Friday, 17th March, 2,006.


More again on My Astronomical Distance,etc. Finder.

DO the maps, R.A. and Decl.(Right Ascension AND Declination!!). Dots, first, then enlarge to variously sized AND COLOURED per real colours(allowing for vels and obscuring matter!!)!! So work out the masses by adding 3.2″mags to “vels”/2!! Then have ALL properties increasing with velocity and distance from FIELD CENTRE!!!! (Note: NOT from the observer. Sun area!!)

Some of the circles will overlap. Remember to COLOUR them, according to their velocity and obscuring matter adjusted TRUE colours!!!!

EVERYTHING springs from Macrophysics(Astronomy,etc.) and Microphysics(Quantum Mechanics,etc.)!!!!

We have only ten years(at most) to WIPE OUT!!!!

The trouble is we most of us, in varying degrees, believe only what we WANT to be true, instead of what is ACTUALLY true!!!!

We justify the end result from the WANTED(not true!!) PREMISE. Then apply faulty self awarding “logic”!!!!

Yes, I believe in Occam’s Razor. But applied to the correct premises, and honest simple LOGIC!!!!

NO god is going to hop down from the sky and save us!!

Jesus only saved his self. WE have to save OURSELVES!!

CHRIST saves, yes, the sunshine spirit of God, via The Solar Logos,etc. Jesus GUIDES!!!!

I believe in Christianity, but NOT Christendom.

In other words, I believe Jesus, NOT Paul,etc!!

There were four MAIN Jesus’! 1. The Political reformer, The Zealot. 2. The Teacher of Righteousness. 3. The crucified Jesus who SO MUCH had CHRIST SPIRIT within!! And 4. The world human modified Jesus(Da Vinci code and all that)!!!! Yes, HE married and had children, went to India, Egypt and Britain,etc!!!!

Study Dead Sea scrolls,etc!!

Things are complex in the details, not simple! AND are overlain with complicated FALSEHOODS!!!!

God will help us, IF and WHEN we do our best for OTHERS, by GOD!!!!

Prayer so often fails in this still VERY ignorant and superstitious world(Subtle sophisticated superstitions!!), because we ask from the LOWER self, instead of the higher!!

So many of us have made The DEVIL our god, via Pan(The Earth God!!). The Devil seldom needs direct intervention, as his off-sider Pan is SO efficient. Especially via sex and drugs!!!! And Alcohol and Nicotinic smoking!!!!

True prayer is not JUST a verbal petition, but a STATE OF HEART and mind,etc. Prayer is ACTIVE meditation!!(And Meditation is passive prayer!!)

Men go for material wealth. But you cannot take it with you!! It is the SPIRITUAL wealth that MATTERS!!!!

Body union(sex) is not the true union!! We should unite SPIRITUALLY AND DIVINELY with God, not humans,etc!!!!

Marriage is stupid. Why tie yourself to the one you love most?!

Off spring? Let them be good ideals and ideas!! The last thing we need is more brats on this overcrowded planet!!

Trees: We cut down our last OXYGEN suppliers!!

Yes, feed them with CO2, carbon dioxide!!

Global warming is ex solar flares!!

Attack via vaccines, H5N2, and above, not H5N1!!

Yes, Hungarian vaccine is good!!

Thank God for John Howard in Australia.(Though very dubious about Helen Clarke ruling New Zealand. Pandering to Left Wing and MAORIS!!!!)

Australia of course is pandering to Abo’s and foreigners!! IDIOTS!!!!

All this laughter on television is a mask cover for frantic CONCERN.

Note the growing slide into FILTH!!!!

Hopefully I am IN the world, not OF it!!

I would take over, as Melchisedek, The High Priest of GOD, from where Jesus left off!!

Hitler tried to continue where Jesus left off!!

He knew about Inner Earth and The Occult!!

Unfortunately he made The Swastika spin left instead of right!!

After letting forces of evil rule him!!

He could have conquered world HAD HE NOT BOMBED London!! That was his mistake!! Foolish pilot ordered bombs jettisoned on Londong. So Britain bombed Berlin with a FEW aircraft. Hitler could not bear that. But by bombing London, he had to forsake the wiping out of The RAF on the ground!!

He invaded Russia with his rear unsecured!!

