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Friday, 15th August, 2,003.


More upon spectroscopia,etc.

Speed cameras,etc. work upon a different principle. LOOK superficially like Optical Doppler Effect(Ode), but ARE NOT!!

I see I have it backwards! Transverse means from side to side. I am not wrong. I just labelled it wrongly(Correction!!).

Two kinds of waves: Vertical and Transverse.

Two kinds of MAIN WAVES,too!!

Waves of radions. The electro-magnetic waves.

Waves of photonic particles.

I am chiefly referring to waves of radions.(Forget radions. Too confusing at this stage for you!!) The EM waves.

However. I must point out that EM waves cannot go through prisms and diffraction gratings.

Waves of particles, the photons, go through diffraction gratings. Creating the doppling.

BEAMS of photons go through prisms!!

Doppler’s Effect as an explanation for The Cosmological Red Shift, is invalid.

The so called variations on The CRS, the little blue approach velocities, and the little red recede velocities, ARE the velocities! THE ONLY ONES!!

These get picked up by the spectroscopic devices as MINOR wave angles WITHIN the major wave angle.(My W.A.)(Note adding angles to ANGLES, is not simple addition!!)

They are STV warps. One big one. And minor ones, positive and negative, one within another. BUT ONE OR THE OTHER. I mean positive OR negative. Not both.

STV, Space, Time, Vibration.

So The Spectroscopic Device ONLY picks up wave angles THROUGH STV. Major, and minor. The latter, often serially, WITHIN the major!!

The reason we see velocities in parallel(EXCEPT WITH CRS!! Which, being the backdrop, CANNOT be a velocity!! Because it is the FINAL REFERENCE!!!!), is because velocities(S/T’s) share the same basic root via LITTLE bubbles, as the WARPS, the STV’s!!(Be careful: S/T(velocity) is Space PER time. STV is Space times time times Vibration.(My orbital vibration.)(Which produces finenesses(or densities!!).)(Big warp, and small warps!!!!)

There are no Currants. Only spots!!(Currants being galaxies that have stopped growing.)

Note that both kinds of waves are IN SPACE, WITH TIME, 3d waves.

String or rope waves are one dimensional of course.

And water,etc.waves are two(2d).

I am sorry. I called the vertical amplitudes transverse. And the laterals the other(the verticals).

The laterals ARE the transverse, of course!!

The verticals are the heights.

With vertical waves(e.g. string and water waves, the amplitudes are orthogonal(perpendicular) to the vector of travel of the waves.(The force involved moves out at right angles, instead of compressing into a greater density!!)

(It is very confusing.)

So take your time!!


With THE TRANSVERSE waves(I am speaking, as I usually am, about Electro-Magnetic Waves. Light, in particular!!), we have COMPRESSIONS. And(relatively only) DE-COMPRESSIONS!!!!

There are TWO reasons that Doppler’s Effect cannot be responsible for the spectroscopic shifts(actually displacements!!)!!

1. They are ANGLED.(Arriving(and departing source(iscoseles triangle)) as my wave angles ANGLED to the tangent involved to the circumference WHERE THE OBSERVER IS. Us, in our case!!

2. They are compression waves.(??)

The point is spectroscopes deal ONLY in WAVE LENGTHS!! These are vibrational in nature.

EM waves being frequencies of wave lengths in cycles.

Frequencies OF VIBRATION!!!!

Auditory(the ordinary and only kind!!) Doppler Effects are compressions and de-compressions ILLUSIONS!! The wave length CHANGES are NOT real!!

Spectroscopic devices, like other devices can only register REAL entities!!

The Doppler Effect is NOT real EXCEPT RELATIVELY to the observer.(Which can be audio recorded, since it is REAL RELATIVELY to the audio recorder,too. BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE THE WAVE LENGTH CHANGES REAL!!!!)(A matter of being relative to.)

In Astronomy, the so-called shifts get photographed. Onto SPECTRO-GRAMS.

We have seen them often enough in PHONEY support of ODE, Optical Doppler’s Effect. In order to support the velocitic expansion(and big bang) theory of the dynamic state of the universe.(One big load of HOGWASH!!!!)

Now these photographs are as near instantaneous as you can get.

In order for any(were it possible, which it is not!!)OPTICAL Doppler Effects to get recorded in spectroscopic devices, to view, OR in the spectrograms(which are photographs), they would have to be time exposures!!

Which they are not!(Cannot be! Otherwise you would get BLURRING of the spectra!(BUT THESE SPECTRA ARE SHARP and well divided!!)

So HOW could you POSSIBLY REGISTER an ILLUSION?? On the astronomical spectrograms??!!

They show up as The Reddening IN PARALLEL. Laterally not vertically. However, vertical would be required with 5d(vibrational) entities!!!!

Levels of “truth”, maybe.

But it is a case of going deepest!!

Ode is not my idea of ANY level of truth!!

Time-affected light likewise. (Reddened light is of course.(But that is NOT a wave-length change, merely a density of red COLOUR, change!!))

In the case of time affected light, like Tired Light for example, shades of Zwicky; the reason it(time affected light) CANNOT CHANGE the waves’ LENGTHS, is because EM waves DO NOT travel through space AT ALL. Nor time!! They travel through vibration!! The radials of the bubbles out there!!

It is very difficult.

Or of course this would have been detected LONG back!!!!

I found out in retrospect via MY PATTERNS!!

3d waves of photons travel in space. And time. Yes!!

But not the 5d EM waves!!

Understand the over-simplification(to avoid confusion) of time being the fourth dimension and vibration being the fifth!!(Time is a group dimension. So is Vibration. So is Space!! Group dimensions each CONTAIN FOUR dimensions.) And there are other group dimensions.

What is very simple has been rendered difficult through the complications imposed by The Orthodox!! Not that the truth is not simple! (Nor I poor at expressing myself!!) Good presentation is hard to get WHEN ONE IS DEVELOPING TOO!!

With Auditory Doppler’s Effect, we have RELATIVE TO OBSERVER compressions(of the air waves, which are sound) and de-compressions, which are ACTUALLY ILLUSIONS.(Picked up by audio recorders AT THE SPOT, ONLY because relative to them, via same position, TOO!!!!) Of the transverse sound waves.

With the alleged SUPPOSED Optical Doppler’s Effect, we have SUPPOSED compressions(and de-compressions) of the light,etc. waves(EM waves), which CANNOT effect the spectrograms,etc. BECAUSE 1. Not aligned due to ANGLED receipt!(and despatch from source)(like in an isosceles triangle). And 2. Because illusions CANNOT be picked up by near instantaneous photography(the spectrograms). Etc.

Otherwise, the spectrographs,etc. WOULD pick up(like the audio recorders) The Doppler Effect of LIGHT,ETC.(Confirmed NOT TO HAVE done so, by the sharp clear SPECTRA!!!!)

Which, THOUGH THERE, RELATIVELY to the OBSERVER, being a transverse wave, as with sound waves; IS NOT REG ISTERED or RECORDED. SIMPLY because, the photographys is near enough instantaneous!!

