DD7 Death does not exist


Death does not exist!

              Is there life after death? 

              Not for the body(vehicle, coat) of the entity!  But for the departing entity, – yes.

              The answer is MULTI.

              There is no simple straight answer!!

             Death is simply a disbanding. From a group to individuals.  But not non-existence!!

        Death is a false idea in the minds of men.  Created by men.

        Born of phoney logic. Via wrong associations of ideas.

        It is impossible to be aware of NOTHING.

        Is there life after death – is the wrong question!  The proper question is: Is there death after life?  The answer is NO!!

       Is there life after death?? The answer is two-fold: 1. If you are referring to the body and ITS persona that dies, the answer is a reasonable no.

      2. If you are referring to the personality that exits the body when it dies, the answer is YES.

        Does conciousness survive the death of the body?  And the answer is YES!!!!(And so do all the other vehicles of the self!!!!) And even all creatures.

        When Christendom says ‘The wages of sin is death, a different(not physical)death is referred to.

        When The Serpent(In The Garden) said: “Thou shalt not surely die.”  He was  referring to the physical body. But the soul which cannot perish starts to die!!

        Where does the idea of death come from?  From the corpse, of course.

        Men reason foolishly:  The body persona is inert, therefore that person is no longer existent!

        In any reasonable sense of the word, no doubt about it, a corpse is defunct, and usually stays that way.(Note: I am not saying that corpses are not dead.  Only that their occupying personalities survive death!!(The body has its OWN persona, which DOES die – with the corpse.  But THAT is the lower personality component, and NOT the higher component – WHICH GOES ON, and FOR EVER(as it already has!)!!!!))

        (I am not saying that corpses rise again, only that the person does.(It is possible for a spirit(any spirit) to raise a corpse. Even make it dance.  But that is hardly survival!!))

        All through history, and by many corpses!(I do not mean dancing corpses now.)

       The error is to think that the person is the body!


        No matter how many corpses one sees, that view is necessarily EXTERNAL.(Shall I go by my view of what the occupant is doing WITHIN from OUTSIDE the house, or inside??!!)

        What counts is the inner view of the person concerned, NOT any number of EXTERNAL viewers!!

         DO you see what I mean??

        Like with a sleeper. The sleeper looks not concious, yet may be dreaming!

        Any number LOOKING at a sleeping body NECESSARILY CANNOT see the view of the person concerned!!(What matters is the INTERNAL VIEW of the PERSON WITHIN, NOT ANY NUMBER OF PEOPLE OUTSIDE!!!! Looking at THE OUTSIDE of the building!!)

        It matters not at all how many corpses have been seen,NOR BY HOW MANY,   the views of them ARE EXTERNAL!!!!

       OTHERS looking at the OUTER CASING from the OUTSIDE!!

       But what matters is the view of THE PERSON concerned FROM THE INSIDE!!!!(As with sleepers!!)

     THE error is to ASSUME that an outsider’s view is  the view of the person concerned!!

     Although OF COURSE it is true that the body is dead, if conciousness has moved up to a higher vehicle, then that PERSON is NOT dead!!(The HIGHER personality survives bodily death.)

     If a driver gets out of his car, and leaves it at the side of the road, then gets into a better car and drives off, how sensible would it be to claim that the driver was dead  BECAUSE HIS OLD CAR WAS NOW STATIONARY??!!

     It would be madness of course. And so it is with persons and their bodies!

     Bodies are vehicles for the occupying persons!

     The old vehicle, like a discarded coat, is now stationary because the driver has abandoned it. AS IT WAS NO LONGER OPERABLE!!(Main drive no longer functioning.)

     What men call death is in fact birth!! It was our birth that was our death!!

     The corpse is dead,  is no longer functioning as A UNIT of course.  It now functions as a group of individuals.  Atoms!

     Much like a disbanded regiment.

     Or a group of dismissed people.

     As a GROUP, they no longer exist, but as INDIVIDUALS, they certainly do!!

      Life is simply the presence of life.  More precisely – it is the presence of the indwelling
entity!! In-telligence.

      We live in a complex universe, NOT a simplistic one!!

      Man’s main mistake has been to ASSUME that the universe is simplistic!!

      But the universe is NOT just 3d. It is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL!!  And has MANY planes!(A plane is a 5d LEVEL.)

      I am claiming that this is how it is.

      Either that it is simplistic, OR it is complex.

      Many men claim that death is the end BECAUSE they do not WANT to continue. Due to their wrongdoings and their FEAR of retribution. So they DESIRE and assert EXTINCTION to escape that. However they only escape it in their deluded MINDS!!!!   Not IN FACT!!

      The terrible error of MANY.

       The evidence is overwhelming through psychic research.(That creatures survive the death of their bodies!! All creatures.)

       And, I hope, my logic is sound!

       How shall we KNOW?

       Supposing the universe is simple after all?

       Did we live in a simple universe, then the complex results we get COULD NOT EVENTUATE!!!! They are too complex!!

       Thus, the universe is complex. And we do survive SO CALLED death!!!!

        We cannot FINALLY know until we awaken after WHAT MEN CALL DEATH, to find ourselves still alive, in a better body, in The Spirit World.  THEN we shall know!!

        We may then wave goodbye to the group of people gathered around the abandoned old wreck, muttering POOR CHAP.  And drive off happily enough.!

       The body is a shell that we discard at death. As with crustacea and arichnids.   Do lobsters weep over their old shell cases?

       But men weep over corpses!

       And bestow upon CORPSES what they DID NOT give the person concerned in life!!

       Such are humans!!

        So why is death taught? Because the nig-nogs rule the world. And THEY do NOT want to survive.  So they have ENFORCED a LIE!!!!(They do not want others to survive either. And most violently oppose ALL arguments(sound or not)!!!!)

        THAT is how it is.

        All that matters is that one goes to a nice place after leaving the physical body!

        The best way to ensure that is to be kind to all other creatures.  For the great law is: That as we treat others, so shall WE be treated, later!!

        Little use surviving IF IN AN UNPLEASANT PLACE!!

        We must also endure bad karma in future lives!! Etc. ETC.

         I, along with many who hold this view, am HATED, as is my view. But wish DOES NOT change the fact, THE REALITY!!!!(I don’t believe in Hell said the wit.  But Hell might believe in us!!)

        Death is but a foolish dream, DEAD though the house of it seems.

        Even the corpse is not dead COMPLETELY!!

        And its components shall rise again.

        As also do re-incarnating souls!!

         There are MANY foolish myths held by men. But this is about the most disturbing one.(That we die with our bodies at death, and stay dead FOR EVER!!!!)(As it is natural to want to live.)

         All the anger and wrath in the world WILL NOT CHANGE TRUTH one iota!!

         The foolish ones will of course be VERY angry.

         Better they learn the truth, than that I bow to a stupid LIE!!!!

         They want to ESCAPE from the pain of living. And from the pain of punishment!!

         However there is NO such escape!!


         Am I qualified to speak?(Is ANYONE??)  I say let the logic speak.

        Am I mistaken?  Can YOU refute the logic?(Of my argument.)

       Even if you can deny the massive evidence of Psychic Research.

       Men rather they believe their WISHES, than the truth!!!!


           Victor Conway.

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