Friday, 3rd March, 2,006.


Comments on My Condensed Astronomical Distance,etc.Finder.

First, let me say that the charts I did on “the clock”(R.A. and Decl. Both. Separately.) were for single factors, like “velocities”(various formats), only. One would not expect a pattern to emerge with them. Though I think something did! It therefore in no way resembles my maps, R.A. and Decl., using MY distances.

The R.A. clock is in hours, minutes and seconds. The Declination clock is in degrees, minutes and seconds. No direct relationship. But 360 in common!! You need to reduce each one to simple units for facility of handling!! In respect of plotting “velocities”,etc. And to show amazing fit of patterns via synchronization!!

When you do the distances maps, in R.A. and Declination, separately, you must of course use the vectors – as well as my distances.

This FIND must, change Astronomy beyond all recognition. Provided that it is promulgated. That is where YOU readers come in. I need someone(more, if possible) to actually DO what I did. That is plot R.A. and Decl. maps of the heavens for all the main categories of Heavenly Body. Like Stars(Use Nearest and Brightest. All the well known stars!)(There is a special category for them in the Astronomy Catalogues.), Closed(I did closed only.) stellar clusters. Galaxies,etc. And Quasars and Radio Sources,etc.

It must change Astronomy completely. And profoundly alter Cosmology, Cosmogony and Astro-physics.(Astro physics data will be COMPLETELY different!!)

Trigonometric Parallax deserves special attention. The orthodox worked on STRAIGHT space. But space is CURVED IN GENERAL, and WARPED, LOCALLY!! Try Trig that way!! Obviously it cannot be done.

You should find that trig distances are 47% out of true!

Since absolute magnitudes are based on these, they are plainly going to be very wrong! ALL other distances depend upon the trig base, of course. And are therefore very wrong. As is ALL other data, like mass,etc!!

There IS NO Hubble Law expansion! Nor is there an OPTICAL Doppler’s Effect! Hubble’s Law is simply the field’s HORIZON. Our angle of view to it! Though it co-incides necessarily with their velocity terms, the ACTUAL velocities are completely different! There is an expansion and then a contraction, repeatedly!! Pulsating fields. I KNOW all these things. Confirmed SO WELL by my maps,etc!!

It must radically improve Man’s Affairs.

And completely alter our future! For the better!!

The catch is IF it is promulgated! So, for God’s sake do so!! DO the plotting. I did it both manually and by computer!! But unfortunately lost the lot due to having to move around so much!!(My type NOT being welcome anywhere!!)

I search for Truth,etc. But so many dominant humans hate that, and God,etc!!

Therefore those people who try to be good,etc. are HATED, and SEEN OFF!!!!

I am sure good folk out there will KNOW this!!

This is my biggest and most important FIND. Whatever you do, DO NOT MISS IT!! WHATEVER you do!!

The result of 30 years HARD SLOG!!

Producing a picture of The Universe COMPLETELY different(the very opposite!) of the one we NOW have FOISTED upon us!!

Chaos DOES NOT reign. We are in a universe of the neatest and most BEAUTIFUL perfection!! GEOMETRIC. Every last detail fitting exquisitely. And with the fullest MEANING!!!! For ALL!!!!

Naturally I am totally loathed and opposed by the orthodox!!

It is THEY who are so wrong, not the unorthodox mavericks!!

You have more than my word for it. You can check for yourselves!! Please DO!!!!

Of course I am resisted, and to the maximum. And so will YOU be if you work on this!! But BEAT them, or we ALL lose!!!!

If you DO work on this, you will find your life improving in direct proportion! Simply because THEN you will be HARMONIZING with the fundamentals of the universe, which are not just good, but PERFECT!!!!

You will have good luck beyond your wildest dreams!!

Everything will start to go right!!

It is utterly at variance with everything we now know!! Yes, EVERYTHING!!!!

In the measure that you disregard what I am saying, you will have bad luck!!(It is right!!)

It isn’t that I am favoured or clever. But that all are favoured(by God). I am actually very stupid!! But because principles are so SIMPLE, I was able to very slowly do it!! Got it??(I made many mistakes. But very gradually GOT THERE!!)

As said, it took me 30 hard convolute years!!

The details are complex.

Knowing how the universe works, will simplify your life out of all recognition!!

