DD12-1 Financial fiasco Situation desperate

September 25, 2008
Thursday, 25th September,  2,008.


Financial fiasco.  Situation desperate!!

     The boy who cried wolf!

                There was once a little boy who cried wolf.(When there was no wolf there.  Because he loved to see everyone panic.   How he laughed in greatest glee.   Until his sides ached.  What fun!!)

        Then one day a real live wolf appeared. He cried wolf again.

        This time everyone laughed AT HIM!!  He was completely IGNORED.

        So the wolf had a fine time.

        And really had the chickens running.

        Then a lion arrived, and ate the wolf.

        Next a monster swallowed the lion.

        Finally Tyranosaurus Rex came along. And devoured the monster.

        The little boy who cried wolf was in the wolf’s jaws, looking rather uncomfortable.

        Then the lion got the wolf in its jaws. And spat out both boy and wolf!!!!

        In the last scene we see hordes of Tyrannosaurus Rexes.  Steadily devouring Humanity, and ALL life upon the(THIS!!) planet!!!!

        It’s an allegory of course.  Of the world situation.  Currently spear-headed by a global economic and financial crisis.

       Many cried wolf. And now are being ignored.

      Or were until quite recently!!

      Over 800 billion(800,000,000,000) U.S. dollars has been ordered into the breach.  All sigh with relief.  And the markets recover.  A BIT…

      Bush has ordered U.S. Congress to rush a bill through authorizing this.

      Bush(Actually it is Cheney!)(Bush has difficulty reading,ETC. The news!!(It has to be summarized for him!!))(So Cheney uses him as a puppet.  Bush is a tame brain addled goof.  Due to alcohol and drugs in youth.  But he is the best we have got!   Cheney is nasty type.  Rice is diplomatic pawn.  This is the Republican nice guys’ side.

      What is the good news?   THIS IS the good news!!!!

      However, The Democrats rule Congress.  And were delaying passing the bill.

      I THINK now that they have decided not to pass it AT ALL!!!!

      Now here is the rub:  If a bill is not passed authorizing the 800 plus U.S. billion plug is not passed, then the markets and The Dow will collapse!!

      The Democrat argument is that it won’t work.  And that all we are doing is dodging a crash now, at the expense of a super crash a little further down the track.  I THINK this is their case.   I believe they are right!!

      You have to draw the line SOMEWHERE.  Better now!!

      Otherwise, by simply printing more and more money, you will eventually get HYPER inflation.(Like as in Zimbabwe!)

      Better The Dow,etc. crash only 50%,now, than 100% a little later.  I THINK that is The Democrat case.   And I think they are right!!

      The U.S. is world power number three.(Only weeks ago it was top!) Russia is top. Iran second. (Sorry, put North Korea AHEAD of Iran!!) THEN The U.S.(Correction: Move all down another one.  China  is second.  Iran third.(Unless Pakistan has taken that position now!!))

      If this reads a bit like Comic Cuts, get your laugh in NOW. VERY quickly.  As soon it will be TEARS, and TEARS.(Weeping, then lacerations to death. Well, ALMOST death!!   Death will come later.)

     I think that it will take a week or two for this to seep through the general public.

     When they finally WAKE UP, then panic will  follow.

     Finally PANDEMONIUM!!!!

     Then I see a big rush for gold and silver.

     While OIL too rockets!!!!

      No, I am not drunk. And YOU had better not be either!!

     You folks!!  You GUYS out there!!!!

      I need hardly tell you what all this will do to the markets!!!!(In 1929 many jumped out of windows!   SOON, many will not have jobs, nor homes…)

      U.S. though now world power four, STILL holds up(supports) the world. Thanks to China. But Russia is changing all that.

      Now Cheney is not stupid.(Though he did mistake his friend for an animal, and shot it!!)  With Obama looking like winning(He currently has the edge.), for The Democrats.  AND a TOTAL ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL MELT-DOWN perhaps only DAYS away, he(Cheney) has to pull those Bushie strings hard and fast!!

     The plot is simple:  Bush declares a General Emergency, imposes instant Martial Law, AND STAYS IN POWER.  (I know, the worst event possible.)(Only one thing better: A win for McCain. Worst event: A win for Obama!!   Many in U.S. do not want a dark skinned president! (Especially one more Arab than African, and with Muslim friends!!) Nor did many want a woman ruling them.)

     Using his emergency powers to rule on – INDEFINITELY!!

     Plot two:  Israel attacks Iran.  Iran counter attacks.   Then U.S. attacks Iran.

    AND maybe North Korea at the same time.

    Iran is BLUFFING!  MASTER bluffers!!!!(U.S. is weak. But Iran is weaker!!  Would you prefer they get nuclear weapons(within a year, or six months)??  And close The Straits of Horuz,ETC…

    AND(U.S.) perhaps occupy Pakistan. And maybe Venezuela!!

    Yes, there is always Euthanasia.

    Or quick outright SUICIDE!!!!

