Bread to have no tax. Limousines and mink coats, etc. to have 100% put on!! This ensures that those with the money – pay more. Your money will have to be spent, anyway!
I would like to see a return to The Gold Standard. But this is hardly practical. So at least issue PLASTIC BANK-NOTES. If only to make counterfeiting harder!!
Introduce all four new plans, – simultaneously.
Snags? Very few. Bar a few teething problems. Get used to it!
A few queue arguments. A few shop-keepers trying to raise prices, perhaps. And some rich objecting. What else? Too many goods? Sell them!! Start a second-hand export trade!! Isn’t the gain worth the very little pain!!
Immoral? All this wealth. Won’t it destroy us spiritually? I don’t think many are going to worry. Also, more money and goods leads to greater contentment, which breeds more kindness!!
Agreements with other nations might forbid it! Change the agreement then! Or go inter-national!!
Away with middle-men, away with restrictions and limitations on price LOWERING! No price rings. No monopolies.
Who is going to publicize it? – Your government!
Remember that government ministers will get back their old capital! Isn’t that enough inducement.(They will be five times better off!!) All pays are to remain the same. Everywhere. With everybody.
There is one snag. Your apathy. Your disbelief. Your inertia. If nobody makes my ideas known, then how can they work!!
I have done my part. Informed you.
There is another way. Which I think is more difficult:-
Mathematical Ratings:-
The difference is this:-
Everybody is to be issued with a Ratings’ Card, with his rating on it. The richer you are, the lower your number. The poorer, the higher. This can be worked out mathematically, and exactly. By dividing your old capital into that of the national average. Allot 50% to capital. And 50% to income.
The shop-keeper or selling point to display his rating prominently. Large and clear. What you do(good for the pocket calculator business), you divide your rating into that of the seller. Supposing your rating is ten, and the shop-keeper’s is twenty. The quotient is two. You multiply the price of the goods by this figure.(The lower your rating, the more you can afford. Equality is the name of this game. Equality of purchasing power!!)If your rating is 200, and that of the shop-keeper ten, then the quotient is one-twentieth. You only pay one twentieth of the marked up price! This evens things out.
Instead of doing it by dividing out the capital, I do it mathematically. Ratings’ cards to be numbered. Carry a photograph of the owner(current)(pass-port size), and his finger-print. Or thumb print. Photographers should do well. Pocket calculators for all, advised. In case of doubt or argument.(Identity Cards! Aren’t they needed? Who should fear, – but criminals? Big Brother? Use my financial method, then!!)
On your birthday, each year, your rating is re-assessed. By The Ratings’ Office. The less money you have, the higher will be your rating.(In The Poverty Stakes.) So it will pay you to void yourself of capital by your birthday, each year.
Bread-winners are pay earners(full-time). I include Social Security. Business people included.
Currency Rate to be reduced accordingly – by The Government.
If you go gold, let the treasury have half the wealth, and the public a half. Do not permit money to be taken out of the country!
Ratings can be taught. To other nations, say.
With new plastic bank-notes(or even new bank-notes), the government will hold the gold(as now). But bring back THE PROMISE on those bank-notes! Make them promissory, again!! There is now no guarantee of a return for your bill! (Which is from the main bank, through the government in the first place, anyway!)

Any questions?

Mr. Victor Conway. E mail me if you wish on vicon@halenet.com.au


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