Thursday, 2nd March, 2,006.


Old Boots(Perfect sex!!)

I will tell you how to have the most pleasurable sex:-

You will need a television set, a video player(and recorder), some moths(Do NOT use other insects!! Or you may get infected!! Which can be MOST unpleasant, including inability to urinate!!), and a bottle. Oh, and some Condensed Milk!! AND a NEW condom.

Bit hard on the moths, but we need a sense of proportion. Worthy sacrifices, I hope!!

Masturbation is self sex.

Now, here we go:-

Record you favourite partner on video. In best pose. Play back on slow.

Have it ready. You will kiss the screen lips! AS you approach orgasm and ecstacy!!

Put some condensed milk(just a little, but enough) on your penis(if a man, of course). On or near the CONNECTOR.(Which runs from urethal entrance down to foreskin.)

Carefully catch first one moth, and then the other. Hold by wings and body just over half way towards rear. Push gently onto one spot of condensed milk.(So it is stuck, but with legs free and onto lower half of connector.) Now catch the other moth, and place similarly but on the top of the uretha, so that its legs are on the top half of your connector.

Very carefully(so as not to hurt or move the moths!) place a suitably sized bottle(it varying per size of hard penis), over your penis, all the way down, as far as it will go. Make sure the bottle cannot come off. Oil or grease it to avoid hurt!

Now kiss the lips of your favourite in still or slow motion forwards. Continually. Or as long as desired. Standing probably. Sit when tired. And just watch, and enjoy!!

Enjoy yourself. You should have the best pleasure possible. Perhaps producing ecstacy!!

That was for masturbation. Females put A LITTLE condensed milk near clitoris. And place a moth(or two) so as to get stuck on the condensed milk, but have legs free and on clitoris. Enjoy the ride!!

For sex, do the same thing, but then put a NEW condom over the hard penis, taking all care not to hurt or move the moths!!

Insert condomed penis into (preferably wet) vagina. Right in, slowly and gently.(So as not to hurt or move the moths!!) Best with slack and wet vaginas!!

DO NOT MOVE. Self, or penis. The feeling should be sufficient!!(Female partner has the moths suitably placed on clitoris,as for masturbation!!)

If this does not satisfy you, no thing will!!

Why marry,etc? Why be stupid??

I BELIEVE moths are cleanest insects.(Avoid powder.) So little chance of infection!(But confirm this!! FIRST!!!!)

Yes, it is a bit hard on the moths. But get them to make the sacrifice!! And wish them a happy Heaven life!!!!

You continue until ejaculation. I don’t think you will need to repeat!

Don’t try to speed things up!(Think of the moths.) Also enjoy pleasure and joy longer!!

If you wish you can stop before ejaculation.(Er, if you can!) But optional.

Life is for enjoying. To the full. Provided work for God and Man NOT neglected!!

It is religion and church,etc. that spoils things for us!!

Make others, and yourself, happy! So long as you do no undue harm!! That is all that matters.(If committed to God, or for any other good reason, THEN DO NOT DO(SEX,ETC.)!!!!)

But I say, best wait until in next world!!

I am aware that sex offends many. But this is due to church indoctrination. Sex is normal and natural. We NEED to ejaculate periodically, and to LOVE our target. Not suppress and repress these things!! Or we get worse, AND suffer bad side effects!!

It has to come out SOME WAY or another(fluid and love!!)(Suppressed and repressed love turns to HATE!!)(Suppressed fluid leads to spontaneous emissions and wet dreams. What a waste!!).(As with all excretory funcitons, like urination and defecation for example.) So why not go the best way?! You will LOVE your target out of shere appreciation and gratitude. Believe me!!(Most should, anyway.)

I absolve myself though from ALL responsibility! I am simply telling you how to get maximum pleasure and joy!! YOU, yourself, MUST decide if harmful to you(and your targets) or not!! The responsibility is thus ALL yours!!!! Note that well!!

I know lip kissing television and video images is far short of real thing. But not too bad a substitute, I hope!!

We need to save humanity from this pain and misery obsession!! You DO NOT need to do stupid(as a rule!) things like get married, or have children, go to war, etc. We do these things because so brainwashed and conditioned to do them!! By the baddies. Who out of jealousy and envy HATE the rest of us enjoying ourselves. Because they cannot! And so do all that they can to get us NOT to enjoy ourselves, but be like them!!(THEY cannot, and have become abnormal and un-natural because brainwashed and conditioned that way TOO FAR. That is no reason for others to do likewise!!)(This is basically what is wrong with the human race!!)

I KNOW many will HATE me for this!

I suggest THEY get right. Not send me wrong. Nor others, either!!

ALL of the BEST!!

Vic Conway.


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