D11 Twin towers’ demolition solved, and other solutions.


Twin towers’ demolition solved, and other solutions.

      I said earlier that the collapse of the twin towers was due to  thermite, which via extreme heat melted the steel beam and column connections.

     A military expert has suggested a solution which I think is plausible. Do thermo-nuclear explosions create thermite?

     Anyway, he suggests that thermo-nuclear explosion, or explosions,  brought down the twin towers. Via thermite or not. I  think not. Nor would thermite be necessary.

     This is the best explanation I have seen so far. And is, I think, THE explanation.

     Originally, it was alleged that the twin towers,etc. were demolished by hi-jacked loaded(with passengers and fuel) jet air-liners. One into The Pentagon.  And a fourth intended for The White House,originally, perhaps,   simply crashed.  I think that was all of the alleged hi-jackings.

     Seven years of scrutiny has revealed much.

     The general consensus is Cause Inconclusive.

     (Building seven was also demolished.  And a number of other buildings demolished or attempted to be.)(About seven altogether, I understand.)

     Any interested readers are referred to the latest issue of “The Uncensored” magazine, September to December, 2,008.  A New Zealand publication.   For the gist of this explanation.  The view of a military expert.

     I offer it for what it is worth.(A lot, I conclude.) I think the thermo-nuclear explosion’s solution is correct.(I withdraw my earlier explanation, thermite, as being incorrect.  Hydrogen Device/s is far more apt! (I do not necessarily agree with what The Uncensored says.  However, much of what they say seems sound.(And much, I think(BUT DO NOT KNOW), is not!!)(Just my opinion.)

     For any readers wishing to follow this up on The Twin Towers(and other write-ups of The Uncensored’s articles),  I would direct you to http://www.uncensored.co.nz. I find their views fascinating, way out, extreme and imaginative. They MAY be right. I do not know.  I think they are right re SOME of their views.

     Let me warn you in advance that their views pull no punches!!  Are, I think, possibly dangerous.  And PERHAPS not always wholesome!!

    However, for every nugget THERE IS A PRICE!!!!

     Go in with eyes wide open, VERY critical, full armour, and face risks for which I must absolve myself of ALL responsibility!!   YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…

     Not all can bear the truth(IF it is.).  Nor may all therein BE the truth. I simply do not know. CARE!!!!

     Basically, as far as I can discern, this military expert(quoted by The Uncensored), offers a solution.  It could be.  It could WELL be.   I think it contains some truth. Perhaps all of it.

     He(a military expert) says that a thermo-nuclear device/s was detonated. With or without many other explosives, TIMED to go off simultaneously and at key points(also kept well secret).  I think IT WOULD account for what REALLY happened, which is NOT the main-stream explanation.(It is claimed, and I agree, that impact and fuel alone could not account for such NEAT(in space and time) devastation.   ONLY two explanations can account: 1. Thermite. 2. Thermo-nuclear device(plus other explosives)/s.(Small and controlled.)(Mind you, thermite COULD have been used ADDITIONALLY!!)

     The official explanation is that Middle Eastern hi-jackers stole the four planes involved(But quite different ones to the official version.). Arabs, or mostly Arabs.(PERHAPS there was some collusion. However, I personally do not think President Bush,etc. knew ANYTHING about it.(Though it is strange that there was a TEST run on the very day of the attack!!)(Which via everyone THINKING it was a test, prevented ALL defensive measures!!!!)(Building seven was concerned with defences,too.)

     Maybe done by The Secret Government.(A SECOND hidden faceless, possibly alien, group.) With or without Middle Eastern hi-jackers.

     Did Israel do it?    Zionists??   I DO NOT KNOW!!!!

     A SORT OF inside job.  PERHAPS.

     Conspiracy Theory.

    The official explanation just doesn’t cut ice, in view of the evidence.

    Too glib.

    Most inadequate.

    I can only say that the military expert seems to have the best explanation so far.  I do not think it can be bettered. Much, anyway.

   If interested you are urged to read the  military expert’s opinion. He goes into much detail I am not mentioning.

  In addition to this explanation for the demolition of The Twin Towers, The Uncensored goes into a number of other solutions to mysteries.  I find those of the first half good.  The second half, mostly bad.

      That is my view.

      They MAY be right.

      I have no connection with The Uncensored.

     I hope they do not mind my mentioning and commenting on what they say.


      Vic Conway

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