    The Great Depression of 1929 is going to look like a FLEA-BITE!!!!

    Depressions follow Recessions which follow inflations.  Then come the wars, AND WORSE!!!!

    Back in the good old happy colonial days,  many an island chieftain would cry out from his island  Big whales come!!  (When white men came in their ships to exploit all they came across.)(But they did bring good law and order.  Let us be fair now!!  MANY a coloured man wishes to GOD that Whitey STILL ruled!!  But I leave it to the vivid imaginations of my readers as to what whitey can expect once darkie rules!!!!)(Zimbabwe was just the beginning!!)(Or,rather, South Africa was first, via Mandela, and his wife. Apartheid?   LOOK AT IT NOW!!!!

     An analogy.  FOR, –  Reptilean and Humanoid aliens come in their UFO’s.  Not big birds!

     Economic and financial WIPE OUT could be just days away!!

     When I advise get into gold and silver, I MEAN GET INTO GOLD AND SILVER!!!!

     But many are still listening to the liars.   Well, those that speak false!!

         Russia, via Putin, via the new president eyes the whole world, via oil and gas CONTROL(and increasing pipe lines). And growing wealth. Under new Communism Soviet Marxist rule.  Starting with Europa!!

        Europe is a struggling quarrelling WEAK mass of conflicting countries!!

       Expect Civil War in U.S!!(Democrats versus Republicans.  What else?!)

       Global Cooling is descending, NOT global warming.  THAT started to fall back TEN YEARS ago. In 1998!!   A New Maunder (mini ice age) Minimum may be starting up!!

       However, the nig nogs rule via Thatcher’s mistake. And grow rich RUINING the rest of us!!

       Carbon dioxide is GOOD for the plants!! They can bear 3 to 4 times as much, and THRIVE!!!!

      Fossil fuels AND nuclear power is GOOD for Mankind!!

      Alas Mankind made The Devil, God!!(Actually he replaced Peter Pan with Pan!!)(Pan is The Earth god.)(He who gets us to indulge our low appetites!!)

     Need I go on. Shall I enlarge??

     We have HAD it!!

     6.5 years to WIPE OUT!!!!

     Scare-mongering? You RECKON??

     Flee to the hills,now.

     Rather, the mountain tops!!

     What do you think the MIGHTY Political East are going to do while U.S. descends into civil war and CHAOS??!! Cyber,too!!

     And WMD’s of ALL kinds!!

     CHINA is holding up The U.S. CURRENTLY.

     And The U.S. is holding up the world(supporting it).

     All this began via lending money to too many who would not likely repay!!(Greed by the banks.)

     The sub prime crisis.

     And crashing house prices!!

     READ The Uncensored magazine!!(Check Internet!!)

     The current issue, especially.

     They will fill you in on the details all right!!

     I would be A FIEND not to warn you. Or,rather, TRY to warn you all.(I can only reach A TINY FEW, if that!!)

     Old Nick won’t let me!!

       Bush?  It was the fundamentalist churches of Christendom, using Bush, that have wrought this.

      But fundamentalist Islam is far FAR worse!!

      Bush MAY have(sorry, I mean Cheney)engineered this to STAY IN POWER.

      Or perhaps it was The Second Government. Or maybe BOTH!!

      I don’t know.

     I only know that I expect gold and silver, AND oil,etc. to ROCKET!!!!

     People MUST put their wealth somewhere.  Only safe place is gold!!(Actually it should be GOD.)(No! God isn’t dead.  Man hasn’t been born yet!!)

    Oil is too risky.

    Silver too dodgy. Just yet!!

    U.S. may issue a new currency. The Americano!!

    AND unite with Mexico and Canada to form a North American Alliance.

    HUGE changes IMMEDIATELY ahead!

       Grey September.


       November wipe out.

       December non-existent!!

       NO Christmas,etc!!

       THIS is the scenario I see and FULLY expect!!

       Get in to gold and silver!!  Pronto.  As much as you can!!!!

       U.S. debts are multiplying three and four times, now!!!!

      WHO do you think is going to foot the final bill????   You and I, the suckers. And the general public. The tax payers,etc!!!!

      Under BANK rule!!!!

      WHAT ELSE can anyone EXPECT??!!

      COME ON!!!!

      I wish I could be optimistic!

      But I find it rather HARD!!!!

      The Government and The Medias,etc.etc. will white wash it as much as they can, of course.

      But they lied to us from the beginning!!



      The beginning – OF THE END


      It is better to drink water and REJOICE.

      Than to SWIM in blood!!!!

        Vic Conway.  BAH!!

        PLEASE wake up…  ALL of you!!

       U.S. should have attacked Iran(AND North Korea)(And Pakistan and Khan!!), not Iraq. And Bin Laden, not Saddam Hussein!!!!

       And Al Queda and The Taliban!!

       But that was too sensible.

       So men heeded The Devil, INSTEAD OF GOD!!!!

       We sowed the wind.



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