Sunday, 5th March, 2,006.


Further comments on My (in brief) Astronomical Distance Finder.

Every main structure is a double helix! (I am not sure if double REVERSE helix.) Throughout everything under the sun. AND ABOVE IT!!!! Reversing in the sense that one spiral arm is going the opposite way.

For example: atoms, molecules, planets and satellites, stars, stellar clusters, galaxies,etc. and so on!! Endlessly! Up and down in size. ONLY the main structures, not anything else!

DNA is!!

Our Earth is a double helix. Definitely hollow.(As are all the heavenly bodies AND fields. All bolides are.)

The round shape is merely the outer rough appearance!

There is a small expansion(or contraction in phase) with all fields. The five inflations exist. These expansions(and contractions) are linear progressions of the components up(or down)the spiral arms!!

The components(stars or whatever), get born at zero size out of the centre of the field. Which is a white hole.(There are also mini black and white holes.)(Worm holes exist between all points in space and time,etc. For instantaneous tranmission!) Everything gets born out of a white hole! And dies down a black one.

The linear progression of the objects moving(and growing as they go)(I suspect an invisible umblical cord of flowing (electrons,etc.)energy from field centre to each object!) up the spiral arm, feeding the objects, concerned is simply the progress of a line of objects, not really an expansion!

The expansion finally changes to a contraction, similarly linear down the spiral arm concerned, which has now curved over, to head back towards the field centre!

Which becomes a black hole, down which everything goes!! To get reborn as a linear flow of objects later. Thus a continual pulsation!!

The only force is electro-magnetism. Which should read magnetico-electricism! As magnetism is the real primary force!

Gravity is a push force of pressure(of gravitons,etc.).

Strong force is the same thing on a tiny scale.

Weak force is a sort of radiation.

I strongly question WHETHER THERE IS ANYTHING ELSE!!(Basically, I mean.)

No unified fields.

I realize that the first instinct of the reader(or most readers) will be to dismiss what I am saying immediately.(If only because SO different to everything you have been taught. Which has been so generally accepted!!) But that WILL BE a most terrible mistake!!

We live in a multi-dimensional, basically multi GROUP dimensional!, infinite system of fields within fields. Vortices or spirals(the double helixes) being the objects. Graviton pressure bends the spiral arms, NOT spin! (Yes. Forget ALL you have ever learned. It is all CRAP!!)(Our UNIVERSE is simply yet another field in an infinite extent of such. Also a double helix!!)

Nothingness does exist. By virtue of its nonity!(But via a zeno’s arrow.)

Infinity exists for the opposite reason.

Nonities and infinities combine to form apeirons. Which at a higher stage becomes a GOD. In turn to form a new round of particles!! And so on for ever. As has always been!!

Falsehoods have been deliberately foisted upon us all. And for many millions of years,now!!

Only individuals have real hope. Evolve personally. And GET to The Pleiades and Outer Pleiades, AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!!! Do it from The Spirit World!!(Possible from there.)

The rest of us are hopeless trapped under a bad alien spell.(The only hope is from the good aliens. But that won’t be just yet.)

Note that the field is “expanding” from centre, not from the sun, or any observer!(It may APPEAR to be expanding from the sun, with the stars,etc. BECAUSE we are so NEAR to the centre!! But that is all!)

There are fields larger than the universe. There is no end!(Nor beginning. To anything.)

Yes. S’s, and Z’s(Backward S’s.)!! Births are in two opposing directions out of the white holes. These columns of GROWING objects get bent into the galactic familiar spiral arm shapes!(The spiral galaxies are simply another example of The Spirilla! Seen at the SPIRAL stage!!)

Hence the helix shape!

Everything is basically as simple as can be!

Starting with the circle, and its circumference!! Which becomes an ellipse.

Closer inspection reveals the helix!

There is no such thing as expanding(or contracting) space or space time!!

We have been CONNED!!!!

And we need to WAKE UP to that simple fact, and throw off the yolk!! Or PERISH completely!!!!