It is all based on THE CIRCLE!!!! And ALL derives from that!!

Pi and Phi play very big parts!!

Life is so difficult and complicated because MAN has MADE it so!!

Not the nice decent folk! But the overlords. Not the figure heads, but the faceless evil ones. In The Secret Government,etc. Which is ruled by bad aliens!! Through The Illuminati and Freemasons(though I am not sure about the latter!).

Not all aliens are bad. Far from it! But like us they have their good and their bad, and their indifferent.

The aliens are of many different types. We are most visited by the little grey humanoids, and the human sized MUTANTS(cross between humanoids and humans) of the new species! Space is very much inhabited!! Humans are a one off production of the humanoids. Genetically engineered. The aliens of The Pleiades and the farther star group ARE humans. The best. THEY left Earth millions of years ago, to escape the increasing evil here!!

I note that it is STILL increasing!!

The Fall of Man was due to a MISTAKE. There have been MANY falls!!

We need to pull out of it! Or get completely destroyed!!(Almost impossible, because the aliens are so crafty, and ingenious.)

Time travel, not just space travel, is very common among aliens.

Good will win, eventually. God rules!

God COULD at any time defeat the bad element among humans. (Everywhere, in fact.) But chooses not to do so.(At least, not yet!) In order to let the baddies GROW. Build scaffolding, from which one day to develop good and high points!! In any case we humans have CHOSEN The Devil via Pan, to rule over us!!(Being so VERY backward.(Spiritually.) Though so advanced technologically.

Both Orthodox Science and Conventional Religion are wrong. Very wrong!!

The truth is far different. And I believe I have much of it.(Only a little actually, but enough I hope to get us all started.) A few others too are finding out the truth. Some possibly more advanced than I am. I have proved and confirmed all my finds. By Logic Theorems. Else I would not dare relate them to you all!!

We did not descend from apes. Nor did we get created by some small VERY HUMANLY FAULTY Jewish icon!!

We were created, as I say, many millions of years ago, by humanoid aliens! A one off production. Via genetic engineering. Using a combination of ALL life forms, plus the humanoids. Unfortunately, we have run amok!! And are in very great danger of destroying ourselves COMPLETELY!!!!

The universe is TEEMING with life. Of all sizes and shapes!!

The latest species is a combination of humanoids and humans. The new human sized mutants. An ongoing job. Hence the many alien abductions! Partly for this reason. Partly to study us. Much as we study animals!

We are indeed a space farm.

Our best hope is to get to The Pleiades. Which may be possible from The Spirit World!!

Staying here(On Earth) is a most dismal prospect!!

We have made The Devil our god, instead of The Great Universal God!! The Great White Spirit!! That is our basic mistake!

Being so unevolved, we would naturally do this.

There is an Ice Age Age coming, very soon, by the way!

The bad aliens are making us as un-natural and abnormal as they possibly can!!

Because they hate us so!!(We, with our spirituality and good genes!!)

They need our genes. And they need our spirituality(such as it be!).

So they steal these from us!!

Their own genes have a serious defect, which is destroying them(the little greys).

The current Solar Cycle Age is nearly over. We have about a decade left, at most.

We go out with a BANG. A collosal one.

Destroying much of life on this planet. And then we all start again. In a new cycle!! And so on, ad infinitum!!(As it has been ALWAYS, in The Past!!)(Of Life, not Man.)

Magic and Miracles are the natural order of things. But we have been deliberately robbed of these by bad aliens taking advangtage of our backwardness!!!!

My New Astronomy, ETC. can save us. IF ONLY some of you readers do the PLOTTING(maps,etc.) I am asking you to do. And PROMULGATE this my New Astronomy,Etc!!

Don’t elevate me. I am ordinary enough!! Elevate GOD!!!! It is God who is using me to do what I am doing. That part given to me. Not that God ONLY uses me!!

God uses ALL!!!!

So you see, folks, DO buck up!!

Or we shall be FORGOTTEN History, YET AGAIN!!!!

You dig a bit better now?

You can contact me on .

Enjoy the ride!!

They have even debased sex!! Making us feel so wrong about even our most basic natural and normal functions!!

ENJOY!!!!(Not be miserable. But enjoy the best things, of course!! Which if I may remark, – is my NEW ASTRONOMY!!!!)

Vic Conway.


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