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On My Exact Astronomical Distance Etc. Finder. A final point. To conclude these few articles on the subject. So go back if you have not read the preceding few.(I am referring to A8032, A803, A802, A801, A800, go back until you reach the start of my astronomy notes!!) My World Situation Now report ran into My Exact Astronomical Distance Finder. It just happened! I get that some times.



      Now I will be honest, in my attempt here to make My New Astronomy Course palatable(I realized that it was too hard for almost anybody. If you can grasp these last few articles, then going over the full course should be a matter of picking up details. In fact, you may not need to do it. I deal with The Quasars,too. I suggest you start with them. In any case read My Quasar Four article. You should find it near the end of my batch of about 70 I am just putting in.(Only one or two articles back!!)(A908 or something.)


     There are a number of points I need to clear up, to make My EXACT distance,etc.finder bearable.


     1.  When you come to the quasars, which I suggest you do FIRST(Do the brightest and nearest stars SECOND!!!!)! Because the most spectacular per figures!!(In four different ways I reach almost the same answer!! Per their distances.)  Take The Quasar z value. This should be a figure with either 0 or 1 in front of the decimal point. If a 1(or more), ignore it. Just take the last four figures(those after the decimal point. Now multiply it by 100. This will then provide you with two figures before the decimal point, and two after. THAT is the value you must work with!!(Similarly with The Blassars.)(In other words “Relativity Effect” allowed. But many have already been R.E. allowed!!)


     2.  Now, there is another value which you multiply by 100. No! I think it is a division by 100. Unfortunately, I cannot now recall which factor that is. I only remember that it turned up shortly after the need to multiply the quasar co-efficient by 100! Annoying, but there it is. It is a fairly obvious thing as far as I can recall. Sorry about that.  If you wade through the various distance finding articles you may pick it up. Best of luck!!


     3.  I said to take The Colour Magnitude(with the stars,etc.). But allow for dust,etc. AND velocity. Which two will change the colour a bit. You must allow for that!!  Now draw a square. On the vertical axis have Orthodox Absolute Magnitudes, low at the bottom. OMv.(Have a SCALE worked out!!)(This is about the only time you may need to use orthodox values.) Now throw up a diagonal, sloping down from top left hand corner, to the bottom right.  Next, you drop a perpendicular(it will be a horizontal straight line!) from the value you are using on the upright, and throw it across, A STRAIGHT LINE, to the diagonal. When and where  it hits the diagonal, you drop it STRAIGHT down at 90 degrees to the horizontal axis. Where you must have a scale of dust and velocity allowed COLOUR MAGNITUDES scaled out. Low on left, high on the right!!  WHERE it hits is the value you want!!(Forget red giants, and white dwarfs,etc. THEY DON’T EXIST!!) USE that. NOT the orthodox OMv value!!(This is in fact Eddington’s Diagram or that other similar diagram(I forget the name.). The one where you have a 2-1 rectangle, a diagonal thrown up from BOTTOM left to top right. With blue and red giants. Main Sequence, and all that lot.(DO NOT use either of these diagrams!!)(Use the square as I have directed.)(There are no red giants,etc!!) BEAR WITH it!! Orthodox Astronomy is COMPLETELY WRONG!! BELIEVE ME!!!!


     I am trying to make it all as easy as I can for you. As this exact distance,etc.finder of mine is the hardest part of my work. BUT WELL WORTH WINNING!!!! Do this short simple course before tackling(if at all)My Main New Astronomy Course!!!! OR LOSE HEART, FAST!!!!(Except for the introductory portion!!)


     4.  There is another diagram I ask you to use:  The idea is to magnify the result by multiplying the velocities by 100!(OR de-log(Napierian) So do that. And plot mags vertically, and “vels” horizontally. Did you not do that you would produce a horizontal zig zag graph! But by multiplying,  it comes out in WAVE FORM!! Which SHOULD make you THINK!!!!


    5.   Now the orthodox graphs are LOGGED(Napier). But don’t let that stop you!!(If you didn’t log, the length of the “vels” would become prohibitive!! So go along with the orthodox logging. Even though it shows a false picture!!!!(It all works out all right, with the logs in, because the values themselves are logged!! I BELIEVE!!!!


    6.   E logs are not necessary. Fortunately!!


    7.   Just use the ordinary orthodox data, BUT ADJUSTED AS I DIRECT!!


    8.   I have forgotten much, you see. But not too much, I hope!! You might pull a lot back by going through ALL of my distance,etc.finding articles!!


    9.  USE The Homer Guide!! When you have done all the mere RATIO values, columns, and everything. THEN obtain The Homer Guide value. That is the orthodox value for the distance! It should provide the mathematical ORDER(the number of digits!) before the decimal, that we are looking for!!  NEXT, come back to MY values, and USE THEM. But use the ones that FIT the order of The Homer Guide. Otherwise you won’t know(since only ratios) HOW MANY figures before the decimal point to go to!!(With ratios you don’t need to worry about how many zeroes there are in the data values. NOR, how many decimals before the point!! It won’t matter at this stage. As ONLY ratios!! Near the end we convert to ACTUAL VALUES!!!!)


