Thursday, 16th March, 2,006.


Some more on My Astronomical Distance Finder,etc.

My initial plots, R.A. and Decl. on computer were mostly velocities. However, the only real velocities are what the orthodox call “the velocity variations”. In other words, Hubble’s Law(in ALL fields!!) is simply the cosmic horizon of the field concerned. The variations ARE the true velocities. Plus and minus!! From The Field Centree concerned, not the observer!!

Since these velocities(when I did them on my computer) were essentially H.L., – not much of a patten can be expected!

Cutting new ground, with (necessarily) new terms, so MIND how you go!!

Please pardon repetitions!!

Good for impression and emphasis though!!

Apparent magnitudes are poor because 1. Are compounded by intrinsic brightness(absolute mags, mv) and om, obscuring matter(debris and dust,etc.), what the orthodox call ‘extinction effect”. 2. Are from the sun,observer, not from the field’s centre!! Thus will be in error per the angle of view from sun to field centre!!(Red dwarfs mear field centres. Blue giants at far point, curving back around. THIS FOR ALL CATEGORIES!!!! Per distance and size.)

Get distances FIRST. THEN masses, and all else VIA them!!!!

Absolute magnitudes are better for results.(Initially!!)

Plot mv and v against THE VELOCITY VARIATIONS! In other words, against the TRUE velocities!! But remember that apparent magnitudes, v; are compounded by absolute mags and obscuring matter!!(NOT any Slowing Down. Because THERE IS NOT ONE. Bar a NON Hubble Law one, after the object curve back around, in contracting field, befoe going down field centre become THEN a black hole.(Was initially white!!)

Using orthodox values ADJUSTED!!

Now I come to something VERY important(do my quasar FOUR first, and article quite a way back,now; but worth finding!!), – which is MASS.

{ Looking a bit like filamentary patterns, but NOT them!!(Correction!!) But ALL factors(such as mags and “vels”) would 1.Be more or less equal. And 2. Would, when adjusted, correspond with distances.

Distances formula is basically the square root of 3.2 mags TIMES OLD velocity divided by FOUR.

Dividing “vels” by four ONLY puts The Hubble Law value right.

The “velocity” “VARIATIONS” ARE THE REAL AND TRUE velocities, positive and negative.(Which also need the division by four! Automatically included in the total red shift value!!)

From Field Centre, not observer.

Remember that absolute magnitudes, mv’s will be from field centre,too!!

Though APPARENT magnitudes, v, will be from observer, OF COURSE!!

So you must adjust to fit both ways, accordingly, per ALL properties, including distances! As the ONLY correct values will be apparent magnitudes(Alas compounded by intrinsic brightnesses AND the obscuring matter!!)(But can be removed!!)(Which you will NEED to do!!)(You remove the obscuring matter, om, by converting ISR(Interspatial reddening), via some suitable scale, into mag terms ex the velocitic!!)

The true real velocities will also be skewiff, as we view from sun, not field centre!!(Only approximately true with the stars, BECAUSE we just HAPPEN to be near to the field centre. THAT IS ALL!!!!)(This is not so with the other fields. We are about a third out with galaxy, Milky Way. And about two thirds out with Meta Galaxy. Note The (Local!) Meta galaxy, one of a group probably(about 10,000,000,000 ly’s across.(Diameter 5 thousand million.)

The bad consequence of being so close to our local closed stellar cluster(I only did CLOSED stellar clusters, and NEAR AND BRIGHT STARS.) is that the orthodox wrongly think that expansion is from us! NO!!!! It is from The Field’s Centre. NOT the observer!!!!

So important to get that angle between Sol and Field Centre!! And adjust the ncessary ACCORDINGLY!!!!

Magnitudes will be wrong from sun, both mv and v! AND velocities(true and real) will also be wrong from sun!!

Adjust geometrically via the degrees of the angle between field centre and sun(observer in our case)!!

Note that inside of the helix concerned you will get a MARVELLOUS “planetary” view(albeit angled per our view)!!(Orbitals around orbitals, as with The Solar System!!)

From that “planetary” view, of field centre and orbitting objects,etc!! You will observe that the helices are changing into orbitals! You will even get their orbitting vectors!!(It means EVERYTHING goes not just in helices, but orbitals!! The orbitals birthing from the helix concerned!!)!!

Variously angled views.

The filaments will be inside of each field!!

Go by results FIRST. Worry about the THEORY afterwards. Otherwise will get PUT OFF!!!!

The proof will be in the VIEWED pudding!! Not in my attempts to explain theory, which will be unintelligible!!!!

All the very best!!!!

As, if implemented, will do MUCH to save Humanity!!}

To get distances, my formula is the square root of 3.2 times mags, TIMES velocity variations, derived from H.L. divided by four. On account of the TWO 2-1’s! Plus the other adjustments!!

To get MASSES(Note that obscuring matter, om, is AUTOMATICALLY included in the masses!!), you ADD the two ADJUSTED terms, basical vels. and mags. And divide by two. To get the EXACT value, not JUST an average! But, because vels is as much one way as the mags is the other!! (For instance, the mean of plus 6, and minus 6, MUST be zero!) Such mean is not merely the average, but the EXACT CORRECT value.(Distance or mass, or whatever!!).

It is a bit confusing, but stick WITH IT!!!!

I deal in orthodox values, but ADJUSTED.

Many adjusting factors need to be applied. See my earlier IN BRIEF article’s!

Believe me, Orthodox has really messed it up!!