THIS IS A BIG CORRECTION. I had thought it was due to the waves not being transverse(lateral).

The basic reason of non-receipt is the ANGLED receipt!!

But I am trying to say that EVEN were there no ANGLE in the receipt(my wave angles), the spectroscopic device STILL could NOT pick up any ode because of NEAR INSTANTANEOUS photography!! Not time exposures!!

Bar the ANGLE making it not possible, IT WOULD BE POSSIBLE for spectroscopic devices to pick up ODE(Optical Doppler Effects) BUT FOR ALMOST INSTANTANEOUS photography.

So we have the angle making it impossible. For proof.

Plus the sharp clear spectra as confirmation.(Which you could not get with TIME EXPOSURES!!)

Very subtle. And doubly so!!

It is not for nothing we have been so fooled these past seventy to eighty years!!

There is not only no Big Bang.


All we have is cosmic horizons in three bubbles!!

Plus my(FOUND) GROWTHS(not expansions!!) from white holes at field centres on all three bubbles concerned!!

When we look out into space, with time, we see chord wise. Not arc wise(space(and time) is curved). WE see particles, the photons. And wrongly(Nature,too!!) MEASURE at c/pi.(about c/3). We measured via Michelson and/or Morley Experiments at c. But that is of THE EM WAVES, not the particulate photons. Done via mirrors.(Yes. You will need to forget everything. AND START AGAIN AFRESH!!!! That is surely right!!!!)(We have been taught SOLID LIES all along!!!!)(So unsound, that the truth,etc. LOOK PHONEY, WHEN THEY ARE NOT!!!!

It is ONLY at OUR level of PHYSICAL MATERIAL view, that an expansion exists(ON the surfaces of all three bubbles of observation.) None of which is The Omniverse or All.(Note Universe means One System. Which can be ANY bubble. The orthodox THOUGHT(wrongly) that the field of the galaxies,etc.(galactic clusters,etc.) was expanding. But(Spots is correct, because though the BUBBLES containing the galaxies has stopped expanding(long since in time TWO!!), the concern is with the growing FIELDS in space, with time, and these are still growing, galaxies too. So it is SPOTS!!!!) they were ONLY observing the cosmic horizon concerned there. Across the bubble!!

So it is not even expansion, let alone a big bang.

And I was right. Even at just turned four years old. Divined intuitively then, rather than through intelligence!!

It should be (comparatively) easy for you. I have beaten a trail through THE JUNGLE. Yes, a jumble!!

Nature guards her secrets WELL.

But the truth is the only thing for Man to salvage anything by, now.

Therefore I get as close as I can(and dare!!) to IT, in the hope that SOME will save their selves. Spiritually and materially!!

Beware of the fascination. Which is IMMENSE!!!!

Only tackle it IF you are UP TO IT!!!!

Because once you take it up. YOU WILL NEVER PUT IT DOWN AGAIN!!!!(The appeal is so deep.)

You risk divine insanity if you go into this(Fair warning!!!!). But diabolical if you don’t. IT IS UP TO YOU!!!!

We are at the crossroads. MUST make a decision. NOW!!!!

Before enemy destroys himself as well as us!!!!

A race,then, between fools trying to destroy the wise. BEFORE THE WISE SAVE ALL!!!! You follow??

The enemy has done FAR too much damage already!!

Even FOR HIS SAKE, he must not be allowed to do any more!!!!

There is no limit to the depths we can be plunged into.

Nor to the heights we can reach. ONCE WE BREAK THE SPELL OF EVIL ENCHANTMENT now a CURSE upon EVERYTHING!!!!

How hard to see the truth!!!!

There was no slowing down.

That slope on The Hubble Diagram is an expansion slope BASICALLY. With other components added!!

The quasars THAT WE SEE(because so intrinsically faint) are VERY NEAR. (Though actually everywhere, including far away!!) No support of the phoney expansion(and big bang)!!

The Radio Sources are no support either, except possibly of THE GROWTH, which AT OUR PHYSICAL MATERIAL level IS an expansion!!(Though basically a MERE growth system, opening out like a double flower!! From the white holes at the surface fields’ centres!!!!)

The Radio Sources appear more numerous as we near home, because red light gets more easily seen close by!! Not that they actually are more numerous closer to home!!

So it is Thomas’ solution(That’s me.).

I hope to restore a SANE, safe, secure, stable, sure, sound, steady universe to The People!!!!(Which Einstein took off you. And Freidman ET AL compounded!!!!)

It is not easy!! Why did you think it was?

Had it been easy, it would have been solved long ago!!

But all that Orthodoxy got was THE PHONEY solution. Expansion. From big bang!!!!

They were DEVELOPING!!


And now we all are FURTHER DEVELOPING. I hope!!

(We wait for The Moving Now to catch up, not Time ITSELF, of course!!)

(Re: Seeing the stars,etc. where they are, not where they were!!!!)

We were RATHER bold to think we could crack The Universe SO EASILY!!!!

Understand the mind of God?? What arrogant vanity and conceit!!!!


I hope that IN TIME(do not rush, take it very slowly and carefully!!) that you will PERFECT the rough ore I am trying to give you!!!!

I develop,myself, as I go along!!

Are you understanding well enough??

It WILL save you. Those of you WHO STUDY IT.

You MUST ignore the world!!!!

Which will always try to rob you of the truth,etc!!!!

Because Man has appointed Devil to rule them.

And Devil hates truth, love, God,etc!!!!

Or hadn’t you noticed!!!!

Now GO TO IT. Whilst there is anything LEFT to salvage.


God bless.

Good luck!!


The hardest riddle(a double!!) IN THE WORLD, EVER!!!!

It took me about 73 years all told.

So do not expect to find a crash course of six months EASY!!!!

Victor Conway.

Friday, 15th August, 2,003.



I think that concludes my Astronomy Course.

Further lessons MUST await any questions.

You have enough information now for you to check me out.

I hereby give you full permission to make known.

It is the world’s best hope!!


Victor Conway.

