Monday, 13 March 2006


Still more on My (in brief) Astronomical Distances,etc.Finder.

Any questions, just ask!!

1. Treat each field of objects separately: Stars. (Closed) Stellar Clusters. Galaxies,etc. The Quasars and Radio Sources.Etc. As values will increase greatly as you go up in size.

2.All the heavenly bodies have identical twins. But about half APPEAR singles. Their partner having wandered off!!

3. The identical twin of Sol, our sun, is Arcturus!(Our nearest major star!) The old Abo’s were right. It looks red because of debris and dust intervening, affecting the wave length of the light!. It is actually yellow, like our sun!!

4. The identical twin of The Milky Way Galaxy Field is The Andromeda Galaxy.

5. BELIEVING is seeing! More than seeing is believing!!

6. Believe your best desires, and they will eventually realize!!

7. Humanity is being robbed of its inheritance! By the bad aliens controlling us.(Note not all aliens are bad.)

8. The Cosmological Red Shift(Which goes by Hubble’s Law.)(With ALL fields!!) is simply our angle of view of the cosmic horizon concerned!!

9. We see many DISKS or flattened heavenly fields. As if essentially 2d, not 3d! Especially with the distant galaxy fields.

The heavenly fields are actually spherical. Indeed, are 4d tesseracts! They appear to be 2d flat disks because when we view ACROSS hyperspace(Note that light,etc. travels instantaneously straight ACROSS, not around(Hyperspace!!)!!)(We only MEASURE around.(Our ORDINARY space.))

In consequence of this, we see only 2d plus a vibratory(orbital)dimension!!(The fourth dimension OF SPACE we cannot see, but it is there!!) The blue colour we see is the (orbital)vibration dimension!!

10. We see STRAIGHT across hyper space both outwards AND across(both vertically and diagonally of ORDINARY SPACE across).

11. The Earth does not move!(Absolutely) This is why no motion has been detected. Not because of the all ways vector of em radiation, NOR the space aether. But because in the absolute reference it does not move!(Though many different movements relatively!!)(All the heavenly bodies and fields are this way.)

(Note that in Einstein’s Relativity, mass does NOT increase, nor length shorten. That is NOT what Einstein said! It is what some NITS who followed him WANTED to think!!(To suit their collapsed brains.) So it IS possible to SAFELY go as fast as you like, with gravity internally collapsing your organs!! Sssss!!!!)(It ONLY appears to, IN THE WORLD VIEW of The Observer!! Hey HO.)(HO hey.)

12. The HUBBLE LAW “velocities” that we see are actually my Wave Angles of view out to the spherical surface of the field cosmic HORIZON!!(All fields and bodies being spherical, but containing double reverse helixes!!!!)

It is the so-called positive(and negative) VARIATIONS – that are the true real velocities!!!!(Care! Along the CURVING spiral arm concerned!!)

These are NOT per Hubble’s Law. And they are small.

13. Trigonometric Parallax cannot be applied to curved and warped surfaces of space(part of space time)!! Of course not!

The true value is about 47% of the orthodox one.

My method of measuring close objects is so good, that I can even tell the weather at the observing station on that day!!

Please note that we not only see CHORDWISE OUT straight across hyperspace, but ACROSS our space,too.(Both vertically and horizontally!!) In other words we are looking at CHORDS, not ARCS.(We VIEW chordwise. But MEASURE by arcs!!)

I believe Solar Units would work well too.

14. The reason that the orthodox astronomers and cosmologists THINK that they have dealt with bent and warped space, is because THEY think that electro-magnetism(em)(Astually it is magneto-electric radiation.) travels along ORDINARY space! It does NOT. It travels straight across hyper space, INSTANTLY. Or (in practice) ALMOST instantaneously.

15. ET visitors from beyond Earth arrive virtually instantly through “worm hole” portals EVERYWHERE. They(The Mother Ship) go into orbit around the visited site(usually)first. Then send out manned and unmanned probes from them. Down to the surface.