        10.  There is Hubble’s Law(In ALL fields! Not just the galactic,etc!! REMEMBER that!!!!)(That is the PRACTICAL distance, so use THAT!)(Seldom will you need the CHORD distance. Use The ARC distance!(The chord distance is the optical measure. The arc is the spectroscopic one!)(It should prove a lot easier than it looks. I hope.)(How often do you need the distance from New York to London THROUGH THE GROUND?! Well, it is like that!!)(If you ever do want the chord value, then use the orthodox v, apparent mag;  with the ACTUAL vel(Distant H.L. inside object minus Near H.L. inside object to get the actual velocity, approach or recede!!)(NOT my FULL “VEL”  wave angle THIS TIME!!) .  For distances ex Sol, the sun.  The apparent mags will be right. But the ACTUAL”vels”  will of course be distorted by the off angle view from the observer!!(What you need to remember is that the actual velocities ARE NOT FROM US!! They are from The Centre of The Field concerned!(Take care not to mix up fields or categories!!)(DIFFERENT scales of values appertain with each LOT, field or category!!) Because the field is expanding(or contracting to)(but I never found any) from centre of THE FIELD!! All you need to do is measure the ANGLE between sun’s position on the SUN centred map to the centre of the field.(How do you locate the field centre? Easy. Two ways.(With the (Use the COMMON WELL KNOWN NEAREST STARS!!) 1.  Trace the spiral arms(yes!!) back to centre, where they will all meet up!! That is the centre of the field!! OR, you can find The Rho Oppuchus!(That region of the night sky where it is very dark! Where the red dwarfs are most numerous!!) (THAT is the centre of the field! Yes!! Because the objects start off small, but grow, via an invisible umblical cord from the white hole(It will look WHEN OPENING like a blue giant star, but vanishes after giving birth!!)Get its REAL distance AND ANGLE from The Sun, and reversing the data, plot back to it. It should match exactly where the spiral arms (traced backwards) MEET!!!! Got it? Best of luck!!(Use spiral arms traced backwards FIRST. THEN worry about THE EXACT centre!!)


     11.  There is Hubble’s Law(YES!!!! Even with our local closed stellar cluster!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!), AND there are hundreds of kilometres per second TERMS(I think they both terms are equal? Not sure!1)(Something like that)(I THINK this is where the DIVIDE by 100 comes in! Anyway, I think I recall now that there was a x100(I know that is of the original Quasar z co-efficient. Ignore anything before decimal point!! (Make sure Relativity Effect has been taken off. It will be that ONE before the decimal!! Make it a zero!! And use the four digits following the decimal. Multiply that by 100, to get TWO figures in The Mantissa!!(Before the decimal point.))(It is called Relativity Effect, but is actually not!! Forget that for now.)(Einstein Effect IS Gravitation Effect. This is very small, except with THE QUASARS where it is enormous!!(Take my word for it now!!) )The quasar z’s(H.L. Cosmological Red Shift value needs dividing by FIVE. Or, the final distance dividing by ONE HUNDRED. Same thing!!) The reason being, that FOUR FIFTHS of The Quasar z is GRAVITATION EFFECT. (I CAN explain it!!)So take that off, to get the CORRECT distance away from observer!! The other fifth ONLY is the distance portion of the z!!!! It’s right. As Halton C.Arp, and a few others ALSO found out!! Yep!!!! What looks IMPOSSIBLE IS NOT!!!!(For all categories, sizes and distances!!))


       So you either use Hubble’s Law (Four fifths of it in EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL CASE!!!! With The Quasars and The Radio Sources. And The Blassars,etc. presumably!!) OR, you use so many hundred or thousand ks per second. DIVIDED BY 100(To make it more manageable, as with the quasar z/5! As we are only handling RATIOS at this stage!! Got it??) I THINK I have found my other 100. But it was divide, I think, not multiply. Thus restoring the actual values via first multiplying by 100, and then dividing by 100!!!!


       G.E. is for Gravitation Effect. Very small with all bar quasars, radio sources, B.Lacterae Objects(I THINK!!) and The Blassars!! Anyway u.g.(Universal Gravity) is its RECIPROCAL!! Get that, reverse it, and you have G.E!! Something like that, anyway.  My articles spell it out better. Read THEM!! In CONJUNCTION with this RENDER EASIER article A910, here!!


       Good hunting!!


       It will take time and patience. But SHOULD(if you do it right!!) become a pleasure!!!!


       I am trying to take the pain out of it.


       Do it FIRST. Reflect AFTERWARDS!!!!


       Go the other way, and you won’t make it!!(As it LOOKS so ridiculous, BUT IS NOT!!!!)(Ignore any critics. Keep it to yourself until you get the right turn out, as sceptics WILL try to stop you!! So keep it DEAD QUIET, until you have GOT IT!!!!


      I started with THE HUBBLE DIAGRAM(And Eddington’s Diagram, and that other one like it!!).




       Any questions, ask me!!








      Victor Conway.






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