39. Briefs
In “Briefs”, I shall mention various sundry points and corrections:- Phaeton of course is the name given to The Missing Planet.(Which orthodoxy denies ever existed.)I said Phoebe. Which is incorrect. Correction. I call this planet Lucifer.(Which fell from The Heavens.)Its CORE is now Our Moon. This happened about sixty-five million years ago. And I claim it is responsible for an enormous change to flora, fauna and geology then. Due of course to the enormous rain of asteroids, comets and radiation. The Dinosaurs, Neanderthals and some of The Cro-Mags were driven into the Earth’s WITHIN. The laggards were exterminated. Through the poles, which were not frozen then. Much longer ago another(and much bigger) Revolution occurred. I hold that this was due to our PREVIOUS moon(Luna)crashing into (I believe.) The Pacific. Forming a gigantic crater. This would have been a much smaller moon, but one to cause quite a splash(of rock as well as water)all the same! The world is crying out for answers. THE TRUE ONES! And I think it is time they got them! If you go far enough over the rims(either one)of The Polar Circles, you may observe a small red sun. This is The Earth’s central core. It is about fifty miles in diameter. The space within is mostly a near vacuum. Plus some air as in the outer. The old flora and fauna survive within. Along with the alien new-comers. I said that two mine shafts were used. A mile apart. And a mile deep. Two PLUMB LINES were dropped(not Pendula(correction)). Their NON-metallic heavy bobs were found(when still) to be about 5 and a half inches further apart than their surface separations! Due of course to the maximum gravities coming from the sides AND NOT FROM BELOW! I mentioned in The Philadelphia Experiment that hyper-space was entered, and the most amazing travel and phenomena experiences occurred. Dominant THOUGHT controlling the destinations. This happens easily when in Hyper-Space. After(so-called)(physical)death, – we(by virtue of having speeded up our vibrations during our desperate struggle to survive death)have left our(physical)bodies, – and are IN Hyper-Space. Which is in The Higher World. Vibration. Spirit Matter. Closer to God. Pure(Spirit)Energy,etc. It is in fact our death struggle that causes us to go through Hyper-Space. We(spirits!) simply come out of our bodies. And the world(Seeing ONLY the physical body(though clairvoyants may see the spirit))pronounces us dead! How wrong they are. We were never more alive. It is the mortals who are “dead”! They cannot see us simply because we are vibrating too fast for the physical eye to catch! Some spirits struggle to stay close to the physical world, and consequently lower their vibratons. This is(mainly)why apparitions some-times are seen. The Moon rotates upon its axis once every four weeks(a lunar month). It also revolves around The Earth in the same period. Which is why and how it is always showing us one face! In addition, The Earth is spinning upon its axis. Once every twenty-four hours. So the moon hovers about one area of the sky for a very long time! Being much more out of general plane than The Sun. The fact that the so-called (radial) velocities are actually wave-angles(from space per vibrations), and not velocities(space per times)(which merely(times 2pi)parallel the wave-angles), – makes these warps very accurate. Thus the velocity-VECTORS do not matter!(So I can say ignore the signs!(In general.)) So we need not worry about rotations around common centres! By allowing for divisions with my factors, I am covering the positive approaches. These rotations are the timeal expressions of the warps of course!) I believe our local (open) stellar cluster’s white hole is due to open soon(I am going by the timeal conversion from the spatial distance of the small red star closest to the hole. After comparing that with the average dispersion gaps.) Now when this happens, there should be(It is only about eight light years away!)(About the distance(mine!)of Sirius.) a gigantic blue flash(Super-Nova won’t be in it!) And a new red dwarf will emerge. This “flash” should appear like a huge blue sun and persist for ages! Thus we will have two “suns” in the sky. Maybe providing light by night, – as well as by day! I personally think that this will be accompanied by The Second Coming. And that The Christ will travel out of The White Hole when it opens. The radiation should be enormous, and uplift us spiritually. I do not think it will harm The Earth physically. In other words, God will come to Earth. Once you crack the great cosmic keys.(I have done this.)Then it becomes a simply matter of two and two make four! You no doubt will garner more details than I have done. I have opened up the ore. And done the rough spade work. You people following on will polish everything up. Emotion is indeed the great key. There are GROUP DIMENSIONS and dimensions,you see.I find that the group dimensions are as follows: Space(which is composed of four dimensions, as are all the other group dimensions), Time, Cosmic Vibration, Cosmic Density, Size, Shape, Plurality, and Position. In two groups of four, as sequenced. I find a strange but interesting Titius Bode’s Law of Ascension with The Candidates.Both in my Quasar Group Dispersions, and in my Trigonometric Parallax listings. All sorts of weird and wonderful mathematical and geometric things emerge.I get the impression of a super-magic square. And a super-rubric cube! There are some amazing correspondences between the universeal mass,the number of particles, and so on(four categories altogether).Also between a.u’s and A.U’s. There is another one between light-years and some-thing else. The 32 light-year(though artificial) distance base for absolute magnitudes, is, I find, the average diameter of stellar clusters. There is also De Vaucauleurs’ laws. And a periodic space law between the various fields. I realize I am putting this very badly. But I think it is better to mention what I recall, and hope that some-body out there can recognize some of them, or make sense of them. After a life-time on this, I hope you will grasp that I seem to have forgotten more than I currently remember! Trying to dole it all out to you in one go, makes for a very stodgy mass. Do your best with it. All I can say is that the most fantastic results were obtained. It is like as if the universe is a gigantic machine. Even an organism. I have had to keep an enormous mass of material in my head. I am trying to simplify it. More is coming in all the time. Which I have to constantly re-relate. I am not complaining. Just trying to get you to understand that this is not Comic Cuts! But a new model of The Universe which utterly under-cuts all that has gone before. And must be very(temporarily) disruptive. Some may wonder(in view of the coming upheaval(and not only through me))if it is better to keep it secret. A very good point. In the first place, with the best will in the world, I just could not keep such an immense find to myself(I also think it would be most heinous to even attempt it.). In the second place, I am convinced that it will do more good than harm. And that anyway, let the world be the judge as to what to do with it(at least give Humanity A CHANCE). It can hardly make things worse. And,if we are going to perish,let us at least go down struggling to make better sense of the increasingly strange universe we find ourselves in! Change is always bitterly opposed. Though I find that bad changes get embraced! Am I being so selfish to report it? Einstein’s papers on(There is no Unified Field by the way. No wonder Einstein could not find it! In any case it would be too small. There are in fact only two main physical forces: Radiation and Electricity!(Gravitation is simply Radiation in the reverse(receipt) aspect.)The Strong Force is subtle radiations in receipt(pressure). The Weak Force is the leakage of Radiation as Radio-Activity.)Vibration, were burnt immediately after his death. On the grounds that it was too advanced for Mankind. He was working on The Vibration Radial. Well. He was right about that one! Note (and note this well!): My distance,etc.finder COULD NOT WORK(especially to such perfection and meaningful patterns,etc.)(at staggering probability-odds), WERE MY THEORY NOT TRUE. I mean that were my new cosmological model,etc.wrong; then neither would my formulae work AT ALL. Simply because they are based upon the shape of the new structure! Constructive criticism is welcome. Use my results. Don’t drop the factor combination’s remaining odds. May be due to minor warps not embrace-able by my mathematical listings. Where could even the smallest errors creep in? It is going to take time,of course. Unless the world is strangely un-curious, I am convinced that this must spread faster and faster – until it embraces the entire world. Finally replacing the existing systems. I believe it(along with other people’s finds)will save the planet. Nobody HAS TO accept it. So I might as well release it. I think I had better put it out! The world so urgently needs it. These are less my ideas, than inspirations I have logically worked through, up, and out. The Technological Revolution, springing from The Science Revolution, has created computers, and of course The Internet,etc. Thus affording the general populace with an opportunity to speak its mind. Hitherto so greatly denied him. I speak. You decide. But I hope that it is logic speaking,rather than me. You be judge. – And jury! Daily, even hourly, the mass accumulates. And simplification proceeds apace. It was awfully confusing at first(as I expect it will be with you). But gradually I saw increasing light. Now it is all I can do to avoid running down the street like a mad-man. So I hurl it all into the computer! Some will hate me. But what do the majority say? I am only telling you what has been revealed to me. Over a life-time. I must get it out(as much as I can)while I have the chance. I fail to see how it can do any harm. Apart from the initial shock,of course! It is, after all, quite a CHANGE. Not sorry are you? Well I am not. And out it goes. It is time I started dating these. More tomorrow!