Pairing is due to bifurcations in series. Identical twins!! Everything is in pairs. But some pairs separate increasingly, and thus APPEAR to be singles! But they are not. They,too, will be found to be identical twins!!

Two basic ‘spin of objects’ speeds. Fast and not so fast. The fast objects split into two equal components. And separate more and more. The slower (spinning) objects split into two identical twins, but stay close together!!

There are two main amazing shape patterns to notice! 1. The spiral arm pairs. 2. The FILAMENTS.(The filaments are separate structures throughout space, and time,etc. Filaments OF helixes. Born of the great Alfven’s space plasma’s “pinch effect”. Born in turn of electric currents and magnetic fields. The filaments exist at all size levels, and constantly twine together to form ever larger filaments!(From the smallest to the largest sizes that exist.)(Refer Eric J Lerner’s book: ” Big Bang Never Happened”. Pages 42-49, 53, 207-209. On Plasma filaments. Filamentary structures and currents(and magnetic fields).)

I had thought that helices existed within helices, with NO intervening stages. But I see now that the filamentary structures WITHIN each field is a necessary intermediary stage!!

Of course we have bodies revolving around(orbitting) greater bodies, serially in larger and larger formations for a while. Then beyond that the filamentations occur.

The helixes come first. Then these helices form up in ever growing FILAMENTS. You can see them out there in the clear night sky. And again in photographs of the galaxies,etc!! They are EVERYWHERE. And at all size levels.

Observe the beautiful neat CURVING structures that they form. Shapes FAR beyond chance co-incidence!! But shapeless otherwise.

These filamentary structures(the final stage in a long evolution) gradually break down and vanish. Others are appearing(getting created via plasmic pinch effect) all the time.

So. It is not a simple case of black holes changing into white holes, and then later the white holes becoming black holes, but we have these long intermediary stages!!(Consider,too, the vast zones of “all shapes”, as on our planet, not a helix to be seen!!(Until we get down to mini particles sizes.)

Actually the essentially SHAPELESS filaments(except that they form exquisite curves) appear to be the last stage in an otherwise neat beautiful sequence of field patterns!!!!

I suppose their broken down component parts, electrons and the like, then go to form the basic units of the next evolutionary round. After going down a black hole. And later emerging out of a white one.

If you read the above mentioned pages, you should understand just HOW these filaments form!!

And there you have it!!

The basic truth!!

My stupidity and slowness did the trick!!!!

The Hubble Diagram is a shocking MESS.

Eddington’s Diagram is wrong.

So is The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram!!

You may think that I am a mad man out to SHOCK.

Think AGAIN.

How hard to abandon habitual thought, especially when general!!

On the other hand, the apparently anomalous truth is explained!!!!

That we are prisoners in mental cages! Deliberately being fed LIES!!!!

For the bad alien purpose of domination and eventual exploitation!!

The immediate agents are Orthodox Materialistic Science and Conventional bigotted Religion!! Note that both have elements of truth! Materialistic Science is right WITHIN its own context of 3d. And conventional religions are(especially Christendom) great distortions of original truths born of some great personage, long since misunderstood!!

Ah,yes. Santa Claus makes(with the help of his wife at The North Pole!) over 6,000,000,000 gifts every year which he distributes(all on his ownsome) to all, by flying reindeer transport, landing on each roof top to drop the sack of gifts down the chimney!! Don’t you believe it??(This Santa business foxed me for years. But I finally twigged!!)

Ah, but Daddy sneaks in through the bedroom door when he THINKS you are asleep, and deposits his pillow case(or whatever) of gifts.

Drat it, I wondered how Santa managed to keep his red and white uniform so SOOT free!!

And similarly we have the most ridiculous ideas forced upon us from cradle to grave. And woe betide those who do not swallow them whole!!!!(You lose your enemies!)(But those who try to give out The Truth, get most cruelly murdered.(When they go too far.)(As with Jesus and Bruno for example. Jesus nailed to a cross. (For trying to help the world by telling it the TRUTH!!)Bruno burnt alive!(For daring to suggest that other stars were suns like we have, with inhabited planets revolving around them!! Aaaaaaagh!!


Vic Conway.


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