Otherwise he could have put the even more murderous Russians back over The Urals, and ruled them. Then China. Next Japan by overpowering them. And finally U.S. He would have TAKEN The British colonies. And made Britons SLAVES!!!!

But he was weak emotionally. Germany liked The British, so he spared them at Dunkirk, wasted time overpowering France.

I think a mistake going for Caucasian oil, BEFORE throwing Russians over the Volga, at Stalingrad!! AND taking Moscow. Then, Stalin would have given in!! Via a rout back over The Urals!!!!

Taking over entire planets, is very hard.

My Distance Finder will save Humanity IF you only check it out!!!!

Bah! My patience is exhausted. You of the world are more concerned with Sport, Entertainment, War and Politics!!!! And with sex, booze, gluttony and ruling others!!!! Etc. Etc!!!!!!!!!!

I NEED your feed back!! WHY does no one e mail me. What do you think of my work? WHY don’t you check my finds OUT?? Especially My Astronomical Distance Finder.

Yes, we survive SO CALLED death. A small deal. A very small CHANGE!! Be READY for it!!!!

We can travel in time as well as space, even istantaneously(almost!).

AND we can change our Past FOR THE BETTER!!!!

The universe is TEEMING with life. Including INTELLIGENT life. Many diverse forms. Not all carbon based!!

We so URGENTLY need to change our life style for the BETTER!! As it is we are destroying ourselves!!!!

Not just here and now, but reaping nasty future lives, as well as Hell after death!! I am WARNING you, as best I can!! OPEN those EYES!!!!

I am curious to know what it is you readers want, and expect, when you come to this site!

I am neither orthodox science, nor conventional religion!!

I say little about ufo’s and sex, because SO WELL dealt with by others.

I write in simplest dialect and style, so that you may understand what I am saying!!(Not that I cannot write high-brow stuff!!)

I have to meet my readers half way!!

IF I can!!

VERY few come to this site. And those that do seem more interested in Earth Changes, etc. than anything else!!

Hardly anyone comes back!!

Now I find all this strange. In view of the awful gravity of the world situation. And my logic theorems(proving and confirming before I speak), but simple style and dialect articles on THE MOST IMPORTANT MATTERS!!

I notice that the fiction we get on television,etc. is REFLECTING the world situation. But, as usual, EXAGGERATING and DISTORTING everything!! But there is a continuing on-going ANXIETY regarding ALIENS(from space and time,etc; some ourselves from the future. A few from Pleiades and beyond. As well as some baddies. Four main alien races visiting us altogether. I notice chiefly in response to our nuclear and rocket activities.(If we blow up the solar system, it will affect THEM!!!!)(So they are acting for THEIR sakes, rather than ours.)

Also, the little greys, at least NEED our genes, AND our spirituality!!

Are they milking us of our genes and spirituality during their pain and sex experiments!!??

Television,etc. of course blows everything up OUT OF ALL PROPORTION!!!!

But the situation is BAD!!!! VERY bad!!!!

I am expecting Bush junior to get desperate. To regain popularity and favour with U.S. citizens, and the world.(Though one cannot help but get the impression that ONLY The U.S. exists, and is important!!)

I therefore expect U.S. to bomb North Korea. And get Israel to bomb Iran!!

If The Palestinians won’t play ball, CUT THEIR AID OFF!!!!

If Muslims won’t behave, DEPORT them!! Surely all this is the most OBVIOUS sense!!!!

Are you all blind and stupid or something. CLEARLY Islam is OUT to conquer the entire world, on pain of the most horrible torture and deaths!!!!

Mohammed was a most heinous criminal!!

And The Koran preach violence,etc. against infidels. That is ALL Non-muslims!! WAKE UP!!!!

Why do you think THEY are spreading out ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!

You MUST bite the bullet with TRUTH. Or PERISH!!!! Completely(yes, soul and all!!) Now GET with it!!!! NOW, not next week, or next century!!!!

I expect U.S.(Which for some reason calls it itself America.(And America, the world!!)(America is a CONTINENT. The U.S. is just ONE country in it!!)(Mexico seems to be sort of invading South U.S!! But needed to do the dirty jobs the Yanks understandably WON’T touch!!!!)