15. The Moon’s Origin

Our moon is far too large geo-physically for The Earth. It just doesn’t FIT there! The moons of all the other planets are relatively small. But ours is more like a twin planet, than a satellite. There is in fact a physical law which forbids our moon both its size and its proximity. More than that: Its composition is alien. Its density is incompatible(with The Earth’s). A study of its orbit(Azimov)shows that it IS a PLANET of THE SUN!(It simply does a dance with The Earth.) Its rotational and revolutionary speeds equate. And its apparent disk size equals the sun’s! All of these oddities make more sense with a captured satellite. In fact this is the current consensus of opinion. That it is a captured planetoid or planetismal. I have a better idea! Between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars lies The Asteroid Belt. – According to Titius Bode’s Law, there should be a planet there. Now the law has odds of many millions to one in its favour. It rather looks( despite what the astronomers say) as if The Missing Planet IS our moon! Or,rather,its CORE is. It seems that a planet once existed between Jupiter and Mars. But it blew up. The core shot across the orbit of Mars, and into the arms of The Earth’s gravitational field. The surface shattered into fragments of rock and water. The rocks are now called The Asteroids. The chunks of(sea)water would be the comets. Much,no doubt,shot right out of The Solar System altogether. Why would the planet explode? Going nuclear from radio-activity’s excesses? I have a more likely idea: Phaeton or Lucifer was once a fertile planet, much like The Earth. With humans,too. They had a war. Thermo-nuclear. And/or nuclear. In desperation(this idea is not mine either, but I like it – because it makes sense)they tried out untested weapons. It seems they ignited the(now heavy)hydrogen in the sea(too much deuterium created, will start a chain re-action). And the rest is Physics! Why is The Moon’s surface so igneous? And why is green chondrite found? Green chondrite is associated with nuclear(and/or thermo- nuclear) explosions. Igneous rocks are, of course, connected with melt-down.

