Astronomy: A713


Tuesday, 7th December, 2,004.





Global cooling, again.



Most of us know about Global Warming now. But how many know about Global Cooling?!

Global Warming is due to increasing solar activity, and not Man(OR Surface Nature.(Lightning strikes and volcanic eruptions.))!! Global Cooling is a spin off from G.W. Plus other things:-

Four causes:-

1. Ironically, Global Warming increases precipitation, including of more snow! This has a cooling effect(before it melts). Increasing as it spreads south(and north). And later, and earlier, in year, north and south!!

2. Stratospheric downdrafts! As the troposphere(lower atmosphere) warms up, its air rises, displacing the cold air of the stratosphere somewhat. Which eventually goes downwards! Finally driving into the ground(or sea). Causing spreading cold, at times. Increasingly. Harmonically. This leads to terrible droughts,etc. Via famines.(Like in The Dark Ages.(Caused by the volcano Krakato explosion blotting out the sun.))

3. Spreading ice! Produces a chill. As ice bergs from north and south polar regions increase HARMONICALLY in number and size, they spread out, towards The Equator!! In some parts, (land)ice is increasing. These parts discharge ice-bergs. Fresh water ‘bergs.(Despite other parts melting land ice(Forget pack ice! That is sea ice. Which is always freezing and melting EQUALLY.) Decreasingly, as the sea warms up!!)( Sea rise SO FAR is due to thermal expansion, not melting ice!!)(This affects low lying areas, causing growing anxiety.)

4. A lesser cause is some chemical/s put into the atmosphere to counter Ozone Depletion. This has a cooling effect.

So you see, we are not heading into seas evaporating from heat, boiling off; but THE NEXT ICE AGE!!!!

As time passes, the cold will overtake the heat!! Keeping us alive a while! One third to one half of all life here will perish!!

So do be ready!!

It will take years.

The event to keep the eye on now is the coming Polar Shift! Geographical. (Both poles.) AND Magnetic. Both poles independently.

Also increasing number of comets and asteroids as harmonically increasingly electrified and magnetized Earth’s rotating AND GYRATING core, increasingly(harmonically) more and more meteors to crash to Earth!!!!

The sun is undergoing a seasonal cyclic let-off of energy! Quite normal. But disastrous for all creatures on Earth! Causing a Cataclysm.(Did this cataclysm not occur, we would have a CATASTROPHE. Which is far worse. (And nearly all Earth’s creatures would die.) The former gives us a dog’s chance to survive. The latter, a cat in Hell’s, IF THAT!!!! )

This solar crisis occurs every 6,397 years. We are due NOW. The PEAK is about 12 years hence. THIS is what is causing all the problems!! Aggravating weak human nature!! Via electron masses increasingly(solar wind,etc.) from the sun causing brain storms in humans and animals. NOTICING IT, YET?? A BIT??

You very rarely hear about any of this stuff, because the authorities of the world, are trying all out to keep it FROM YOU, the public. They don’t want to lose power over you!!(They LOVE manipulating and exploiting to gain at your expense!!!!)

Conspiracies of Silence, and Cover Ups ABOUND, in all the important areas of life and the world.

For instance, we humans were created by The Elohim(It is in Genesis, but modern religieuse folk have distorted it much.), via The Jehovas!! Etc. Etcs.(The Illuminati,etc. have taken over, millions of years back. Freemasons,etc. their agents.)

Apparently our best hope is to reach The Pleiades(The Seven Sisters, popular stars.), where a group of wise humans(foreseeing Mankind’s decline) migrated millions of years ago! AND to a place BEYOND The Pleiades, where even more advanced humans live!!

Other human groups no doubt also exist. Created by other humanoids, in other parts of the universe. Scattered everywhere.

It seems that the little grey humanoids, aliens; are on a programme to create a hybrid race(human/humanoid). Via semen injection, and forced intercourse. BOTH ways. This will assist us. And their selves, who have an important gene deficiency(which will cause them to become extinct UNLESS something is done).


