A912 – I continue My Exact Distance Finder.

Tuesday, 27th September,  2,005.





I continue My Exact Distance Finder.





            Where are we? Some Situation Reports now,too.


            718.  Name of that other graph: Hertzsprung Russell. The H.R. Diagram!! Similaar to Eddington’s, but one deals with absolute magnitudes against one thing(“vels”?), and the other deals with absolute magnitudes against another(Temps?). Something like that.


            719.  g.e. is the reciprocal of u.g. And vice versa. I get one or the other by doing a simple subtraction. I forget what now. But I think it will be found in my old distance finding articles.


            720.  I took the “impossible” route to arrive at my distance finder. Using The Hubble Diagram as base. I always maintained that it was possible to get distances from it. Which the orthodox consider absurd. I succeeded!!


721.  Bird Flu now at 65 deaths. A fifth person has died in Indonesia. That should set the alarm bells ringing!!


722.  Encephalitis in India. Over a thousand, dead.  1,116 have died.


723. Coffee is good at anti-oxidants. How I railed against coffee many years ago!!


724.  A meta galaxy is a galaxy of galaxies!! THIS is what the orthodox have mistaken for the cosmos/universe!! It has a radius of about (our local one) 5,000,000,000 light years. THAT IS ALL!!!! 10 across.


725.  The Christian Bible is ex The Sumerian texts!!


726.  The Mayan Calendar is best.


727.  The Sumerians were very advanced.


728.  Our local stellar cluster has red dwarfs in the centre and blue giants at the extremities!! It opens out like a flower. As all features increase, and curl around!!  What happens is that stars get born out of a white hole at zero(sic) size, a temporary blue giant LIKE phenomenon,   and become red dwarfs. Then as they speed away outwards, they grow(via the invisible umblical cord of energy AND SUSTENANCE) from the centre of the field. Rising through all the colours as they grow! Finally becoming(and faster) blue giants!! Some are curling back, and thus approaching us.


729.  In this article I am going to describe how I finally got exact distances,etc. using The Hubble Diagram as base. The Eddington and HR Diagrams I did not need. Just a square with a diagonal running up right left. Served me, well.


 730.  Correction: Values are of course not logged. What is logged(Napierian) is the “velocities” scale.  e logs are not needed.


731.  The orthodox dropped the 2-1. What a mistake! There are two. One inside of the other.(Yet astronomy values are bedevilled by a 2-1 RIGHT THROUGH!!!!)(They, of course, HATE THE TRUTH, and do their damnedest to HIDE it from The People!!!!(All of The Devil of course, whom so many serve or slave for!!!!)


732.  That curving slope right up through The Hubble Diagram allegedly due to increasing velocities away is simply due to the increasing degree of obscuring matter, basically!! Compounded by absolute mags,etc.


733.  It is not even a diagonal. Nor straight.


734.  I made many stupid mistakes at first. But I won through despite these!!(I began by confusing velocities for distances. And vice versa!!)(You would have had to have been MAD to rely upon me!!)


735.  I found out that QUASAR(and radio source,etc.) GRAVITATION EFFECT is four fifths of the entire H.L. (ALWAYS, AND INDIVIDUALLY, EXACTLY!!!!) CRS.(The COSMOLOGICAL RED SHIFT!!!!) by measuring the angle of the galactic slope against the quasars’ slope. One is rather steeper than the other. I then found an easier and better way:  I threw up a rectangle(In those days they were showing the 2-1!) inside of the main rectangle. Then erected a diagonal from bottom left to top right.  The number of quasars HAPPENED to come out at exactly ONE HUNDRED.  Above the diagonal 80. Below it 20.  4 to 1.  (Understand!! I had my diagonal up through left right where the quasars are. Between quasar slope and diag, 80. Between diag and galactic slope, 20.  The top eighty is anomalous. Being due to GRAVITATION EFFECT. Not velocities. In any case those “vels” are my wave angles, NOT velocities! Though very small ACTUAL plus and minus vels do exist!!!!


736.  I nearly went mad, as I struggled on and on, along a most tortuous and torturous path, day and night, for about the past 21 years. I know I found the 2-1 back in 1988.(As I slept out one night(among very many) at Bondi Beach!!)   I have forgotten much of that path. I only know that via many errors, I finally got it!! This was on the distance finder,ALONE.


737.  Nobody believed me. The orthodox considered it utterly ridiculous.  But I KNEW I was on to SOMETHING COLLOSAL(!!!!). I was sure of it. And so it finally proved!!(I have the theoretical proof. AND the overwhelming supporting evidences!!)


738.  I just KNEW that Blacks equalled Reds.(Blacks being the magnitudes(Black from v’s dimming.)(Red from The Red Shift, of course(What the heck!!).)  The Reds being the “velocities”.) And I divined that SOMEHOW it was possible(via a very difficult  painstaking process of elimination) from the Hubble Law Slope up through the galaxies and quasars,etc. to WORK OUT the distances. Exactly.  Via the alleged velocities. From distances(and masses) one could work about anything and everything. Bar two very rare technical trivia items!!


739.  I FELT my way, rather than SAW it. I did not see it. I was groping my way along.(Aided by spirits. And talking to myself.)(As heat and humidity drained me terribly. Out in the bush!!)



740.  Mad though it seemed, it worked out!!


741.  First I did it manually.


742.  Later, I did it on a computer. Aided by a mathematician who knew something about Astronomy. But bore me in suffering silence. What he THOUGHT, God alone knows!!


