Friday, 10th March, 2,006.


Still further with My(in brief) Astronomical Distances,etc.Finder.

Regarding The Aethers:-

There is no such thing as empty space. It is always full all told. Yet local no thing!!

A medium always exists in space, and time.

For moving particles to travel in.

There is hyperspace, or interior to the round field space.

And there is surface space.

Now light,etc. travels STRAIGHT through hyperspace. IT DOES NOT TRAVEL THROUGH SPACE, OR TIME!!

A medium is necessary there. Of tiny particles.

The surface is composed of small particles,too.

We MEASURE around that, but actually TRAVEL through hyperspace!!

The aether was intended as a field for light,etc.to travel through.

And to measure the speed of The Earth against.

A medium of fine particles, then, is the aether.

Surface, and below.

In The Absolute The Earth, as with all the heavenly bodies and fields, DOES NOT MOVE!! It,etc. only move relatively locally.

That is why no motion could be detected with The Earth. NOT because there was no aether!!

We justify our views with rationalized adjuncts.

Using the vector of light (Michael Morley experiments) to determine any movement of The Earth, failed. Because 1. Light,etc. travel instantaneously. 2. It travels through HYPERSPACE, not our ordinary 3d surface of local round field space!!

Vic Conway.


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