Monday, 6th March, 2,006.

A1064(My e mail address is “vicon@halenet.com.au>)

Still further on My (in brief) Astronomical Distance Finder.

There was no big bang! Not even a little plop, nor poof!!

What exists out there is Alfven’s Space Plasma!!

Created by electrons splitting into charged electrons and ions.

Magneto-electricism, not gravity, is the main factor.

Pinch Effect(See in A1063) is the secret behind the creation of objects.

The actual mechanism is graviton pressure!!

Objects get pushed out(up the spiral arm they are on) by the electron stream in their umbilical cords of energy from field centre! Faster and faster! Because the back log of electrons ex the last black hole is increasing!!

The spirilla(vortices)(double helixes) degenerate into orbitals, I think!

Anti matter and anti energy exist.(Along with reverse spins, also from negative objects.)

Nothingness became matter(and energy) and anti-matter(and anti-energy).

Gravity is simply pressure of gravitons,etc. out of white holes(all white(luminous))objects are white holes!

All non luminous objects are black holes.

Anti-gravity is simply radiation out of white objects!!

This in micro physics and in macro physics(Which is Astronomy.).

Including in Quantum Mechanics.

Art is super science!!

Art is the accomplished(become automatic and non-concious!) ability to do things!!

Everything now reduces to the simplest terms!

And can be easily worked out.

Higher structures evolve from these.

Though evolution is actually a joint affair, being from below and above simultaneously!!

The FILAMENTS I spoke of in A1063 are simply electron flows bonding together over and over, because in magnetic fields. Forming ever thicker and thicker plasmic ropes!!

Study Alfven’s Pinch Effect!(And pinch off creating plasmoids). As I suggested in A1063. In Lerner’s book “The Big Bang Never Happened!!”.

We live in a very simple(the simplest possible!) universe,etc. in PRINCIPLE and BASICALLY. These simplicities merely increase to ever higher levels. Creating complex DETAILIA!!!!

But remember to keep in mind the conjoint from above as well as from below rule!!

Vic Conway.


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