Alien abductions are for two main reasons: 1. To cross breed with us. To produce a HYBRID RACE. 2. To study us(Much like we study animals and insects.) They are FAR in advance of us, but are backward spiritually. Technologically VERY advanced. Some aliens work among us(out of sight). In league with SOME Earth authorities(middle men), in exchange for technical information. In other words, our souls are being sold, for material gain!!!! By these evil hidden faces among us!!!!

The little greys are the tools of other more powerful humanoid aliens.

In addition to this, REPTILIANS have broken through into our universe from another parallel one, via a collosal explosion(when an experiment went wrong), causing The Space Time Continuum to rupture. This enable the horrible Reptilians to break through into our universe. Which they are now invading. Currently they have reached Orion(where we live). Last target was Mars, which they destroyed, planet surface as well as inhabitants. Next target is Earth. As they work their way along the stars of Orion.

These ghastly creatures have the ability(very technologically advanced) to disguise themselves AS HUMANS!!!! Their speciality is to use our women’s wombs as incubators for MORE REPTILIANS!!!!

Alien animals, as well as humanoids,etc. are among us!!

Our best hope is to be GOOD. And try to get to The Pleiades, and beyond!!

Our dire state is deliberately kept hidden from us by the agents of The Devil, and Satan, who very successfully portrays GOD’S workers as the agents of THE DEVIL!!!!

The whole world has been deceived!!

Not only is the universe, AND BEYOND… infested with creatures of all kinds, natural and supernatural, normal and supernormal; – but we survive death, and can travel in time, AND ROTATIONAL VIBRATION, AND THE DENSITY GROUP of dimensions!!!!

It is quite a simple matter to travel at super-c(luminary) speeds!! Particularly along specially made highways in space, and through time!!!!

Man has made the mistake of judging others by his self!!

“My island the world, sort of thing. Of the foolish native chieftain!!!!(He said the planes were birds, and the ships, whales!! SIMILARLY, are we NOW being visitited by men FROM OTHER PLANETS. AND OTHER TIMES!!!!)(We are failing to recognize the visitors, EVEN AS DID THE FOOLISH ISLAND CHIEFTAIN!!!!)

Amongst MANY other idiocies.

Limiting his view to 3d material physical, WHICH IS ABSURD!!

And to failing to understand that what men call death is actually TRUE BIRTH!!!!(We are the OCCUPANT or RIDER, not the vehicle or horse!! The body dies of course. The soul GOES ON. FOR EVER!!!!)

Centrifugal Force(!!) is the secret or super-luminary(faster than light) speed!!

If you rotate an object. Visualize a circular object, perhaps a roundabout(carousel). Force naturally proceeds PERPENDICULARLY TO THE TANGENTS to the periphery AT ALL POINTS. Men CALL this Centrifugal Force. A smaller shorter, weaker force near the centre of the roundabout is called Centripedal Force.

THAT is not centrifuge or centriped!!

TRUE centrifuge and centripede gets created FROM PROXIMITY to CENTRE of the field concerned, which IN TURN, is linked to an endless heirarchy(up and down!!) of other fields.(Concentrically.) Until the entire universe AND BEYOND, is engaged!!!!

To get closer to the field centre, simply increase your velocity! It is not the velocity that does it, but the vibrations proceeding from the velocity!! It takes you down the Rotational Vibration Group Dimension!!!! Ever closer to centre.

Out of centre is flowing an ENORMOUS FORCE. This enfills you the closer you get to it!!


As you approach the centre of the circular field concerned, you enter shorter and shorter circumferences(of course).(As with going deeper into The Earth.)

These circumferences are of space AND TIME!!

Travel in space(whether continual linear OR BACK AND FORE(as with vib rations), AUTOMATICALLY produces time travel!(Whether into the past or future depends upon the wish and will of the person sitting in the centre of an electro-magnetic field of the requisite power!!(Otherwise you will proceed into the future!)(You will also PROCEED TO where-ever in space you visualize, AS WELL AS IN TIME!!!!)(PROVIDED you descend to a deep enough level!! Which depends upon how fast you are moving, AND FOR HOW LONG!!!! (How long in the traveller’s time THAT IS!!!!)))

This is the secret of alien space ship travel. In their cigars, saucers, probe saucers and so on. They utilize electro-magnetic fields creating by requisite rotating gyros. This creates a force field which surrounds the ship, protecting it from meteors, and all other objects, including planets,etc.