Briefs Z
The truth(as near as I can get)is complex, deep, difficult and hard. It is some-thing that MIGHT emerge. It does not respond to force,etc. It is complexedly simple. It is not some-thing you make, it is some-thing you find!! It is not some-thing we force upon Nature. It is some-thing Nature gently but firmly puts upon us.
I am not(hopefully)inventing this. I am DISCOVERING it.
How do I know? How do we know anything? Do you KNOW that I am wrong?
I try to go by intuition, and then simple logic theorems. Research after checking the already worked out.
I would present the gold ore. Hopefully others will extract it, and work out the details. Far better than I can. I try to go by what Orthodox Science has already stated, checking out what they have said. Going over their reasoning. Finding out where they have gone wrong.(They quite obviously have!! As things go from bad to worse. And questions multiply.) And trying to put it right. I offer my findings. If you can go better, – well and good. – But do let me know!!
I have tried to prove and confirm what I say. Can you do the reverse??
My simple logic theorems are proofs. My evidence via my very accurate distance,etc.finder. – Is what I call confirmation.
A lot of people think that professional, official, “fait accompli”, orthodox research,etc. is necessarily true. But it needs to be remembered that PROVISIONALITY rules. I am amateur and unofficial, but that is where the main truth drive comes from, and has come from. It is no use spouting mathematics, beauty, elegance, formalism,etc. if your basic hypothesis is wrong. Is it!!
Mathematics is merely a LANGUAGE, and not a SOURCE of knowledge.
Some-thing is not necessarily true just because a majority states it. And no matter for how long. Nor WHO says so. However important(or considered so).
I am taking the scientific approach. Yet I also accept the current symbols(religion). Religion is simply the symbolization of long proven spiritual verities. Even Religion can be up-dated though. It is not some-thing uttered at one point in time, and at one place. Nor is it restricted to books. Spirituality is the important thing. Man has made the mistake of taking Scripture LITERALLY and MATERIALLY. One needs to use common-sense, and to remember that MEN wrote them. Inspiration is not limited to The Bible,etc!! Even if it is The World’s Best Seller(or was).
LIFE religion is the thing. But not watered down.
I believe in worshipping God, not any book(Bible),Church,Preacher,or Religion. No. Not even Jesus.
Man has made the mistake of worshipping the container instead of the contents.
Test all sources. Trust no body. Only God.
We MUST save the world. Spiritually and materially. Here and here-after!!!!
We need to go by Probability and Provisionality. Trying to realize that FINAL truth is never reached. Plausibility and Parsimony are dubious points. Plausibility is APPARENT soundness. It is not necessarily so!! As for Parsimony, – maybe Nature and God are not parsimonious. Nor is The Fanciful and Fantastic necessarily wrong.
Remember that we live in an impossible universe straight off!! Obvious Super-Logic rules! For according to logic, then either there is infinity or there is finity. If infinity, then how impossible(to finite minds!!). If finity, then what comes after the end? – More of some-thing. Then that is infinity again. Clearly we are up against the impossible. So why deny it at any point??
We need to THINK. Not emote. So many emote – with mental fronts. And call it thinking. But it is not!!
When we day-dream we VIEW INTO another world. So it is low concious.
When we “die” we enter the fourth stage of our Mental Insect Meta-morphosis, and become Imagos. – Butterflies. Though people with a debt to pay back to God, MUST pay that back. First. Before The Imago Stage.
The Vietnam War was a farce. It is not that it should not have happened(no war should happen), but that we should not have pulled out(having entered)!! We were fighting to save South Vietnam from The Communist North. I don’t see that as a bad cause. U.N.O. declared a parallel. South of it to be independent of The North. What is the use of making international laws – if they can be flouted by aggression. Stick with your decisions. It was The Media, especially Television, which changed everything. Influencing the Students(so-called),etc.to stop the war. Who is in control, Governments or Factions?? A thing is not bad simply because the mob says so!!
It was Television’s obsession with presenting Allied slaughtering that did the damage. What about the reverse side of the coin? What about what The North did to The South??
Similarly now in Cambodia. Might is right in this world. But it shouldn’t be!! The Second Prime Minister has taken over – by force. It seems that a thing is right once it is “fait accompli”. This is unfortunately true. But is it the way to go on??
Northern Ireland is a sad affair. Britain originally incorporated Ireland(all of it)into The British Isles. The Irish rebelled(bar The Free State), and Eire was formed. Now a group in Eire wants the north,too. The Sinn Feinn. So The IRA, Regulars and Provisionals fight for this. Against the very hated British. However, most in the north want to be part of Britain, and not Ireland. So do we go by the fact that most of Ireland wants independence. Or by the fact that most of Britain wants Northern Ireland. I say restore ALL of Ireland back to Britain again!! Britain is disintegrating. Fast. What next, an independent Scotland? And then Wales!! There is no future in disintegration.
Then we have Arabs against Jews. About two thousand years ago, The Old Israel fled. And the arabs took over ALL of Palestine, including Jerusalem(all of it). Britain restored Israel to The Jews in 1948. The Arabs WILL NOT accept this. They want all of The Jews dead, or thrown into the sea, and Palestine restored. Also ALL of Jerusalem.
Iraq originally owned Kuwait. Saddam Hussein is a good man, not a bad man. He simply tried to take back what was originally Iraq’s. Same as Red China taking back Hong Kong!(The British took Hong Kong off China two hundred years back.)I do not recognize RED China. Only Taiwan as The True China. I do not forget that it was The Communists who over-threw The Nationalists by FORCE. They are thus an illegal nation!!!!
Time does not make some-thing right!!
Not by right!!
I do not regard The Serbs as wrong. They are trying to put Islam out of Europe completely, which it stole in the last crusade. They are also trying to avenge against The Croats – who betrayed them to The Nazis in The Second World War.
It is all a great game of politics. And a farce.
Peace at any price is not peace. It is phoney peace.
True peace is gained by(spiritual)warfare!!
Non(physical)war is not Peace!!
Many people think that we are now safe from a war against Russia. Even Communism is not dead! And Fascism is rising there. Changing a name does not clean things up!!
Yeltsin won’t last much longer!!
Clinton won’t last long either(by his own choice).
We are going into The 21st Century all right. But what sort of a century??
Technology won’t save us. Only prolong the agony.
Our only hope now lies in true Science.(The present so-called Science IS NOT SCIENTIFIC!!)
The ball is running loose.
So it is a free for all.
But not for long!!
We are now entering a whole new ball game.
The Viruses and Terrorism now rule the world stage. But they won’t be alone for long!!
Revolution is at hand. And it will be bloody if necessary. Men can no longer endure the old order. Too spoilt now!!!!
I see a century of the most appalling blood-shed. In face I see hundreds of years of it.
The second half of the 21st century will be dust and ashes blowing in the wind. The first half will be mostly world wars and viruses. And this will apply to the first half of the incoming millenium.
The 20th Century was a picnic. It is the next one that will be bad. Very bad. But a big spiritual cleaning up.
Many think that we are entering A Utopia. I don’t think so!!
What exactly is about to happen? Who knows?
The imminent return of The Messiah. A mass landing by aliens. Invasion by Satan-ku(King Devil)from WITHIN The Earth. As Mankind fights Man,Nature,The Devil and God, in one last desperate binge of violence and sex,etc. Going mad and evil in the process, – before eventually perishing.
An awful picture. But one I fear is fast coming up, UNLESS Mankind can change(for the better).
Money will not solve everything. Nor will mere words and promises.
We MUST wake up. Or we are finished.
So I pump out the truth as best I can – before I bite the dust.
My joy, never mind my duty, – to do so.
I have already given my Ratings(two)solution to The Economic Problem. See my first article on my Web Page.
Another plan I have to offer is:-
Divide up the land(and sea), and BY LOT, equally divide it out among all the bread-winners. Issue a tent, a survival manual, and tools, to all the bread-winners. Air drops from heli-copters.
Change is coming. And coming fast. No matter what is done to try and stop it!!
Satan-ku is evil and technological. He has flying saucers. He is doing most of the abducting, experiments, fertilization and animal mutilation,etc. He is afraid that we will ruin the planet. He lives within it. So he will probably come out, and subdue us. This could be The Beast 666.
Most of The Extra-terrestial aliens are friendly.
We are not!!
The world is changing rapidly.
We must do our best!!
Or God help us. God help us anyway!!
Religion is fast becoming Superstition. The way of all religions.
The Computer of course has changed many things. Especially The Internet and The World-Wide Web.
The changes are accelerating.
Who can keep up??
Place of birth is an accident – which no man can help!! Let us assess persons, not skins!!
Man is so often in denial,etc. No future in that!!
We need a benign dictator!!
Dogmatic formalism is hated. This is what most people mean by “Religion”.
U.S.A. is in decline. Europa is rising.
I think The Angles(From The Angels)who became The English are among the best of The Europeans. The Nords especially among The Scandinavians, and The Bavarian Germans(The Huns are among the worst. Of course.)(As are The Mongols.),etc
I am referring to the manifest. Potentially we are all equal.
Racism is the right way to go. Pro-white that is. Simply because mixing races and cultures is not practical. Mankind is not ready for it. And I do not think they wil be for a long time.
The Earth is a very backward planet.
The thing to go by is truth,etc.(Love,etc.)and not ego-pleasing. That is one of the big troubles with this world. That people pay sop to egos. To curry temporary favour. One can be honest and silent if there is a danger of conflict. You don’t have to speak your mind when you suspect difference.
One is going to get into trouble sooner or later for one’s views, but best to do so in this world, rather than in Hell!!
Curving Filaments is the great feature of matter and energy in Space and Time.
There is the back-ground net or web. And on these are The Spirilla. So we have webs, and spiders upon their webs. The vortices.
Bubbles exist in space and time. Galaxies,etc. exist upon their surfaces. The interior pale blue being Vibration! The reason we see 2D galaxies upon the bubble surfaces, is because one dimension of view(in 2D perspective, via linear view)is taken up by Vibration – which is normally not visible to us. So we see vibration temporarily spatialized due to angled view, with one of the three spatial dimensions dropped. – Hence the galaxies appear flat!!
The mind is not in the brain!
The brain is in the mind!!!!
