D10 World situation now


World situation now.

A further sequel.

     The bottom line is that too many people are living beyond their means. And debts are getting too big to even pay off the interest!

      The U.S. made the dreadful mistake of lending to those not likely to pay back.  The housing crisis,etc.(prime) was simply too much.   Yes, greed by the banks!!!!

      What they are doing now is embracing bad debts, etc. The lot.  In a desperate bid to stop the rot.

      Printing more and more money is NOT the way to go!!

      Probably THEY(The top U.S.etc.financiers.)(Especially Paulson now still trying to kid us all that everything will be all right!!) don’t know that the end of this big solar cycle is only 6.5 years ahead.

      They also must SURELY(??) know that  printing more and more money only worsens and postpones the evil day.

      THEY are hoping that this latest massive effort will stop the rot, and save the day.

      Via the many derivatives, THE WHOLE WORLD is being hit!!

      IF they have caught it in time, there is A CHANCE.

      I don’t think that they have.

      Nor do many experts.

      Public and business confidence has been hit too hard now.

      People are beginning to SEE that they have been conned. (Lied to.) And people are rather unforgiving.

      To compound things we will have a change of U.S. leadership soon. But neither Obama nor McCain will stand a chance against(both know next to nothing about the economy!) either the economy nor the MANY and rapidly accelerating other world problems!!

     The result can only be TOTAL DISASTER – within a few years.  For the U.S.  AND the entire globe!!!!

     Bush was hopeless.  McCain would be much better, but lead us into a rapid disaster.  And Obama will lead us into a slow disaster.  Doom, coming up slowly.

     The West has not got a chance.  The political East started to take over about 30 years ago. While The West watched AND DID NO THING!!!!(Main culprit: Political Correctness. Etc.  The various negative activisms!!!!)

     Simply too many horrors and terrors multiplying and growing LIKE RABBITS!!!!

     The whole world, including the so aggressive Political East will also suffer WIPE OUT.

     No other term for it.

     Man made global warming is A PHONEY!! It is THE SUN, ELECTRONICALLY!!!!

     It is global cooling we shall need to prepare for!!!!

     Our alien creators will be inspecting us soon.

     Then the aliens will take over the great evacuation.

     Man, in general, has no idea what is going on.

     Only a most tiny few do!!

     And Bird Flu IS coming, sooner or later. (Could kill hundreds of millions.) It will kill the YOUNG, and spare the old!! Because the stronger the immune system, the worse it is for you, via the virus MAKING the immune system kill you in its effort to save you!!

    So I see an accelerating deterioration over the next 6.5 years.

    Not just financial.

    They are planning to kill about two thirds of humanity, because our top problem is OVER POPULATION!! Via viruses,etc. And starvation!!!!  (THEY are the overlords ruled by humanoid aliens and The Reptileans via The Second Government. FACELESS ones, and really nasty.)

    However, they have left it far too late!!

    I very much doubt that the latest moves by Bush,etc.to try to save The Economy will succeed.  Only for a while. Exactly how long I don’t know.

    So what we will have, is increasing variances in Stock Market and Dow.  As first currency(the extra print-outs!!) and then commodities,etc. shoot upwards.

    I see gold and silver SKY ROCKETTING.

   I expect oil too to SKY ROCKET.

   It will become really awful, with more and more committing suicide.

   As first panic, and then PANDEMONIUM set in.

   No doubt about it, these latest moves by Bush and the U.S. Financiers WILL stop the rot for a TIME.  But will it be for long enough??   THAT is the question.

    I think not.

    The rot has gone too far.

    We need to spend less and save.

    OR PERISH!!!!

     I cannot see a collosal debt ridden U.S. under Obama or McCain surviving against the rapidly growing onslaught of woes.  Led by Islamic Jihad!!!!  And Al Quaeda and The Taliban!!!!   Nuclear,etc.TOO!!!!

     Obama just won’t last. Yes it certainly looks like he will get in.

    And even McCain would fail badly.

    I have been studying world affairs,etc. hard and long.

    WE HAVE BEEN CONNED by our leaders.

    The main culprit though is THE MOB.

    The many unpleasant people. Who spoil it for the rest of us.

    Watch for an increasing number of UFO landings!!!!

   And alien take over!!

      Vic Conway.(Better to know the truth, HOWEVER BAD, than to go on in ignorance!!!!)

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