They are soundless because there is no friction between air and force field!! They can avoid radar(and even optical) detection, by bouncing back radar and light from off of their force fields!!!!(Inside, as part of the field, THEY ARE IMPERVIOUS to sudden speed and vector changes.)(Einstein was often wrong. The distant traveller SEES US, as we see him. There IS NO change!! No foolish vast increase of mass,etc!!!!)

Any speed and vector can be very rapidly achieved. But there are naturally existing super highways in space AND TIME, that enhance speeds still farther!!!!

So Centrifugal(and Centripedal) Force IS NOT what is commonly thought(Men are OFTEN misled by Orthodox Science. AND BY CONVENTIONAL RELIGION!!!!). Perpendicular tangential force is one thing. But Centrifugal Force,etc. is QUITE ANOTHER!!!!

Many CANNOT BEAR these facts.

So Earthmen are in for many big surprises in the future!!!!

They change or perish!!

And if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed!!(Such is God’s LOVE.)

Mankind, of course, is going the wrong way. Towards total destruction. Both material and spiritual!! You cannot tell him of course. Bar an extremely small minority. It is that minority, plus the elect, that I hope to reach.

We should not be in Iraq!!

U.S. Economy is on the way down, AND OUT.

U.S. dollar already falling.

This will affect the entire world. EU is rising.

The Great Islamic Uprising gathers pace.

And The Comet of Nostradamus APPROACHES!!!!

These two prophecies of Nostradamus ARE OCCURRING BEFORE OUR VERY EYES!!!!

I had to digress from Polar Shift.

Its cause? The Chandros Wobble of The Earth. In turn created by The HARMONICALLY GROWING Solar Wind, etc. as Sol, our sun prepares for a leap up in power. Taking Earth and other planets with it!! Plus The Rapture, and record Religious and Spiritual revivals!!!!

The Earth’s core is increasing whizzing around OFF CENTRE!! AS WELL AS SPINNING UPON ITS(CORE’S)AXIS.

This naturally produces an increasing Centre of Gravity INSTABILITY!! OF COURSE!!!!

Along with harmonical(but in tides and waves)(such as to fool Man)ly increasing magnetism dragging down stuff from space, AND CREATING A GROWING ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD at the surface of The Earth!!

Get the picture? See the SEQUENCE which MUST come!! (It is already on, and has been since 1996-7.)(Our date year is three(or even four) years TOO ADVANCED! IT MAY STILL BE LAST CENTURY!!!! 2,001, anyway!!!!)

Only now STARTING to become NOTICEABLE. Do you see??

As the Earth’s core increasingly pulls upon The Earth’s CRUSTS(Lithosphere and Asthenosphere. Outer and inner crusts.), the polar caps will be first affected. There is your Polar Shift. Especially, and MOSTLY, in The Antarctic!!

The(already started doing so!) ice will slide OFF OF the land of Antarctica! (You can work it out yourself!!)

The vast majority of humans WILL, OF COURSE go into DENIAL. Their usual re-action to the unbearable!!

Anyway, the polar ices shoot off the lands. Like I say, it is already doing this. But very small as yet.(Like for instance no thing noticed in stellar motions to suggest Earth’s crust is straining at the leash.(No thing has moved. – YET!!) Lavic welding(and similarly with the ices, via liquid melting breaking its melding INCREASINGLY), will be broken. Aided by JOLTS caused by COMET of Nostradamus!! And the growing WOBBLE(chiefly that)!!


Finally, the crust breaks free, and MOVES. First northwards – for over a thousand miles. THEN southwards, as the Southern Force exceeds The Northern, via The Earth’s HOLLOW INTERIOR(Ah,yes!!). For four to five thousand miles. (Watch the climatic changes, as this occurs over about 36 hours for the final surges!!)

You think Hollow Globe stupid? No! It is SOLID EARTH that is mad!!

