Wednesday,  May 13th, 2,009.

Greetings, world. Anyone for the skylark??

Here is zee news:  The truth.

My truth, anyway.

Now I know you are a clever lot out there.

Proper gives me an inferioritycomplex.

All in the mind? But which mind??

Obama a traitor? Sure is acting that way!

Will Israel attack Iran? But which parts??

Any big bangers out there. Ha! You is all wrong.

It wuz a little pop.  See??!!

Swine Fever now known as Influenza A, sub group H1N1 MAY get big. Though probably not as big as in 1918.  COULD get bigger. 

Just remember what kills is not so much the virus, as the immune system’s re-action.  THAT is what usually kills!!

Aid by flu’s friend and leader, PNEUMONIA!!

Aye.  We are due for a pandemic.  And flu virus not in habit of losing. It is getting worse.  Now toss in bird flu H5N1, latest(mild)variety, but big numbers potential, and you have hitting humans via ANIMALS  some possibly deadly cock tails.

Yuk, yuk. 

Of course, this is my view.

Each creature has its view. All different.  Right??

Hey.  Arcturus is the nearest star. Abo’s right.  It is yellow like our sun, its twin.   Looks red because of all zee dust and debris,etc. en routa.

Ho, ho.

Just introducing my self.

No wise cracks now. I am only a beginner.

The world will end in four years. Just the end of this AGE!


Sorry, no zombies.

Well, there is my truth news fellahs.

Take it or leave it.

Why is you all(nearly all) stuck on materialism and nudes??

Take it easy now. I know you is smarto.


I am Vic Conway.

No, no.  Not Britney.

Anyone out there?

With SENSE I mean.


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