I am presenting The Elixir of Life.
The Philosopher’s Stone.
The New Way to God!
The New Religion!!!!
My invented games I believe are mentioned in one of my articles. Another briefs I think.
There is only one time one, but if one jumps this as in time travel, then one’s personal time only is involved, which is added to the biological time of one’s self. However, General Chronological Time will have moved on – simply because the time-traveller has jumped it. In his passage time so to speak!!
We are the sum of all the influences we encounter in life. Plus our re-actions and responses to these!!
Star-fish shape their arms in some kind of transmission code, and other star-fish duplicate this. Maybe some star-fish, some-times. Star-fish harmonics.
Hypnotism’s hypnosis demonstrates that mind is superior to matter, and in fact is the only actuality.
God cannot change The Past? God can do anything. And so can we WITH GOD. We can return to The Past. Or enter The Future. Materially with a machine.(Body) Also mentally(not just imaginatively)without a body. Some can take their body with them using the mental method!!
The different races(colours)on Earth are(With the exception of The Non-Dravidians of The Sub-Continent of India.)is due to their being originally from other planets in The Solar System. The closer to The Sun, the darker the pigmentation. Thus The Africans are from Mercury. The Orientals(Yellows)are from Mars.(WITHIN these planets.) The Semites(Jews and Arabs)are from another star. Underground are two green races, light-greens and dark-greens. These two warring lots are from another star. One fleeing from the other – landed here. But they were pursued into the under-ground complex of passage-ways, and now almost destroyed. The noise heard by some about five miles below London is due to the victor’s machinery being started up. They turn their ray-guns upon us, and send many mad. WITHIN The Earth dwell The Luciferians, and other races. These are from The Planet, Lucifer. A dwarf race also exists down there. The Luciferians are giants, and live long.
I think Hitler made a mistake in not concentrating upon taking Stalingrad first, before plunging into The Caucusus. He was short of oil. But was he that short? Take Stalingrad, dig in, and then go for The Caucusus, Leningrad, etc. during the winter.
Eisenhower made a mistake in not going straight for Berlin. Patton had reached The German border. Germany was wide open. They deprived Patton of much needed fuel. Took out The V sites instead. I think it would have shortened the war by about a year.
The Gyroscope keeps it (spinning ) balance by opening up its central black hole to (Mach’s Principle.)The Gravitation of The Universe.
The orthodox so-called science speaks of Force. Waves of force. Presumably in space and time. Yet denies The Aether. What is this force in space? They don’t know. I say that there isn’t one.
The force they are referring to is The Cosmic Vibrating Pure Energy Field in The Cosmic Interior. In the geometric Group Dimensional upper level(World Two)of things. In other words, Mind, – which includes Spirit. World(Level)Two is Mind. World(Level)One is Matter. This is the lower level of mind. Illusion. I am not saying that matter does not exist, but that it is not what it seems to be. – Mere matter. But is in fact, – mind.
Sex, drugs,etc. are best avoided. – Like The Plague.
My basic symbolic key model of the universe is a circle, which is a circumference – with a centre. Static. Group-dimensional. Geometry. But not mere.
The orthodox model is an expanding 3D space shell from a big bang which occurred at the centre ten to twenty thousand million years ago. Presumably there is NOTHING in the interior, except Past time. And nothing outside – except Future time. Either time exists dimensionally or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t then the cosmic radial has a length of zero. It it does exist, then it is hyper-spatial, and is total time. That is the cosmic radial is Total Time, and inside! It therefore cannot expand!(Being already total time.) Therefore the universe cannot be expanding. Dimensional time would have to exist in its totality. It could not be a growing thing, because the necessary moving now is necessarily along group dimensional time in level two.
The notion of a Past Time in the cosmic interior, and a Future Time in the cosmic exterior – is untenable. Simply because Time is necessarily included IN The All. (There cannot be ANYTHING outside of The All!!)
Neither Past time, nor Future time can exist to BE the cosmic radial, interior or exterior!!
They speak of an expanding 3D space shell existing NOW. Presumably this NOW is arbitrary, and not necessarily this precise moment, but can be ANY MOMENT in time. If literally NOW(this precise moment), then no other now(past or future)can apply – or even exist!! If The Now can be ANY NOW in Time, Past or Future, then ALL OF TIME – is NOW, – which is absurd! Unless reference is being made to a Greater Now, – which again would be all of OUR time, and only exist in some higher time. Or Eternity!!
So which now are they talking about??
Thus the concept of A PASSING(of time),where dimensional time itself is denied, such PASSAGE(of time)is necessarily absurd!! For how can you have a passing or passage WITHOUT some DIMENSION to pass along? This is like expecting some-body to be able to walk along a road – which isn’t there!! Which, in turn, is like expecting a shadow from a pole in the ground that isn’t there!!
They speak of mere geometry on the one hand, and an “illusion which is real to us” on the other!! Now if(the recession of the galaxies,etc.)the expansion is an illusion, – THEN WHAT IS THE REALITY????
It is claimed that the reality(actuality)(because we CALL the illusion reality, and we call the passage of time, time)is the expansion of the universe ensuing from The Big Bang. The Recession of The Galaxies is(they say in their hypothesis)OUR VIEW by our bodies with telescopes and spectroscopes,etc. OF THE EXPANSION!! Now just how many expansions are there? Is it straight from The Big Bang, or is it OUR VIEW(material)from our bodies of the field of galaxies receding in space(with time)!! Or are the two some-how one? Their answer is that the two are one. So we have an illusory view(which we CALL real)OF THE EXPANSION from THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE, where THE BIG BANG is alleged to have happened!!
In my theory, My Sophisticated Space Time Vibration Universe(with The Vibration Radial), I say that The Group Dimensional ACTUAL(not mere)GEOMETRY IS our ACTUALITY, whilst our VIEW(bodily)of this STATIC universe BY straight-travelling electro-magnetic waves of light,etc; is PART OF our reality! I am saying that there is only the one world, but two levels of it. The Actual Geometric Absolute or MIND, and the illusory general recession(THREE dimensional field of the galaxies,etc. WITH time) – which IS NOT a part of our reality!!(The material world that we perceive is an illusion called Maya. But the illusory recession in it -–is NOT EVEN MAYIC!!
Do you see the difference? The orthodox think(and claim)that the recession(of the galactic field)is real(to us), and on the same level of reality as the entire world of appearances.(Including velocities,both ordinary,astronomical AND COSMOLOGICAL!!
I am saying that the so-called cosmological velocities(“the expansion”)are illusory, both in my theory, AND in the orthodox hypothesis!!
I am saying that actuality is level two. Whilst view(cosmological velocities)is an illusion EVEN IN LEVEL ONE!!
The orthodox case is that what I call level two is MERE GEOMETRY, a DEVICE to explain their case. But that the expansion is ILLUSORY(yet REAL to US). Now. Do they mean that The Big Bang,etc.is the illusion, but that the recession of the galaxies,etc.is our reality. Or is the whole lot one illusion, – which is real to us? So again I ask, if the recession is an illusion, just WHAT is the reality behind?
They speak of a MERE geometric device.(Which is not even an illusion!! Just an imaginary configuration to explain the “illusory reality” of the recession(Which is AT THE SAME time,the mere geometry they use to explain the recession!!))Heads they win, tails we lose!!
It doesn’t add up to me. Does it add up to anybody? THEY make out that it is sound. They think that they are doing well. Even though it is not perfect. (Which they admit.)Perfect what? IDIOCY??
No view dare contradict them, or it gets suppressed.
My Wave-Angle across a static universe would yield the ILLUSION of a recession(NOT AN EXPANDING UNIVERSE!!) Which is an illusion EVEN in our illusory Maya – which we CALL Reality. THEIR illusory recession is on a par with Maya, so is called REAL!!
It seems that by calling the illusion real, the need for a behind- the- scenes actuality is obviated.(Successfully?) But WHEN is an illusion real? And when is a reality NON-EXISTENT?? It seems to be WHEN IT SUITS THE CONVENIENCE OF THE CASE!!
I do hope you poor duped confused mix-ed up public out there get my drift!!
The Public of course divined insanity about seventy years ago and dropped out.
Specious rhetorical oratic SOPHISTRY!!!!
You got a better name for it????
It would seem(according to the orthodox)that the universe is mysteriously irrational, that God has a new name called The Unconcious or NOTHING; – that Infinity does not exist – except when necessary. – And likewise of God!! Creation Ex: Nihilo!!(But are voids nothings??)
A mystum utterance understood only by the few – WHO DARE NOT BE QUESTIONED!!!!(Or else!!)
I say it is all twaddle. And utterly beneath contempt!!
I say that the universe is beyond logic at the higher level, but not illogical in ITS EXPRESSION!!
Apparently nobody has been able – until now – to intellectually PICK IT.
Or are the rest of you suppressed,too??
Choose your model.
The complexedly simple, – or the simply complicated(to hide an abysmal ignorance).
Level two explains the weird anomalies that will not fit into level two!!
Yet this orthodox mystum is the basis of so-called science!!
Anyway I offer you my findings.
How could The Past expand in The Future?
How could The Future contract in The Past????
The illusory galactic recession is three-dimensional, but with time.
Yet not allowed to be four dimensional!(For such is taboo, as you cannot hyper-spatialize or spatialize time.)(You cannot spatialize time, no; – .but you can hyper-spatialize it, AND MUST!!)
I do permit multi-dimensionality. The fourth dimension, Time, being a Group Dimension. The fifth dimension, Vibration, being a Group Dimension. 3D Space is another Group Dimenison.
It is true or real geometry, and necessarily cannot be mere or a device!!
The orthodox geometry is not geometry at all, but a mere REPEAT of the actual material events in PRESENTATION!! However you DO need GEOMETRY to explain the lower level!!
Does The Past grow at the expense of The Future? It does seem to. But at which point in time is the current Past not The Future, and The current Future not The Past??
Such concepts as Past and Future(which in the orthodox hypothesis exist by virtue of not existing, – if you see what I mean)(do you?), CANNOT have ANY meaning at all in Geometry!! For WHICH Past(and Future)are you talking about? (I) Currently (ii) At any point in time.
Is the current Past(and Future)ALSO the whole of time? Now? And/or AT ALL TIMES!!
Yes. Big Bang exists, but in Time Two’s PAST. The expansion is over. In Time Two(it cannot exist in time one – ever).
The orthodox cosmic radius cannot exist, because neither The Past nor The Future does!!