743.  It was utterly BIZARRE!! Believe me!!!!


744.  Hoyle, Milne, Arp and finally Guth were beacons on my path. Though they fell far short!!


745.  It was my old man who started me off. First through The Infinity riddle. How if space had an end, what lay beyond it, and so on.  Second, through his statement to me(when I was  just turned FOUR) that “They say that the universe is expanding.”. Was he asking me a question? Or telling me!!  He passed on long back.  A sceptic and cynic in many ways, he played his very early part!!


746.  We DON’T KNOW what the universe is doing!! BECAUSE WE JUST CANNOT SEE IT!!!!  We only BARELY see out 5,000 million light years. To the edges of our METAGALAXY!!!! So GET WITH IT!!!!(Though I THINK we can see out to other meta galaxies in our LOCAL META GALACTIC GROUP. Just a few spots here and there. And possibly a few MG groups!!!!)(The wrongly alleged hot spots,etc!!)


747.  I corresponded with various astronomers, including the quadraplegic in a wheel chair at Cambridge University is it(?), the alleged number one in Astronomy. And Azimov(long since dead).( A prolific writer exceeded only by myself. Bar a new rival now!!) And a number of smaller fry, but big in their areas(geographical and astronomical). THEY more or less said that I was insane.


748.  When I pointed out my amazing figures with the 2-1 so GLARING in them, they declared it a meaningless fluke!!  But I knew better!!!!  MUCH better.


749.  I went from university to university showing groups my charts,etc. But it was hopeless. THEIR MINDS WERE CLOSED. DEAD SHUT!!!!


750.  They didn’t want to believe. That was ob vious!! What they wanted to be true was their cock-eyed lunatic dreams, which fitted in with Big Bang, Black Holes, and all  the other orthodox drivel.(Which is about the very opposite of the truth!!) So my exhortations fell upon deaf years. This remains so most adamantly to this very day!!


751.  During my main inspirational years, I was going through extreme privations. I often went without food. Once for a fortnight. And without drink for almost 5 days and nights!!  Such that I was obliged to live out in the bush on a shoe string.(I tried to commit suicide hundreds of times. Nearly succeeding about four times. Such was the pressure upon me. And the sheer brick walls I kept encountering. Not in the workings out, but by astronomers,etc. (Pet cats, as I was alone most of the time, kept me going. They died. I struggled on.) The workings out were one long series of incredible break-throughs after long periods of the most frustrating stagnancies!! I hung on like a bull-dog. (I tried to create a garden out in the bush. But possums,etc. made it impossible. For me, anyway!!) Half crazed and often in a sort of FEVER, as I JUST KNEW I was on to SOMETHING ENORMOUS!!!!  I recall I used to walk through cemetries and woods, my head bursting. I remember studying the dates on the grave stones. And playing games with car numbers. To relieve the awful tedium!!!!  I often talked to myself.


 752.  It is easy to relax a bit now.(I was told by about 40 different sources that I would become world famous. That I would make a scientific find.(I have made nothing but VERY MANY scientific finds.) I was told that it would take many years. That I would get into an awful state. I was told to GIVE OUT, along the way. But I wasn’t ready. I lacked sufficient evidences and proofs. I wanted it wrapped up before I declared ANYTHING. A decision I have never regretted. Ah, many were the walks I took, as I read replies from various great astronomers, like Arp. Poor old Arpie. Still in exile in Germany!!


753.  I am no mathematician, believe me. But I loved Astronomy. Fortunately, I was well forsaken by women. In fact by about all people. Who saw me as a very confused eccentric. A battler, trying to survive.  A few felt sorry for me. I was barely tolerated.


754.  I made many terrible mistakes. And the world had no problem suppressing me.


755.  Low spirits will often send us wrong.(From The Inbetween World, especially.)


756.  I believe aliens helped me. And high spirits. I mean entities on the other side.


757.  I used to laugh and cry alternately at times, like a mad man.(My few pets paid the price. Once I pitched one of my many camps(tents) among a nest of very big lizards. Another time near huge tall birds. And many nasty snakes. I tried to live on FERNS. Not much good!!)


758.  The strains and stresses, mental, were AWFUL.


759.  People came and went. I slept on gravestones. I kept scribbling down notes. Which later I just could not read!! And my head spun like a pinion wheel with way out ideas. I just hung on. Hour after hour. Day after day(all night,too). Month after month. Year after year. The decades slipped by. But the moments DRAGGED, and wrenched my guts out.  My dreams were distorted repeats of my days….


760.  But don’t feel sorry for me.  I was brooding. Like a broody hen. As the results very slowly took shape.


761.  I lost my grip upon the world. Everything was slipping away. I would gladly have DIED!!!! But I was kept going.


762.  I travelled around a lot. I was obliged to. Trying to find work. Or enough money to just scrape by on.  Trying to find peace.


763.  I have gone on. But I had to tell you.


764.  Illnesses,etc. dogged me all the way.


765.  Omega is ONE.


766.  The Cosmological Constant is 50.(Or is it 55?)


      But the old mind increasingly plays tricks,now. And my memory fades. SO GET THE MAIN STREAM FAST!!!!



        I think this will do for this article.


        Man,(No. I am not a Hippy. Though been bomb happy for DECADES.) you can have NO idea. Of how the job was done!!


     Meanwhile The West was getting lost.


     And now I notice an increasingly fast surrender to The Political East!! Oh,you IDIOTS!!!!










Victor Conway.









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