USE Orthodox absolute magnitudes at FIRST!! But best go by COLOUR. Do NOT use Spectral Type. Too rough. Colour is best. Better, even, than orthodox absolute magnitudes, mv!! You need to adjust colour per velocity(variation(true vel!)) and obscuring matter!! As these affect the viewed colour!!

You will need A SCALE of colours corresponding to absolute magnitudes!!(Mv’s. They go from Field Centre, NOT Sun!!) But CORRECT the colours per TRUE vels and om’s(obscuring matters)!!(Use ISR equivalent. ISR is Inter-spatial Reddening!!

I suppose orthodox absolute magnitudes are a good interim colour equivalent. But TRY to get ADJUSTED COLOURS DIRECT!!(Without using Spectral Type or value!)

Plot DOTS at first. Then go back over these dots(forwards or backwards S’s on R.A., WEDGE shapes on Declinations.(Obviously we are dealing with A SPIRAL formation!(EVERYTHING goes in helixes, from smallest to largest. Except there IS NO smallest or largest!! In an indefinite ongoing scheme!! ) Seen 50% skewiff in BOTH R.A. and Decl!!)(Which, because equally angled, result in the marvellous super-imposures of R.A. and Decl(When one field is rotated to left 90 degrees. But check via experiments to get the VERY best fit!!(Both sides of the SPIRAL being almost identical!!)).

GET the masses. The TRUE masses!!

Now ALL properties are more or less equal. Equivalent!!

Mass, size(volume), colour, temperature(vel adjusted!), TRUE velocity(remember our view of velocities will be skewiff because viewed from sun, instead of REAL source, which if Field Centre!!, distance, absolute magnitude, intrinsic brightness, spin, rotation to the fourth root(something like that!), weight, age, volume, etc. All values will be equivalent. AND growing from field centre! (Later they curve over and fall back to field centre!!)

There are many kinds of Reddening, especially LOCALLY!! But note that ISR automatically removes ALL reddenings. So only need to do the main conversion of ISR to OM, the once!!!! Remember that!!!!

All values are proportional to the fourth root of the spin or rotation. Something like that!!(Orthodox astronomers(some) will know what I mean!!)

Using RATIOS, as I DO, equivalences are all that are necessary, until the final correction to REAL values!!

Now, using a suitable scale(with mapping I used one centimetre to the light year(Accept the distance in LIGHT YEARS!!)(Not a mad co-incidence, but legitimately due to a most convenient anomaly in Nature!!)(As are the AU’s(Astronomical Units), in THEIR anomaly.(Another anomaly!!)

Now apply the masses to sizes, per the scale mentioned above, draw in circles, IN COLOUR, to represent ALL properties(I found only TWO rare properties were OUT too much!!)!!

Fields within filaments, Filaments within fields, and so on, unending!!

You will also be able to SEE the candidates better.(Give them all their names and numbers!!)(Note that our closed stellar cluster is composed of MANY small and/or distant stars!!)

Do TABLES of course. And charts. Lists. Etc!!

You will NOW(there will be some overlap) be able to SEE the identical twins(don’t forget the separated twins!!)(Obtainable by their STANDING OUT, when comparing the finally adjusted (MY) data values!!) from the bi-furcations! In neat pairs(I am not speaking abou(some of them) the VERY close binaries,etc!!(Remember THAT!!!!)). You will observe colours,etc. increasing up the spiral arm concerned(one of two, diametrically). You may also note a Titius Bode’s Law(as with the solar planets’ distances from sun and each other). From Field Centre, AND from each other!! Gaps will be curving, remember.

You will find that Sol is ONE star among many in our closed stellar cluster. Similar neat helixes will be found with the stellar clusters in The Milky Way galaxy. But less striking with them, due to the fact that in their case we are much further from field centre!! Similarly with the galaxies,etc. in their variously sized super cluster levels, strata.

Treat the quasars, radio sources, Seyfert galaxies, and other active galaxies(core active) separately; because in THEIR case, EXACTLY four fifths of their CRS Red Shift is due to mass, not distance!!

Keep all categories SEPARATE!!

As speeds,etc. will be different by factors of ten or more!!

Both H.L. and the TRUE velocities(the old “variations”!!) will differ by factors of ten or more!!

Geometric wonder. A mathematical GEM!!!!

All that the orthodox can get is CHAOS!! Which they stupidly think is how it is!! How WRONG they are!!!!

They are horribly wrong. But you can’t tell them! So mind how you go!! Be careful WHO you tell, and HOW!!!!


I have laboured certain points deliberately.

To emphasize their importance and striking value!!

It might SEEM crazy, but I can ASSURE YOU ALL, tbat it is NOT!!!!

For far too long have I observed the astronomical odds in favour!!

The powers that be DO NOT WANT TO KNOW, because they want to retain their evil grip, so to manipulate,etc. and EXPLOIT US!!!!

You have been TOLD, and warned!!

This find will save humanity MILLIONS(not exaggerating!!) of years of hard slog, and convoluted painful TOIL!!!!

You will also notice that the more you work in WITH what I am saying, the better your life will be!! Because you will THEN be harmonizing with the structure of the universe! GOT IT??!!

And Life accords with The Structure!!!!

Now I could rant and rave for ever, and get nowhere with you!!

I can only ASK you to CHECK THIS ALL OUT!!!!

Or MISS the biggest scientific discovery EVER!!!!

God help you!!

Now it is a little tricky, so go slowly and very carefully!!

Even I did it, by plodding along for thirty years!!

Succeeding gradually, but steadily, DESPITE my slow and simple mindedness!!

Now if I can do it, WHY can’t you??!!

So WELL worth the effort!!!!

Victor Conway.


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