These worm holes are not the orthodox back to back kind, but are simply orbital vibration descents to fields’ centre, almost instantaneusly, and then rising again to ANY point in space(OR TIME!!!!), almost instantly again!! Far superior to any worm holes(Which don’t exist!!)!!

THAT is how THE MOST ADVANCED aliens get to us!!

16. To remove local warps, simply CAST OUT Pi/2’s REPEATEDLY(Divide by Pi/2 repeatedly.). Until you can go no farther!! But remember to use THE HOMER guide. (EXCEPT with the quasars and radio sources,ETC!!!!)Which is usually H.L. But the other orthodox distances may provide the correct mathematical ORDER, too. However, H.L. best!!

17. Plot Mv against v.(Absolute magnitudes against Apparent.)

Plot “Velocities” against v. And Mv.(But note that Mv increases as fast as v decreases!!(The farther away an object is from its white hole field centre(now closed), the more massive it gets!(Not just the more distant!)!(Thus FROM FIELD CENTRE, all objects would look equally as bright, IF there were no intervening debris and dust,ETC.)(It SEEMS true from US, in the case of the local stars, SIMPLY BECAUSE we HAPPEN to be so close to the centre of the field!!!!(Now note that WELL!!!!)

18. I plotted,etc. both manually and by computer. When doing it by computer I employed a computer and mathematics expert. At close range all you will get are the curving filamentaries.(Which come out better than they look in the sky, BECAUSE that is by chords STRAIGHT across(hyperspace, that is!)!! But you need to plot from the emission from white hole at centre of field concerned aspect primarily!!

19. The rogue eccentric planet Nibiru, now approaching us, after 3,600 year cycling period, is huge. Reports vary from about the size of The Earth, to the size of JUPITER!!!!(Some say Nibiru has a twin. Now far from us.)

20. Orthodoxy has the WRONG premises!! Its logic is not the best either. Being superficial and BIASSED!!!!

21. We cannot wait for the laggards, but must push on for the good of the rest of Humanity!!

22. GOD exists and cares. The ALL God does!!(The God that does not exist is The Supreme Being. But only because Infinity cannot be reached!!(There will always be a higher god than we can find, so SUPREME being is impossible!!(In that STRICT sense.)

23. The McPherson Abduction case: One of them was seen acting not long later!(Kirk). I think that they were ALL released unharmed, bar the girl killed by the small blue sphere of light(in pay back for nearly killing an alien!)(The girl failed to recover THEN, but I THINK would have been rescusitated by the aliens, later!!)(So there was no loss!!)

I believe that they were released far from their homes, after having their memories erased!!

They had to give themselves new names.

Did not return home because Amnesia caused them to TOTALLY forget the place!!

I think it was genuine all right!!(The producers,etc. of the film are lying most cunningly!!)

24. Mirrors do not convert(change left to right, and right to left)!! Nor do they invert. They only REVERSE!!(They appear peculiar because we expect them to behave like cameras and camera obscuras!!)(Lewis Carrol got in wrong. In “Through The Looking Glass”(Alice). The mirror image, as with Life(!!) is NOT converted. Though IN PRACTICE it is REVERSED!! That is what Dodgson(Carrol) MEANT!! He was a SUPERB mathematician and fantasy writer. I don’t think a paedophile! Though he loved little girls. Especially Alice Ladell. Actually, I think SHE chased him, rather than the reverse. Of course back in those days, love was not synonymous with sex!!(On the other hand, we are all human. Else we would not be HERE.)

They APPEAR to convert only because WE turn the objects around FIRST!!(NOT the mirror(does it)!!) Or they get turned around. And we forget that bit!! Of course FLAT figures and ordinary objects do not NEED turning around!!

They do not really reverse either. Not from the mirrors surface they don’t!!

So mirrors do no thing. NO THING at all!!!!

So why do our hair partings,etc. CONVERT?? Yet we have not turned OURSELVES around!!

They DON’T! The hair parting,etc. APPEARS to have converted. Simply because to view ourselves properly WE NEED TO GET INSIDE of OUR MIRROR IMAGE. It is THAT turning around that converts partings! It is only “converted” TO OUR EXTERNAL VIEW!!(Similarly when we view the partings,etc. of others looking in our mirror!!)(We automatically put ourselves inside of the image body AND VIEW to judge!! Do that and all becomes abnormal(converted)!! Do you SEE that there is actually NO CONVERSION??!!