So how can they show us a circle. They say their selves that it is only a 3D (expanding) shell. Just a circumference,then.
Yes. I can see why The Public dropped out.
Not good enough for Relativity. So they said. Not for mathematics, bar a few; – but the structure is simple enough. A good excuse to shut out the public,though!!
The only way I can understand it(the orthodox Big Bang,etc.)is by understanding PSYCHOSIS, and a childish desire to have a bang and an expansion IN TIME ONE,our time, AT ANY PRICE!!!! PARANOID.
I find that there is (in our time) a quasars 4D RADIATION expansion. But I do not think that this is what anybody had in mind!!
Steady-State falls too because an expansion in time cannot be.
You all clear,now??
Unravelling insanity is horribly interesting.
I prefer the fascination of The Sophisticated Space Time Vibration Universe.
I think Hitler made a mistake in not concentrating upon taking Stalingrad first, before plunging into The Caucusus. He was short of oil. But was he that short? Take Stalingrad, dig in, and then go for The Caucusus, Leningrad, etc. during the winter.
Eisenhower made a mistake in not going straight for Berlin. Patton had reached The German border. Germany was wide open. They deprived Patton of much needed fuel. Took out The V sites instead. I think it would have shortened the war by about a year.
The Gyroscope keeps it (spinning ) balance by opening up its central black hole to (Mach’s Principle.)The Gravitation of The Universe.
The orthodox so-called science speaks of Force. Waves of force. Presumably in space and time. Yet denies The Aether. What is this force in space? They don’t know. I say that there isn’t one.
The force they are referring to is The Cosmic Vibrating Pure Energy Field in The Cosmic Interior. In the geometric Group Dimensional upper level(World Two)of things. In other words, Mind, – which includes Spirit. World(Level)Two is Mind. World(Level)One is Matter. This is the lower level of mind. Illusion. I am not saying that matter does not exist, but that it is not what it seems to be. – Mere matter. But is in fact, – mind.
Sex, drugs,etc. are best avoided. – Like The Plague.
My basic symbolic key model of the universe is a circle, which is a circumference – with a centre. Static. Group-dimensional. Geometry. But not mere.
The orthodox model is an expanding 3D space shell from a big bang which occurred at the centre ten to twenty thousand million years ago. Presumably there is NOTHING in the interior, except Past time. And nothing outside – except Future time. Either time exists dimensionally or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t then the cosmic radial has a length of zero. It it does exist, then it is hyper-spatial, and is total time. That is the cosmic radial is Total Time, and inside! It therefore cannot expand!(Being already total time.) Therefore the universe cannot be expanding. Dimensional time would have to exist in its totality. It could not be a growing thing, because the necessary moving now is necessarily along group dimensional time in level two.
The notion of a Past Time in the cosmic interior, and a Future Time in the cosmic exterior – is untenable. Simply because Time is necessarily included IN The All. (There cannot be ANYTHING outside of The All!!)
Neither Past time, nor Future time can exist to BE the cosmic radial, interior or exterior!!
They speak of an expanding 3D space shell existing NOW. Presumably this NOW is arbitrary, and not necessarily this precise moment, but can be ANY MOMENT in time. If literally NOW(this precise moment), then no other now(past or future)can apply – or even exist!! If The Now can be ANY NOW in Time, Past or Future, then ALL OF TIME – is NOW, – which is absurd! Unless reference is being made to a Greater Now, – which again would be all of OUR time, and only exist in some higher time. Or Eternity!!
24. 8. 1997.
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing – in the secondaries.
A lot of knowledge is a dangerous thing – in the primaries.
The hardest riddle in the world:-
Scanning Page to be inserted here(delete the line after doing so).
Naked we came into the world, and naked we go out, materially.
Do not assume ANYTHING!!
Day-dream DREAMS are dreams that occur whilst we are awake. As happens when taking The Drug Ibograine or Iboganine.
The Judgement is coming.
Einstein was only half right.
Freidmann was fully wrong.
Boltzmann(two n’s)was “up the wall” per LARGE SCALE closed systems. He did not apply the major factors of The Universe.
Women are worse than men. So easily inspired by The Devil!!
I do not wish to discuss Physical Union,etc. Dirty. Permanent Spiritual Unity with God is the thing. However, because people are human, – and therefore weak, it is necessary to know how to handle this delicate subject. Even thinking about it is dangerous!! The sex drive is almost as strong as the survival instinct. In the old days technology had not invented condoms,etc. Apart from spiritual loss(by anything even remotely touching physical union), there is promiscuity,jealousy, impregnation and diseases of various kinds. Personally I do not think it is worth it!! The main purpose of Marriage is to protect any children. And also the wife. Most men, unfortunately, need an inducement to STAY with the woman – espccially once she is pregnant or with off-spring!! So the law was instituted, and also made into a sacrament.(I realize that there are other reasons in the sacrament, but I am here concerned with the possible if not probable consequences of physical union. Wisely, few speak about this subject. But it does need mention!! In the old days(especially Biblical Old Jewish times)if you lay with a woman you were expected to marry her, – OR ELSE!!(Be stoned to death!!)So naughty men wisely married. The risk of diseases increases with promiscuity of course, and harlots and prostitutes it seems are worse than death, and lead to HELL. How true!!(Even for the customers!!) Corinthians 2 (vii) deals with this subject(Saint Paul.). Times have changed of course, and condoms,etc. now prevent both pregnancy and diseases – usually,if used properly. But they do not solve the spiritual loss side, nor jealousy. The main danger is that Sex replaces God – as an object of worship. So do many other things like Drugs, Power, Sport, Alcohol, Smoking, Gambling, Meat-Eating, and so on. Spiritual Adultery is a terrible thing. Though Pride(Haughtiness)and Idolatory(The original kind re: idols and ikons.), Blood Sacrifices,etc., Temptation and Blasphemy,etc.are also on top of the taboo list. If you wish to go to Heaven, and receive Eternal Life, don’t touch these things. Or even the lesser evils.
The idea is that if you cannot contain, – then marry. As this is preferable to the alternatives!! The alternative methods to obtain relief from the biological urges are terrible. Self-abuse(in any form),homo-sexuality,bestiality,necrophilia,and so on. Not so lowly regarded these days. Which is an appalling mistake.
It seems that Marriage is a licence to indulge. Though I say the true purpose of Marriage, – is to WEAN OFF these things, and not an excuse to indulge!! The main danger is that sex lowers the vibrations, and takes you to Hell. Plus the loss of strength and energy. Blindness and Insanity are not real dangers,NORMALLY. Physical union,etc.is so fraught with perils and dangers that it is obviously madness to even contemplate it. On the other hand, if the urge is denied, worse dangers can occur. Like Religious Mania for example. Some-thing even worse which takes the place of the at least normal desire. The thing is not to REPRESS it. Because it will eventually re-appear disguised in even worse forms!! So if we cannot contain HAPPILY, we do need to make the least evil move, – which was marriage. Now that condoms,etc.exist, one can go “De Facto”. I say do this PROVIDED you do not want children!! Mistakes do occur. Very easily. It is an unpleasant subject. I do not like it. But it has to be done. It is a part of life – so to speak. I say it is a part of DEATH!!!! The older you get the more one thinks so!! The WHOLE body is to be enjoyed(if you must indulge)by both the genders. I take this to mean all orifices. This is what Saint Paul says. And I agree with him. One can avoid children, and even diseases, this way. The question is: Has technology improved our lot or worsened it. The Temptation is now easier to indulge(less danger of having to marry). Saint Paul says: It is better to marry than to burn. Now what exactly did he mean by this? Marriage can mean indulge or wed. Burn can mean with desire, – or go to Hell. So we have four possible interpretations. One can indulge, – to avoid burning with desire. One can indulge to avoid going to Hell. . One can indulge in Wedlock – to avoid frustration. And one can wed to avoid going to Hell(through indulging when unmarried). I think the second one can be ruled out. Indulging to avoid going to Hell!! Indulging is more likely to take you to Hell!! One can get married(wed)to avoid FUTURE frustration. I don’t think it solves the current frustration. One can wait years to wed, so I fail to see how marriage solves the problem. Though in Biblical times maybe things were speedier. Or perhaps the reverse. I do not see how – short of going to an instant wedding place – getting wed solves the immediate problem. Though it might(though still questionable, as some women deny their men access as soon as they have him trapped in marriage)solve later frustrations!! Presumably Saint Paul meant that if you cannot contain, then get wed!!(This is the accepted connotation.)Yet, it is the first one that makes more sense now, especially in view of condoms,etc. And it certainly solves the frustration problem. Provided one loves the other person, then(if safe)indulgence seems to be the answer NOWADAYS. Let each person reach his own conclusions. I refuse to accept responsibility or accountability. I am only telling you what I think makes the most sense NOW!!!!
Women usually want babies. Men usually want ONLY the means of procuring them. So Nature craftily pleases both sides. Thus ensuring continuation of the species. Many women press for Marriage first. We have two problems: Men who just use women to obtain gratification. And women who just use men(usually in marriage)just to have babies to dote their love on. Loving to love is not charitable.(Even if with babies!!)
The Old Testament in The Bible says: “Be fruitful, and multiply!”(By God.)
In those days the Earth was sparse of people. So this made sense THEN.
Today we are slaughtering each other for more land or some-thing the other person has, – but we do not.
So I say today: “DIVIDE, – by using condoms,etc. Or, better still, ABSTAIN ALTOGETHER.” It leading to a far more peaceful life!!!!
The New Testament’s Injunction: “Contain!” was written after The “Be fruitful and multiply one!”. So I point to that one.
What about those with no beloved?
Presumably that is your fault – seeing that men and women approximately equal each other in mumbers upon this planet.
Nocturnal emissions do occur. Will this take us to Hell?
How hard to prevent!!
Too bad I suppose. Don’t be unlucky!!(Get married fast!!??)
It is easy to talk.
Yet Scripture proves true.
It is QUITE a problem.
The current generation does not seem to think so though!! But does that make it right??
DOES death solve ALL problems????
With a spinning disk, or whatever, centrifugal force(and centripedal force)occurs. There is a force, of course, which tends to fly off at a tangent. It seems that Centrifugal(and Centripedal)Force overpowers this.
Wake up Whites, – Stop The Blacks NOW!!!!
Divide, and conquer!!

