Saturday, 11th March, 2,006.


Special Report!! FLASH POINT!!!!

1. Solar Flares are causing Global Warming!(Man’s condtribution is ALMOST nix!!) Orthodox reading data superficially!!!!

2. Oil PRICE is not so bad. Oil availability WILL be the problem! As Iran will probably cut off supply to West, and control it for itself!!

3. Bush is in BIG trouble!! That means U.S. is. West is. WORLD is!!!!

Bush is in DENIAL!! That is obvious. His enemies SEE THIS!!!!

BIG danger of U.S. doing something drastic, and BAD!!!!(Like attacking Iran militarily. Though THAT will be only way out of impasse!! TEMPORARILY!!!!)

Cheney! Bush is figure head!!

North Korea, acting in tandem with Iran. Preparing short range missiles with nuclear war heads. It already has long range missiles(tipped) that can reach Alaska,etc!!

Confusion resulting from two temperature scales: Fahrenheit and Centigrade!!

Also with decimals! We work to TEN. But TRUE base is 12!! DUO decimals!!!!

West has no power now. East has it all. ESPECIALLY Islam!!!!

ALIEN ufo’s the problem!!

Russia will desert West. Any time!!

RED China readying to strike Taiwan!!

And Pakistan, India!!

Sudan festering.

Somalia thorn. And pirates.

Japan rising.

Australia not with it!!

WHAT the Hell are you supporting Palestinians for??!! AND The Pakistanis and Arabs. ALL Muslims. You IDIOTS!!!! Multi-culturalism is bad for us. World not ready!! As are all the other student inspired new fads. Also they are illiterate and innumerate!!!! Clued up, but with no tools!!!!

LET the bastards STARVE!!(The Palestinians.)

Israel is capitulating!!

U.S. and U.K. won’t let them protect themselves. THEY may hit Iran!!

Out of sheer desperation!!

Bird Flu danger is not H5N1, but H5N2!! Via world wide migratory birds. Of course. Though H5N2 is much milder(because virus improving, and saving hosts!), it is also more extensive. THERE is the danger!! Tamiflu and Renzel unreliable. Are resistant to our vaccines!! We are hitting the wrong person in the wrong spot!!

Get ready for THE GRID!! Big advance like The Internet was! Integrating all data!! Tremendous advantages stride. Even for the meanest computers!!

Also mobile phones development. Cheap and with everything!!

Huge changes in OFFING. All kinds. World wide.

Vic Conway.


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