25. Brain.

I want to demonstrate to you all that the brain is in The Mind(the viewer’s), NOT the mind is in the brain!!

According to Orthodox, we are our brains! These view out through our eyes,ETC.(All the sensory organs.)

Now it is possible to view the outside world(the world outside of our bodies), and see back to our own brains. If concious during an operation upon one’s brain! Via mirrors of course. Or closed circuit tv, or camera(cine or video,etc.).

We apparently see from INSIDE OF our brains to OUTSIDE of our brains, in that case!

But how can the outsides of our brains be INSIDE of our brains,too??!!(The orthodox argument is that we view everything INSIDE OF OUR BRAINS!!)(Which creates a ridiculous UN-NECESSARY infinite regress!!!!)

How does the brain compensate for the fact that eyes see INVERTED views(necessarily, their being camera obscuras!!)? It is not a camera or camerea obscura (or mirror) – is it?!

Thus Mind rules Matter. DIRECTLY!!

And we DO survive “death”!!(Or Mind over Matter(I mean DIRECTLY!!) has NO meaning!!)

26. See Upside Down O’scope.

An UDOS(Upside down o’scope.) is a device that enables the wearing viewer to see everything upside down! If you put one on, soon you see upside down, and go mad trying to fit internally FELT body movements to the OPPOSING contradictory visual scene!!(Like climbing stiles by trying to go underneath them!! Etc.)

In a while the view will autoatically go back upright again!!(Unassisted by any mechanical devices!!) I think after about 15 minutes.

When you NOW take your UDOS off, you will AGAIN see everything UPSIDE DOWN!!!! And go MAD once more, trying to co-ordinate contradictory optical view with internal FELT view!! Only to again(after about 15 minutes) get adjusted to normal BY THE MIND!!(NOT by the brain!!)

After a while you see upright again. But you should be visibly SHAKEN!!!!

How does the BRAIN manage THAT lot??!!

Has it an internal camera which corrects not only eyes’ inversion, but UDOS conversion!! And then back again!!!! Must be jolly clever, seeing brains are simply connections, like connecting wires!! NOT the centres of operations that the orthodox LIKE to think that they are!!(Note that the heart acts a little like the brain!!)

There can only be one intelligible answer! The BRAIN does not do any inverting! It CANNOT!! But THE MIND can. And does!!

Thus mind is NOT brain! Nor is brain, mind. But that they are two QUITE different entities. The mind is not even IN the brain. NO!! The brain is IN THE MIND!!!!

Bear with me a few moments.

27. Outside body inside brain??

We see(ETC.) to ourside of our bodies(and brains of course). Now is the outside body world inside of our brains?! How strange!! More than queer, downright NUTS!!!! Barmy.

How can the external be also INTERNAL??!!

You dig my drift??

THINK about it!

Not just go through the motions, and then go into angry denial!!

28. Consider Julia’s Brain,too. An old article of mine. Worth reading.

29. External. Internal. As with sleepers. AND THE DEAD!!!!

When we view a sleeping person, we get the EXTERNAL view. From THAT we can not have THEIR view(IF they are dreaming!)!! But THEY get it!! And DO they much care about our external view NOT showing them climbing mountains, or whatever, in their dreams(their INTERNAL view!!)??!! THINK!!!!

30. Now let us regard A CORPSE!!!!

Again our view is EXTERNAL!!

Does it mean that the corpse is seeing what we don’t?!

Of course not! But the FORMER occupant, could be in The Spirit World, really lapping it up. In the INTERNAL view.(Which is ALL that matters! TO THE VIEWER!!) DO WE KNOW OTHERWISE??!!

Let us not JUDGE the interior FROM THE EXTERIOR!!!!

Any more than that outside of our bodies CANNOT BE also inside of our heads!! IDIOTS!!!!

You see?

You getta da pointa??!!

