DD6 Enter Russia

September 3, 2008


Enter Russia!!

        Pot Pourri with Russia back to Cold War.  All these non Russian ships in The Black Sea.  EU and Nato all anger, no muscle to use!!

        U.S. was(I think)preparing to bomb Iran(perhaps using Israel to pave the way). However, with Russia now about to supply Iran with anti-missiles, this may stymie things, OR speed them up!!

       Japan preparing to re-arm via exiting P.M. And new one in offing.

       Israel’s hand is forced. Hence U.S. preparing to bomb. If it has to be someone, better be them, they reason.  Also to give McCain a better chance.

       Gustav not exactly a fizzer, but certainly not the storm of fhe century!

       Oil drops far again.

       Gold and silver slipping back.

       All eyes on U.S.Election.

       Bush is out to stop Obama.

       RED China behind North Korea.

       Russia behind Iran.

       West reels from bad to worse. And has for the past 30 years and more.

       We are sliding faster and faster towards WW3.(No holds barred.)

       U.S. is horribly in debt. Forces stretched thin. Always threatening, never doing anything. Loser Bush with Fundamental Christendom to ensure he keeps that way!!(This is where The Truth becomes the ONLY way forward!!)

       Super Crash in offing.

       World is back in 1938 and pre 1929!!

       Only far FAR worse.

       Lies continue to go forth. And the people swallow them.

       West either bombs Iran, and worsens things immensely, or Political East simply plays with West increasingly before finally destroying it.  Not even Hobson’s Choice!!!!

       Prospects: MOST GRIM.  Never looked so bad!!

       Any progress in Iraq is largely due to Iran. Only partly due to The Surge.  Obama does not recognize any surge, nor the dreadful consequences of U.S.Etc. pulling out now!! West foolish to go in. Even more foolish to leave now!!(Long since too late to pull out NOW!!!!)

       Taliban increasingly active in Afghanistan.

       Pakistan very dangerous. Who controls the nuclear weapons??

       Somalia, Sudan, Pirates, and worsening Mafia type gangs.  What price peace? Of ANY kind??!!

       Next U.S. President left an appalling legacy.

      Political East playing for time waiting to see who gets in. BEFORE attacking!!!!

       Anyone for Mar’s????

       Vic Conway.

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