Wednesday, April 15, 1998.


Warp Factors:-
Cast out The FP first. Fractional Pi. Work out what it is. For that distance. It goes from zero up to Pi! Steadily. Now multiply your differential by 1. 1/F.P!!!!

Now take the multiplied(by fractional pi)differential, and cast out 2’s. If you cannot reduce(by dividing two’s into INTEGRAL MULTIPLES)to unity, then accept that figure. If you can, divide by 0.2’s, until it is again unity. Then stop.(See below.)

Supposing your differential is 15. Your result minus the very purified H.L. Now work out the F.P. Multiply by (say) l and a fifteenth. Your figure is now 16. Divide by two. 8. And again. 4. And again 2. And again 1. Stop. When you reach unity, that is it!!

If you got down to say 1.5. (Correction) NOW you divide by 0.2’s IF YOU CAN!! Supposing the last answer was 1.6. You now take the .6, and divide by 0.2’s, – you get 0.3. Stop. That’s it. You have an error of 0.3. You cannot improve.

When doing mass, leave IN the o.m! I find that it comes out better. To a more patterned result. Presumably because the om is proportionate to the average Super Mass(of the universe over that distance!!)!!!!(And is PART OF the whole mass!!)

Note that the quasars’ gravitation effect is not the ordinary kind!! It is Super Gravitation Effect. SGE. There is no u.g; universal gravitation in the supers. The super is simply the world level two gravitation effect for the entire universe over the distance!!!! I find that our space has four dimensions. And here is the proof!! This SGE shows up in the spectroscopic displacement(blue wards)(It is not a red shift!!)By showing the wave angle again, and FOUR TIMES, as if it were the wave angle again(but four times more!!)!!!!)

I find that(and have proved it)the quasars’ H.L. is only 20% due to distance!! Exactly in each individual case!!!! The reason for this is the open white hole(inside of the quasar). Still nearly full open. SGE decreases as the hole closes. Radio Sources, Gamma Ray Sources and X-Ray Sources are pre quasar stage white holes!!!! So they too need (their distances) need dividing by 100. I do this simply by dividing the quasar z’s by 5.(I then multiply a hundred simply to get the two digit numerical co-efficient!!) Then convert to some tens’ multiple of ks/sec.

I find that The B-Lacterae Objects are old galaxies. Right near the end of their luminous stage.

If you do a chart of blacks against reds, you will see the evolution cycle from white holes to black holes, via Gamma Ray Sources, X-Ray Sources, Radio-Sources, Quasars(merely the optical stage), Seyferts,etc., Galaxies, and then B-Lacterae Objects. – Before descending down through the white dwarf, hyperion, neutron and black hole stages!!!!

So treat all objects as quasars until they are definitely galaxies!!!!

Ordinary g.e., gravitation effect does exist. As does its reciprocal u.g., universal gravitation. But it is small.

Even the ordinary quasar,etc.g.e.etc. is smallish.

This is what the orthodox are thinking of!!!!

Do VPv(correction) and VPR4 to determine distances from the observer.
Very purified apparent magnitude.(Apply the Mv reduction(Use the R4 correspondence!!)(AFTER you very purify that!!)) Then use the very purified R4 as your second term. Multiply the VPv by 1.6, of course.)

You MUST reduce the apparent magnitudes and absolute magnitudes to EQUALITY!!!!

Apply my distance modulus. Then do your maps,etc.

Now do the distances(and masses,etc.)from the field centre.

Use, this time, S4, T, P, and VPV.(Very purified apparent magnitude.)(VPv is actually VPmv, very purified absolute magnitude!!!!(Correction)) Any two terms of those.

Put the factor of 1.6 in front of each term!!(This time.)

Do your maps,etc.

The two sets of maps,etc.should correspond.

Do your masses,etc.
Remember to leave in the om.
And to use arithmetic mean!!!!



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