I KNOW many cannot BEAR the idea of survival,etc. So they stick their heads into the sand, and denounce the sane person. Instead of themselves. They being in DENIAL!!!!

This is widespread of course!!

The mind is not in the brain. THE BRAIN IS WITHIN THE MIND!!!!

31. So how is it done? HOW does the mind return us to normal again, without using mechanical devices?!

The answer is a strange one.

Upside down, and Right Way up are but IDEAS in our MINDS!! NEITHER exist!!

They are ACTUALLY both the same OPTICALLY!!

Turn EVERYTHING upside down, and NO THING changes!!

It is our nose and eyebrows,etc.that gives “the game” away!!

We simply get used to one particular orientation!!

If we were unable to see our noses and eyebrows,etc. we would have no external reference! And turning THE LOT(of our physical view out) upside down, CHANGES NO THING!!!!

So how come we THINK that we see upside down via an USDOS?! Very simple: THOUGHT the optical view changes not(!!), we DO reverse the relation between our feel of gravity and our optical view out!!(Automatically. Of course!!) And THAT is enough to do “the trick”!!!!

Similarly after removing the USDOS(or UDOS)! But it takes a little while, that’s all. The mind does not adjust IMMEDIATELY!!

Did you follow that all right?

VERY different from standing on your head.(I mean standing your head on the deck!! Not literally putting your feet on your nut!!!!)

Things are NOT what they seem. But NEVERTHELESS, they ARE logical!!

31. So what is going on with the orthodox wallahs?!

They have been trained a long time to mentally view things SUPERFICIALLY.(And they even call it scientific!!) Surface wise only. So short-sighted!!

The reason being that they just are not mentally advanced enough!!

A hard blow to the pride, I know. But BETTER faced up to!! The sooner the better!!!!

Both the materialistic scientists, and the religieuse(note not RELIGIOUS!!), are VERY superficial in their views. They can’t help it. Simply unevolved enough.

So being unable to BEAR this, they simply go into DENIAL!!!!

And denounce you, instead of their silly selves!!!!

32. Crazy? No!! It is the world that is barmy! The WORLD is mad. Not me!!

33. Now it is VERY hard to see though the world.

34. Who would prefer you die and go to HELL.(Or vice versa!), RATHER than that they open their eyes. Which they put OUT as soon as possible AFTER BIRTH!! Aye. And THEN closed!!(So even opening their mental eyes does not help now. With the many.)

Vic Conway.(You dig better, now, man??!!)(We live in a COMPLEX universe, NOT a simple one!! Yep,yep.)(Simple in principles, but complex in the detailia.)(You gotta??)(Extremely few know the truth.)(For specialized knowledge, go to the sites of others!!)(I simply give the BASIC general picture. Being simple of mind. I can only handle simple things. Fortunately for me the PRINCIPLES of the structure of the universe ARE SIMPLE!!!! – And thus it is that fools enter in, as with children, while “the wise” lose out!! The wise being too blinded by their overlain COMPLICATIONS!!!!(There are DEGREES of wisdom, of course!!)

Ah, well, I tried about my reasonable best. Or so I kid myself.

And there you have it, chaps. The birds and the bees!!

Psst!! MIND who you tell!!!!


Ockam’s Razor!!

But at the HIGHER level!!

And thus it is that the higher trained shall remain blind, no matter how hard they try!! But wallow and struggle in their complications. Perhaps for ages!!!!

Since many of those asleep, are also DREAMING that they are awake!!

So the penny takes a long time to drop!!

NO amount of quantity becoming QUALITY!!!!

We shall one day awaken from our dream. Materially via physical death.

MENTALLY, not necessarily EVEN after physical death!!

The point is, Shakespeare(Bacon, and/or whoever!) got it wrong in Hamlet! It is not what dreams may come(after death), but that this current dream WILL GO!!

We are (SUPER) dreaming now!! To awaken, as from ordinary dreams!!

NOT that we are awake now, only to enter dreams at death!!!!

O.K. Snodgrass. You can put your toys away,now.

OR, as the monkey said to the pussy cat: “You may FIDDLE on!!”.


Please thyself, OF COURSE.




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