Monday, March 30, 1998.


If you hold out a small pea at arm’s length, it will exactly cover the sun’s disk, and the moon’s. This is because arms, peas and the equality of disk size of sun and moon, are such as to produce just this result!!!!

Pineal glands and eye-pupils are the size of small peas.

Any idea as to why this incredible fit exists??!!

It is because of a marvellous gravitational law harmony, related to Titius Bode’s Law,etc!!

Peas are arbitrary, but pineal glands and eye pupils are not!!!!

Now the number of peas to a stadium is about 25,000. (The distance in miles around The Earth.)A stadium being one tenth of a mile. To the mile is 250,000. Which, in miles, is about the distance to the moon.

If you multiply The Earth’s Circumference by its Diameter, you will get 200,000,000 miles. Which is the diameter of The Earth’s Orbit around the sun.

You may think this is a co-incidence. But it is not!! There is a definite mathematical law related to physics, which not only produces this result, but has similar harmonics RIGHT THROUGH all sizes,ETC. of object!!!!

The universe is perfectly mathematical and geometric!!!!

Whoever designed this universe knew your arm’s length!! IN ADVANCE!!!!

If you search you will find these fits everywhere!!!!

The chance of the sun and the moon’s apparent sizes fitting so closely is about a million to one against(by chance).

Sleep well!!!!

However the moon does not fit into CD Law(Circumference times diameter law.).

This is because it is a captured body, and not a natural satellite.


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