When Earth fluid and solidifying, TANGENTIAL FORCE takes matter to outside, leaving interior HOLLOW!!(Use head!!) Verified twice. Two INDEPENDENT organizations suspended mile long penudlums(not metallic to avoid any magnetism)(Note rotating circular object of METAL best create ELECTRO-MAGNETIC fields. – The secret of supernatural phenomenon. Which spirits utilize!! Via particles of field resisting gravitons, radons and photons, ETC. Destroys gravity and weight. Also radar detection AND EVEN VISUAL PERCEPTION if and when desired!!!! OPEN THE EYES O MEN OF EARTH!!!!)(Believe only half of what you hear, and none of what you see!!)

Pendula dropped down a mile apart, CONVERGED, not diverged(the expectancy, as circumfernces decrease with depth!!)!! BECAUSE MORE MATTER TO SIDES THAN BELOW!!!! YOU THINK!!!! I did. Hence these articles. Aided by inspiration from ABOVE!!!!

It has happened before. Many times. And will again.

As Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon, and NOW US, (will) KNOW!!!!

Men of Earth: You know nothing BUT FALSEHOODS!!!! Very carefully taught you DOWN THE AGES!!!! In your infancy!!!!

The Earth will turn completely upside down, then rock back!! Imagine the cold produced by the increasing snow, AND the spreading ice(ALL of the ice!!). The sea level will rise about 240 feet. But that will only be the beginning. As lavic collapses and subductions cause some lands to rise, others to fall!! Even MILES!!!!

MOVE to far eastern Siberia up north. And to Gisborne, New Zealand, down south!! To get off lightest!!!!

The comet will pass us twice. First time causing collosal damage. (Flee into caves,etc. and seal yourselves in for at least A FORTNIGHT.) Blood will be everywhere, mixed with red oxides from THE COMET(which is actually ULTRA NEPTUNE, a rogue planet upon a very eccentric course, WHICH OUR CREATING ALIENS are RIDING. They will hop off and visit us briefly!!

Blood and red oxide solutions will be indistinguishable. Rocks, some as big as CARS and HOUSES. One, at least, as big as a MOUNTAIN, shall fall, as men run hither and thither in beserk terror!! Eating and drinking even their own children, such will be the famine and thirst!! You will NEED air, fresh water, food and medical supplies, plus technoligical apparatus!!!! Don’t leave it too late!!!!

I have the root knowledge. Which other sources know ONLY PARTIALLY. Listen to me!! HEED ONLY ME!!!!

You ARE being warned!!

But you deny my words, and think me mad. Even evil!!!!

I SEE!! It is THE WORLD that imagines things!!!!

But how lies are embraced in this world. AND TRUTH ATTACKED. As if anyone could change GOD’S PLANS AND PURPOSES!!!! Fools!!!!

Learn the hard way then!! BUT I WOULD SPARE EVEN YOU, WHO SLAY ME. Materially and spiritually.

For you MUST be FORCED, sooner or later, TO LOOK.

But the longer you leave it, THE MORE YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY BACK. In karma. At The Judgement. And AFTER DEATH,ETC!!!!

We cannot cheat for ever and get away with it!!!!

The implants are to protect the chosen ones.(Some will be taken. The others left.)

Gods. Hierarchy. Not singular god!

Read Genesis very carefully. And Revelation. WHICH IS NOW ONCE AGAIN STARTING UP!!!!

O you foolish men of Earth: WHEN will you OPEN your eyes??!!

No good killing me! I AM YOUR BEST AND ONLY HOPE!! I can assure you.

Enough? Now read back on my other articles. Especially the ones upon MY NEW ASTRONOMY!!

Also, if you will, the articles UPON SO-CALLED DEATH!!!!

Gentlemen, your witness.

I bow low before you, and depart.


For HOW can you know WHAT IS NOT??

Without FIRST being GOD, to do so!!!!


I am an agent for those WHO KNOW.

But also proceed by CALCULATING!!!!

See now a bit better.

Or have you PUT THEM OUT, permanently!!

You so foolish humans!!!!

You can grow up TEN MILLION YEARS hence.


It is up to YOU.


Get that SLEEP out of your eyes.

And see things AS THEY ARE,

not as you idiotically WANT THEM TO BE!!!!

For you are asleep AND DREAMING that you are awake, while your house burns down AROUND YOU!!!!

BUT you torture TO DEATH, those who would save you.

Whilst elevating those who DRAG YOU DOWN TO UTTER DESTRUCTION!!!!



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