We ALL need EACH OTHER!!!!

Love,etc. are so DESPERATELY needed now!

Love, not sex! Or possession, or need,etc!!!!

Not that we don’t need seminal outlets too(as well as love outlets)!!!!

Watch these dominoes: Israel bombs Iran.(They have done it before.) U.S. bombs North Korea. RED China invades and TAKES and OCCUPIES and RULES its last outposts. Like Mongolia and Taiwan, some islands, etc.

We need to go by ABSOLUTE references, not relative ones!! Else we all DECLINE!!!!

Pakistan attacks India. Nuclearly!!

The viruses are on the march, MORE AND MORE!!!!

Iraq is lost cause. We are losing the fight against terrorism.(Whatever that is!!) I call it Islam’s last fling. Brought to pass by U.S. via Carter, and both Bush’s!!!!

Germany rises. U.S. sinks(I expect the Dow to break through the 12,000 mark, BEFORE it CRASHES right out!!!!). Britain sinks. As does the entire West. Now so shrivelled.

Well done, Milosevik! I think he was poisoned. He was a good man who fought so hard and well for his country.(Serbia)(And Montenegro). Judged for killing Muslims, Croats, Albanians and Bosnians who hard slaughtered horribly EVEN MORE Serbs,etc. than Milosevik. So now The Hague Judgement Seat is after that Serb military leader. Milosevik’s right hand man.

Poor Saddam! Another(and very) good man!! As were Pol Pot and Pinochet!!

Yes, I am on the side of The White Supremacits!! The superior race!! Mentally, anyway. Bringers of law and order!!!! STOP bowing to the LAWLESS!!!! Stop pandering to the gallery!!!!

The world WILL BE the world of course. Which is bad!! Not to mention STUPID!!!!

Yes, get OUT of Iraq as fast as you can. West should never have gone in! EVEN the first time(over Kuwait)(K belongs rightly to Iraq!!)

Iran is the danger, and Bin Laden and Omar,etc. not so much Iraq!! Iran of course is invading Iraq SLYLY!!!!

Afghanistan is following suit.

As we slide faster and closer to World War THREE,ETC!!!!

Japan rises. With its eye on ruling Asia!!

India is on the side lines.

Russia is moving East!!

Sudan is a mess.

As is Somalia. As piracy grows and spreads.

As does crime.

Meanwhile Niribu(rogue planet) approaches to create one cataclysm.

While the sun prepares to enter a new 6,500 year cycle. Which begins with a collosal cataclysm!!!!

And Aquarius will soon take over from Pisces!!

La Nina is returning.

We are in a year long quiet sun spell. DO NOT be FOOLED!!!!

It is coming back MUCH worse than ever!! Before the final outbursts of solar flares etc.

It is these solar flares(graphs MATCH Earth temperatures!!) that are warming Earth! And also inflaming brains, via SECONDARY(Earth surface) electron masses. Causing brain storms in humans AND ANIMALS!!!!

Weak primitive(spiritually)(all that matters) humans go from bad to worse, as they approach yet another FALL!!!!

Ten years to go, folks. To WIPE OUT!!!!(Via TWO cataclysms!!)

Yes, Man needs to UNITE, not divide(!!), to fight bad aliens and a host of other growing HORRORS and TERRORS!!!!

We are LOSING the battle to survive. Both materially AND SPIRITUALLY!!!!

This it is every man for his self, now. If he is to save what is left of his spirituality!!

We are TRADING technology FOR OUR VERY SOULS!!!!

So child Earth gets abducted, as the bad aliens,etc. give it a RATTLE to play with!! Are you ALL blind??!!

Not so much blind, as in the GRIP OF their spell!!

BREAK out of that fascination,etc!!!!

We only have a few months left,

Before all Hell starts up, upon this SO blessed planet.

God is not dead!

Man has not been BORN, yet!!

Am I too soon, or on wrong planet??!!

YOU who kill the prophets(who would save you!!)!!!!

STOP being so STUPID!!!!

WHAT am I doing here??

I am certainly NOT interested in the way the world goes on!!

Yet, I too, have fallen.

But is it necessary to drown in this growing SEWER,etc??!!


Yes, both our decline.

AND the lies put out!!!!

Vic Conway.


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