Thursday, 9th March, 2,006.


More on My(in brief) Astronomical Distance,etc.Finder.

There are two main kinds of formation. 1. Vortices. 2. Filaments.

The filaments are inside of the vortices.

The vortices produce astronomical objects of one kind. The usual normal kind.

The filaments produce via pinched off plasmoids, astronomical objects of another kind.

An example of vortices(everything goes in vortices!) is of course The Great Spiral Galaxies.

Many examples of filaments will be seen in the night sky, and on telescopic,etc.photographs.

You cannot get curving strings like that by mere chance co-incidence! They were created by serial pinch effects culminating in pinch offs – of the plasmoids.

Vortices become orbitals.

We live in a universe(and beyond, without end) of vortices stuffed with filaments!!

On Earth, and other planets,etc. the numerous different forms on and IN the planet are of the filamentary structures.

The planet,itself, is a vortex. A double helix. Dare I say Double Reverse Helix??

Everything is repeatedly duplicated(though not exactly!) at all size levels! Atoms, DNA, galaxies, the universe. You name it!!

Wheels within wheels, of course.

Cogs and pinions WITHIN cogs and pinions. WITHOUT END. OR BEGINNING!!!!

Basically simple, but then with increasing complexity for the larger structures.

Vic Conway.


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